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Logitech G Cloud Review | PC Gaming…on Android?

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Reviewing the Logitech G Cloud, a 2023 handheld gaming console that streams AAA titles from online services like Xbox Cloud and GeForce Now. As well as unboxing the Logitech G Cloud, we test out the game playing talents with Android hits like Genshin Impact as well as modern games like Atomic Heart.

The best bits of this handheld console vs the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch OLED include the battery life and the cooling. Because this is an Android device running a low powered Snapdragon chipset, it can play games for around ten hours on a single charge. The Logitech G Cloud also doesn’t heat up because when it plays more intensive AAA titles, it’s all done via the cloud. And Genshin Impact doesn’t cause it to get toasty either.

On the flip side, that Cloud design means the console needs to be connected to the internet to make use of the online gaming. And as there’s no 5G support, you’re limited to WiFi.

So while you can take a collection of games with you on Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, the Logitech G Cloud can only play Android fare if you’re offline. Not the best handheld console for flights or long distance travel then!

Logitech G Cloud Review Chapters:
0:00 – Oh yay another handheld
0:46 – What’s in the box?
1:13 – Design
2:51 – Android & UI
5:38 – Android gaming (Genshin Impact)
7:45 – Cloud gaming (Xbox Cloud)
9:29 – Display & audio
11:18 – Battery life
12:10 – Verdict


  1. I want to buy this but I need to know a few things

    Is it only compatible for XBOX and PC Games??? So no PlayStation Games??

    Am I able to play games without wifi???

  2. Android 11?! That's almost 3 years old! The theming is pretty cool, though.

  3. This thing will become an attractive emulation handheld once the price drops by like 50%

  4. Is it just an old nexus tablet with a non-removable joystick case? 😂

  5. Now hear me out here. Xbox could make a handheld using the series S. Because the console is already really small just dismantle it and make it into a handheld shape with controls, add a battery and a screen. It's powerful enough to play all the latest games and still use xcloud if needed. Maybe crazy but maybe cool.

  6. Snapdragon 870 was a far better choice for this device even in 2023.

  7. Yeah I really wanted this for low end emu and streaming but I hey priced it too high.

  8. This is pretty much eWaste – at this price point at least.

  9. !f it's cloud based it is NOT PC gaming!!! PC gaming suggests PC games are played natively… Why not call it XBox, as you can play those games in the cloud too?

  10. "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly." *Proverb

  11. Logitech. Cloud. Review PC. Gaming on. Android?

  12. Your paying a high price for the brand logo. Get a Abxylute there cheaper and exactly on par with this.

  13. No wifi 6/6e/7 for a streaming game console😂😂

  14. Dude your way of talking and the puns and one liners you give are just another level of explaining a product really nice man God bless keep creating

  15. I love the G cloud , the build quality, hardware, Economics , comfort, and screen quality is amazing!! Paid $299.00 and i dont regret it one bit..use it more then my computer and xbox.

  16. Ive got a budget of 300 pounds, whats the best budget gaming device that i can get?

  17. I really don’t understand the point in these devices. Just get a controller for your smartphone and its the same experience

  18. I want to be able to play Xbox games android games would be a plus and I want offline capability… Is this possible? What handheld is best for that?

  19. A 'portable' device that's completely tethered to your house. The most pointless gadget I think I've ever seen

  20. WAY to expensive at this price-point. I don't know why someone would buy this.

  21. I don't know what to comment, by I am never this early so I need to insert witty comment.

  22. The price is just crazy for what it is… Why would you buy this for £330 over the base steam deck £349.00? you wouldn't.

  23. If its like other devices from Logitech that's it for security updates, you won't get any 😏

  24. Rubbish. Maybe if they released this ages back ago it's worth it.

  25. Great video. Might have been tempted if it had Wi-Fi 6 and a cheaper price…

  26. this thing is is way to expensive for what it is. only a snapdragon 720g 💀

  27. Buy this for this game 😂😂👎👎

  28. This is worth $100 max. I use my old Razer Phone 2 and the Razer Kishi for the rare times I do cloud gaming. Can get an android controller and turn any half decent old phone into a dedicated cloud streamer.

  29. but can just attach a controller to android phone

  30. If I slapped an android controller like the Razer Kishi onto my 2 year old Galaxy A52s (a mid-ranger not specifically built for gaming), these would be the tradeoffs vs buying a Logitech G Cloud:

    Pros: OLED display, more powerful SoC, WiFi 6, 5G, up-to-date Android, more base storage, WAY cheaper (less than a third of the price of the G Cloud)
    Cons: 0.5" smaller display.

    So, nah. Hard pass. This thing costing the same as a Switch OLED is taking the piss.

  31. oooooo time to wait for this to fail misserably and get it for cheap

  32. cloud gaming should not even exist in the first place

  33. Price is a bit high, it shoud have at least OLED 60hz panel, maybe even HRR one.
    For what it is, its ok, i see cloud gaming as a future, but display is crucial here, and it should have been an OLED one.
    Still, good device.

  34. so with out a good internet, that machine is just a paper weight?

  35. Bruh, with that price I can buy steam deck..

  36. When you're weaker then a switch but somehow cost more….

  37. So basically a modded Nintendo Switch?

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