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Lowes Dewalt Powerstack BOGOS, NEW Craftsman RP Brushless Tools

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Link to DeWalt Powerstack BOGO:
The DeWalt Powerstack Buy One Get One Free tool deal is now live on Lowes.
In this shop with me at Lowe’s home improvement, we show you the brand new Dewalt buy 1 get 1 free tool deals involving the Power Stack batteries 2 pack, and the free tools you get when you buy one. We will also show you the brand new craftsmen RP brushless tools that just came in, and also some clearance deals.

Link to Bosch Grinder tool, $31 to $52:
The price may not show up online, and it might say sold out, but go check the store for it.


  1. Hey Jeff im trying to get the kit from homedepot but no homedepot around me has them at all and they say they arnt getting them in anytime soon and i found them in texas homedepot tho.. I need help lol the kit is the Atomic hammer drill and impact with 2 powerstacks for $229 i really want that deal wondering if u can help me

  2. How about the craftsman bogo, don't see it online

  3. Hey, I’m in central Florida, but I’m from south Florida! LOL

  4. Grinder used to be 39.99 in texas then raised the price

  5. I got the craftsman brushless 3/8 impact wrench tool only $31, brushless impact driver $37 and brushless hammer drill, battery, charger and bag for $57. Brushless SDS rotary hammer drill for $83. They had it for $63 but was slow getting back there and they raised the prices back up

  6. Jeff, I almost bought the Atomic POWERSTACK battery combo with the drill driver/ impact combo today at Home Depot. Instead I bought the Milwaukee Switch Tank normally $299 for only $99!

  7. Today at Home Depot, instead of buying the Atomic POWERSTACK battery combo with the drill driver/impact combo, I bought the Milwaukee Switch Tank, which is normally $299, for only $99!

  8. Daaaaaang! Awesome show MEGA JEFF!

  9. Got one with the jigsaw yesterday! Killer!

  10. Lowes prices should come down now that they can slash their advertising budget now that you do it for them.

  11. @jeffostroff hey Jeff, have you heard anything about the Dewalt 20v backpack sprayer and when it will become available?

  12. Hi there any deal on ego products I’m in Miami dade

  13. Unlike HD it doesn’t show a return value for the free tool. How does it work at Lowes. Are you forced to return all items

  14. You are late as can be on the RP and powerstack. Stick to the engineering vids my friend.

  15. Will you be uploading your affiliate link to these BOGOs?

  16. I'm going with Stanley Black and Decker since China is supporting Putin.

  17. My Lowes store has the 10” Dewalt double pack blades for $19.98

  18. The router would have been a great selection for the free tool.

  19. Bought the Bosch grinder for $51, but the lowes employee who got it out of cage for me refused to let me have the starter kit. Because I got it at a clearance price. No where in the deal does it state that you have to buy grindet at regular price.

  20. I'm in Austin and went to lowes earlier to get the new buy one 12v bare tool and get the battery starter kit free. They couldn't find the battery kits cause they are brand new somewhere on the pallet still 🙄

  21. Are those batteries 3 Ah? I can’t tell from the video.

  22. Thanks Jeff, I'm in Texas and all the roads are iced over but I'm going to Lowe's as soon as I can, or I'll just catch a flight to Cancun with Ted Cruz!

  23. I already own the circ saw & compared the specs with the non-RP version. EXACTLY the same. No difference in RPMs or cutting depth. I'm not impressed with "marketing".

  24. Thank you!!! I just got my rotary hammer 1" and my power stack batteries at my local lowes.

  25. To many deals! Those Bogos are a great way to stock up on batteries 🔋 and tools

  26. So has anyone tried the hack with the power stack BOGO yet? I'm going to head to lowes in the morning and would like to know in advance.

  27. Bought the self leveling laser for 20 bucks up here in Detroit

  28. We get screwed on tools in Canada. One Power Stack battery with DC115 is $239.00

  29. I would say buy the most expensive tool you don't have.

  30. These Craftsman clearance deals aren't worth it while there is a buy a tool get a charger and 4 ah battery free next to it. The 20 to 40 dollars extra for the rp brushless would definitely be worth the extra battery and charger in my opinion.

  31. Lowes does not allow the hack. After buying an impact driver and getting a free tool I later tried to return the free tool without the receipt for store credit but the store did not allow the store credit exchange. The customer service guy had no issues with it but when he scanned my item he got a notification that said my item was not returnable without receipt.

  32. Got the 51” Box top and bottom for $165 .. and a DCF 894 kit for $89 . Got the Metabo 5 r tool deal for $ 200 Tripp hammer is amazing

  33. Four grinders? If you work with metal it makes sense. One with a grinding wheel. One with a cutoff wheel. One with a flap disc sander. One with a wire brush.

  34. Ok, so I went to lowes this morning got the dewalt BOGO power stack with the XR recip saw, I just went into lowes and took the battery pack back and they let me keep the free tool so this deal is hackable

  35. Hi Jeff. Thanks for the video. I'm in Birmingham, AL and the signs aren't up for the Dewalt Powerstack promo, nor are they ringing up on the registers. I had to get an employee to get down the jigsaw, as there were none on the shelf. Another associate tried to tell me they didn't carry the battery pack, but I managed to find it. They didn't do price matching of their website at the register, so I had to order it online and opt for store pickup to get the promotional pricing. Lol. Cashier took my items over to customer service and after about 5 minutes they were officially mine. Just a head's up for anyone wanting to take part in this deal. To avoid any headaches, you may want to go locate the items yourself in the store before placing the order online. I learned the hard way after the last time I tried to order online and opt for store pickup. If you're paying with cash, just buy a Lowe's gift card for the purchase price and order it online. With a little preparation, you will emerge victorious! 😁

  36. Just scored the same Battery + Jigsaw combo, thanks for sharing! It was my last Dewalt wired hand tool.

  37. I work for SBD in the Fort Mill SC DC. Man I love the 50% Employee discount. I bought the Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw for $220.

  38. I bought the Craftsman RP Hammerdrill and got the starter kit w/4AH battery. Might get the multi-tool and another starter kit for 119. Do you know of a better option at the moment?

  39. So far in nc they only got the 12volt BOGO deal@ $99

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