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  1. 10 to 11 depends on boot 👢🥾I need a pair of boots because I have none.

  2. I’m from Arkansas and yea it’s the razorbacks.

  3. You guys are awsome 😂 this was a great video

  4. I am 10.5 to 11 matters on the width. I need a new pair of boots, because I been wearing sneakers the last few weeks because my work boots soles gave out and the sides busted out, have not been able to replace them do to storm clean up.

  5. Gotta ask…can you take items from the truck flyers and show the same items from your store? Do the price comparisons?

  6. I'm 10.5 and I'll put them to the test oil field style

  7. I need boots cuz all my coworkers make fun of me wearing crocs. I do interior wet tile saw cutting so I’m wet. But the guys are all questioning my gender

  8. Damn, so many shots fired at koon trucking 😂

  9. My nephew is a size 11 and will be attending a vocational high school this year for automotive technology.

  10. Red back boots are the best imo! thanks for the deals as always guys

  11. You can tell us it's a real store all you want, I know that everyone but Joe in these videos is a deep fake.

  12. Milwaukee cordless tools, you may already do this idonno, but it could be helpful to tag Milwaukee cordless tools as latest model or link saying there is a newer model of this tool.

    Nobody hardly does that and even trying to look up the latest model of a tool on the Milwaukee site is a task in itself.

  13. Next round of wrench extenders should have a magnet to help hold the wrench before you are torquing it

  14. Thank god you say that brunts are garbage ive seen so many people supporting them I got a pair gave them to a homeless guy with no shoes he was great full thats all they are good for!

  15. D c Richardson

    ​G'day… From Big D in South OZ!! Big thanks for sorting out my Order! I will buying some top don very soon Have a great day !!

  16. I love my 2 pc lock out kit made by steck thats weird you don't like it?

  17. I'm rocking danners boots, worth the 350 bucks comfortable outta the box, can the wrench extender hold 1 1/8" wrench?

  18. Size 9 !!! I work in a landfill !!! And yes I go through boot .


  20. The Aero-Tech Skinner, is an amazing tool. I'm and Audi Tech and I use the Skinner for all my interior work.

  21. Hello Fellow Toolhaulics, Friends, And Supporters Of The World Renowned JDTCO STARING The CEO -THE Godfather Himself, PRESIDENT NICK JR. + THE HIGHER POWER JOE: Thank you Godfather for another wonderful tool video plus your mixed in humor. Going back 2.5 years when I walked into your store cold & wanted to apply for a job with you all I knew that we could have a friendship + a business relationship. I personally think you guys are terrific & you really do go out of your way for the customer. I think you guys are GREAT, GOD BLESS, & my best to the entire crew and your families. TMP from N.J. 😊😊😊😊.

  22. Size 13 EE I work On equipment and Heavy duty diesel trucks in all kinds of different climates and go through boots like water

  23. Size 10.5 I'd use those boots to run them over with the riding lawn mower, then through the snow blower, and do a burn out with the dirt bike with the boot bolted to a railroad tie 😂

  24. Finally someone has the balls enough to tell the truth about the Brunt boots

  25. I’m a size 10.5 and I need those boots to hike over to Mr Subaru to collect the donation he owes!

  26. Size 12, cause you never have too many pairs of work boots. I’ll even wear them for a month before giving you an honest opinion

  27. 10 12 or 11 I need boots because I paint and I go through them. Thanks

  28. Thank you Nick for always entertaining us! Mr. Subaru content will Never get old 🤣… I'm with Joe, trim tool should be a blue handle

  29. I’ll take a pair of size 13 brunt’s for when I clean up dog shit in my yard.
    On a serious note, any word on when the JDTCO hose clamp pliers will be back in stock?

  30. My grandmother still stores her batteries in the fridge 🤣 love the idea of the aero skinner in another color to keep them separate. Would love the double donger with a green grip on it too.

  31. I were 8 1/2 but I do not need them. I am guessing the boots that you are giving away are a size 10. Thanks for the info & TOOL SHOW

  32. I’m sure koon trucking would say that the boots are good lmao

  33. Giving those to the winner ? What kind of " prize " are those ? Give those to someone as useless as them , say a landscaper . Maybe include a mirror too .

  34. I use mine for opening the thick heavy glued boxes at my 2nd job stocking.

  35. 11.5 wide, and I don’t need them, that’s why I need them.

  36. This could be edited down too two min…… cp does a way better job…gets too the point.

  37. Size 13, I need a pair because I blow through work boots every 3 months. And I wanted to try the Brunt’s because of the hype

  38. Size 12 but i just want to put em under glass and charge everyone 1 dollar to see the Godfathers boots 😂

  39. Size 14 here. cause some damn guys keep lighting paper bags on my porch and there's poop in them and l need to stomp on it before its outta control and burns the house down.

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