Make a Tritium Nuclear Battery or Radioisotope Photovoltaic Generator -

Make a Tritium Nuclear Battery or Radioisotope Photovoltaic Generator

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In this video we make a Tritium Nuclear Battery. This is also known as a Radioisotope Photovoltaic Generator.

This is not like the more common Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators used on spacecraft as this does not use thermoelectric elements for the energy conversion portion.

The key component is luminous tritium vials. You can find them on online shopping networks as “Tritium Vials” or “Tritium lights”.

These lights are simply attached to an amorphous solar cell to produce electricity. More efficient monocrystalline solar cells cannot be used as they are ironically less efficient at the low light levels the vials produces.

The device in the video using 14 tritium vials of 22.5mm x 3mm in size produced 1.23 microwatts at the maximum powerpoint of 1.6 volts.

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  1. No no no impossible it's fake, this light yes it has brightness but no influence on the photovoltaic panels

  2. Hey, I am watching this video second time after years and I still find it fascinating!

  3. 2.2v for 3000$ 🙂,… that's what I call cost to efficiency at its peak👍🏻 even if it's for science.

  4. I know I am 4 years late to the party but where did you get your solar panels?

  5. You Are Wrong When You Say That Nuclear Batteries Are Impossible To Obtain, I Know Where ONE IS RIGHT NOW In Woods , In Winter Around That Shed Is NO SNOW. Everything Melts because Of radiation Around It. If U Need It, Just Go And Take It 😀 It Looks Exactly Like In The Pic U Showed Just Without The Cage

  6. Now Make 10000 Of Them And Make Tesla Battery Back From it And Crash The tesla In Train

  7. Simple nuclear battery is not something I thought I would ever hear

  8. I'm just wondering why you didn't use a photocell on both sides wouldn't that potentially double the energy

  9. what happens if you pressurize the tritium gas? Would it get brighter if the gas were under higher pressure in the tubes? are your vials clean down to the glass?

  10. what sort of voltage would you get if you just painted a solar cell with radium paint?

  11. me: oh betavoltaic nuclear batteries, nice I guess 5:00 OMG A SELF EMPTYING SIPHON THINGY HOW CLEVER 😀

  12. If you run out of ideas for videos, Id love to see an attempt at a stronger battery.

  13. How long does these vials last and provide light ?

  14. as an engineer, i appreciate your straight forward implementation. we don't always need to make things fancy

  15. whats going to next ? "Make a Uranium Nuclear bomb "

  16. dede selfr charging battery get a capacitor that dont exced 4.2v conect youre device to the capacitor in and the battery to capacity out and rom the batt with a button to the usb for discharge as usb tend to drain the batt on devices

  17. Very informative. Mr Angry Nerd here once again made a good video.

  18. So 100,000 of these will give you 1 watt

  19. Ferb i know what where are going to do today

  20. Is it possible to heat the panels by drawing the maximum amount of power then using the heat to thermal-generate power from the waste?

  21. Great video! What kind of solvent do you use?

  22. I want to hook up this battery to a calculator, now thats the needs Lamborghini.

  23. Silicon photovoltaic panels produce more electricity for the same given square area, like near twice as much.

  24. I really hope that the trend in recent years in making brighter, stronger glow powders continues and that it lends itself to brighter tritium vials which would in turn make better nuclear batteries for virtually no added cost. Obviously making more efficient solar panels would also help greatly here, or finding a different way to produce power with it. I love tritium and my coming engagement ring contains it.

  25. Neclesr regulation is the biggest double edge sword in the world today. If nuclear energy was less regulated it would lead to so much world-changing innovation, but unfortunately it would also lead to more world-changing disaster, because no matter how good the intent accidents will happen, things will go wrong, and in small cases bad people will find a way to misuse it. If you made even the smallest possible amount of plutonium available to the public, some one out there would find a way to get enough of it to make a weapon, or someone would somehow accidentally make it go super critical in their pocket. I hope I live to see a day where we innovate with nuclear technology again and find ways to do it safely.

  26. No laughs from me, This was the same way I was taught how to take measurements.

  27. Is it possible to power a clock or calculator with it ?

  28. I'm curious if this could be used as a trickle charger. The same way the garden lights work. charge up during the day and discharge at night (or when needed in this case). If they are offset based off of hours to charge and discharge you could in theory have a system that works for at least… garden lights!

  29. No dear CIA agent, I'm not trying to create a nuclear reactor at home.

  30. Amazing research! Thanks for the video!

  31. You could add YAG crystal to amplify the photon output, Also another panel? In this orientation (photo panel (YAG crystal (vials) YAG crystal) photo panel) like a little nuclear laser crystal sandwich with photo panels for bread. I know its not practical, but an interesting thought none the less.

  32. Now to just find a way to scale this up in such a way as to power a car. (hahaha, I'm kidding obviously since a car takes at most 7200 watts…and it would probably be horribly unsafe)

  33. I wonder if this could be connected to a joule thief

  34. Could you connect this battery to amplifiers to amplify the voltage output

  35. I think the problem is because "Tritium" vials in truth contain a very small amount of tritium. In order to generate a proper battery you'd need more tritium which of course is impossible

  36. tritium is super expensive (10 bucks a vial) i can't afford to try to make my own nuclear reactor like you

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