Maxboost Atomic iPhone charger case repair -

Maxboost Atomic iPhone charger case repair

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Had it about 6 months. Very impressed so far, but obviously it sacrificed some durability for charging functionality.

Would highly recommend for anyone who is dissatisfied with the battery life on an iPhone 5 or 5s or needs the peace of mind of having a built in power reserve right on the phone.


  1. I have a case with a similar design but my iPhone has nothing to do with the battery itself. It has something to with the port. (When I put my phone on the case and press the button it's blinking but the phone is not detecting.) how could i fix that?

  2. Mine keeps charging then not charging fast and bugs me allot do you know how to fix it ?

  3. will the case snap back on because when I tried it look like the case wasn't going back on

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