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Official drum playthrough for “Clockworks” from MESHUGGAH’s eighth album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. Order the album at .
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The album was produced by the band and was engineered by Tue Madsen of Puk Studios in Kaerby, Denmark. For the cover, the band once again enlisted Keerych Luminokaya who created the artwork for Koloss and The Ophidian Trek as well as the new images for each of the 7 albums and 3 EP’s featured in the 25 Years of Musical Deviance box set.

1. Clockworks
2. Born in Dissonance
3. MonstroCity
4. By the Ton
5. Violent Sleep of Reason
6. Ivory Tower
7. Stifled
8. Nostrum
9. Our Rage Won’t Die
10. Into Decay

Catch MESHUGGAH on the North American Fall 2016 tour with High On Fire. Dates and tickets at

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  1. The ending, last beat, drumsticks on lap. Now, fika! Like every day work, very cool.

  2. Notice that at 05:58 the drum set (cymbal closest to the cameras) starts sweating/crying….can't blame it.

  3. even at the age of 50 I can't count, but I hear wonderfully the rhythm and dynamics of this amazing composition, I hear beyond. An amazing band with a fabulous drummer. The guitar compositions are like hanging flowers in the Garden of Eden. This is not accessible to every consciousness.

  4. This is seriously a whole other level of utter insaneness, and musicianship. Thank you for your craft.

  5. 25 years of drumming and all I can say is yea what in the actual fuck

  6. What a waste…such discipline and technique wasted on this piece of shit kind of music.

  7. As a musician, if this doesn't blow your f'n mind, you are part of the 427 most horrible people in the world. Seeing them in Feb '22 for the first time, can't f'n wait!!

  8. The fuck does the man's left snare stick buzz past his ear all the time

  9. So many ghost notes! You don't realize it until watching this. Tomas is the king.

  10. Roses are
    violets are
    There's always a
    drummer out
    there better
    than you.

  11. *Thinks he's doing well on his drum kit*…
    *Watches this video*…
    Burns drum kit and takes up rhythm guitar…

  12. Guy is not human. His sense of rhythm and coordination is just unbelievable. One of the best drummers ever.

  13. Calculus metal. Probably very accurate calculus metal. Do we care in our daily lives, no.

  14. When someone has two billion times more talent than you yourself

  15. The man with 2 brains over here. Steve Martin should take legal action.

  16. Come on out to Meshuggah Ranch! Bring your safety gear.

  17. This IS swtor god's from the machine raid nightmare level in drums

  18. This footage should end with an awkward view into a crater. Kudo's to the team that built the studio capable of containing that.

  19. This man makes this look too fucking easy. This sort of misleading behaviour should be illegal lol! Its almost a crime against humanity.

  20. I think you hit podium best drummer.Amazing technich,powerful blast,you have a talent but you're improved Respect

  21. I'm pretty sure the power and precision Tomas generates could be the missing link the higgs-boson hadron collider needs to create antimatter.

  22. if drum players split their brains to two then this one splits his brain to 4 . amazing

  23. unbelievable and never get old. life long meshuggah fan

  24. This song makes me mystified and bang my head in equal measure… wonder if I'll ever understand it, but I sure do appreciate it.

  25. i play along to this shit on Tablas…great practice

  26. One of a kind music 🔥🤐

  27. 4:13 yooo the rythm change is soo smooth here you bearly hear it but damn it's clean 🙌🏼

  28. This should be NASA released video to proof the existence of extraterrestrial form of life.

  29. I know not only have some drummers quit after seeing this but several kits just imploded too after seeing this. RIP.

  30. Todas las bandas de hard rock en playlist en este canal entrar y suscribirse gracias 🙂😉

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