Milwaukee Fathers Day Deals At Home Depot -

Milwaukee Fathers Day Deals At Home Depot

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Milwaukee Fathers Day Deals At Home Depot. It’s way, wayyy too many tool deals to really comment on in this description. But I’ll post all the links to the deals I like below along with the pages to all the “good” deals.

Milwaukee deals at the home depot

Milwaukee Deals Page 10:
Husky Torque Wrench:
Milwaukee Surge Impact Driver + 2 batteries & Charger:
Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill/Impact + Rotary:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Impact + Jigsaw:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Impact + Angle Grinder:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Impact + Impact Wrench:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Impact + Surge:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer/Drill + Hackzall:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer/Drill + Oscillating Tool:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Impact + Vacuum:
Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill/Impact Ratchet + Stubby:
Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Impact + Hole Saw:
Milwaukee M18 Angle Grinder with 2 6AH HO batteries:
Milwaukee M12 Hammer Drill/Impact + Stubby:

Lowes Fathers Day Tool Deals
DeWALT 5-in-1:

Amazon Tool Deals:
Makita compact Impact Wrench:
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  1. For some reason I can't respond to comments. YouTube is telling me to "try again" Sorry about that!

  2. As long as you got the deal that’s all that matters

  3. The newest Dewalt DCF923 and DCF921 are just as good as the Makita. I owned both and sold the Makita. The older Dewalts weren't as good, but all their new stuff is kicking ass.

  4. I think I like the tab system better with the deals but honestly whatever is fine with us

  5. Where do I send you the $2.00? I got the deal! The Flex deal. The TWOOOO DOLLAAAAA…LOL

  6. I'm not sure why you hate the M12 hammer drill so much. I've had it for about a year and a half now, and it's great for drilling pilot holes in concrete for tapcons and it's also can handle drilling 2" holes with hole saws. I've never once had it twist my wrist, it just doesn't have enough power to get away as easily as you make it seem. I also use my DeWalt dcd999 all the time and that does occasionally twist my wrist but only when I'm not being careful with it. I personally think that the M12 hammer drill is a great little tool. Not sure if it matters or not but I'm in HVAC

  7. m18 tools dont excite me anymore. M12 on the other hand still do just because of the compact feature . They are powerful and compact. For 18v i use mostly makita, cant beat the ergonomics and smoothness of the tools, just pleasure to use.

  8. Are bandsaws ever discounted or under special buys? I have an impact and regular drill and only need a bandsaw and sawzall added to my collection. Thank you.

  9. Well Flex deal is shipped. Hopefully everything is good. Thanks 👍🏼👍🏼

  10. I know you don't like dewalt but the new mid torque is a beast check on torque test

  11. that's just a normal compact impact wrench , mid torque number 400-600 fastening and 600-800 but busting .

  12. Is the Milwaukee Inflator a good deal for $120 with charger and battery included?

  13. “Boom Kolbalt” 🤣 😂 🤣 you funny chris

  14. I always appreciate when you talk about things being a bad deal . Some times I get stars in my eyes and am in need of a reality check.

  15. I like that you tell us if a deal isn't really a good deal

  16. What do you mean by return the battery?

  17. Skip them poopoo deals, just the goods. Appreciate you!!

  18. Hey I’m new to your channel so I was wondering how does the Home Depot hack work exactly. So I ordered a combo kit and picked the free battery. Do I just take the free battery back to customer service at Home Depot with my receipt and they refund me the money?

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