Milwaukee Fuel VS DeWALT ATOMIC Impact Drivers! -

Milwaukee Fuel VS DeWALT ATOMIC Impact Drivers!

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Milwaukee Tool M18 Fuel Gen 4 Impact Driver VS DeWALT 20V Max ATOMIC Impact Driver! #shorts
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  1. Ok now switch hands and take battery off the Milwaukee, dewalt will win.

  2. Dewalts retarded ass lookin battery 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. You were pushing straight n hard on the Milwaukee side and you didn't even try and hide it so you have no credibility at all.

  4. You keep that dewalt on 1st gear on all those videos. Doing the same with millwakee?

  5. Hey,,,dude….stop using adapters, use a straight bit…lose impact strength, DO NO USE ADAPTERS

  6. Jaja el DeWalt esta bueno para hacer levantamiento de pesas. Llevatelo al Gym

  7. From experience a drill is faster if you're driving multiple Fasteners in a line but for Robertson Square fasteners you want to use an impact as it is less likely to wear out the bits quickly.

  8. We have a Black & Deck….I mean Dewalt….

  9. Use the Dewalt as a hammer instead…. damn that's a car battery on the Dewalt…

  10. Someone should make an AC adapter for power tools for use at home and your working on a long project etc.

  11. Funny how the dewalt was on 1 not 3 what a concept.

  12. When your batteries are trying to compensate for something! 🤔

  13. Hope that’s more a speech impediment than a neural thing. Bless you. 🙏🏼

  14. let's test their power with a speed test hahahaha

  15. I bet they pre drill the Milwaukee holes all the time 😂

  16. I own both and those 2 not even close to same size. DCF850 is more compact than the Gen 4. The new m18 sub compact would be the competitor of the dcf850.

  17. You're making me tired looking at you holding that dewalt brick..

  18. That test is not accurate. I have both, and they are very close. I've done the test, and they finished up at the same time.

  19. Honestly I don’t give a shit I use Milwaukee at work and dewalt at home and have never had a problem with either one and honestly anything that is faster than doing it by hand gets a 👍🏻

  20. Dewalt should just give up and sell everything to Milwaukee

  21. The dewalt's speed is sufficient for quick work and has better control over smaller screws..

  22. That battery probably burned that drill Jesus christ

  23. Wrong most powerfull milwakee is the surge

  24. I'll stay with my Hercules, that would put both of them 2 shame

  25. Seems odd to have a compact tool with a brick for a battery

  26. Dewalt had a 15 ah batter and Milwaukee still beat it with a 12 ah

  27. Anyone else see smoke coming out the milwaukee at the very end

  28. you should do the DeWalt XR vs Milwaukee, the atomics' are a gimmick

  29. Porque le hace más fuerza a la Milwaukee que la Dew

  30. I was doing a flat roof last year and they were having a very hard time getting long screws in and I asked, do you want me to get my Milwaukee, the guy said “my dewalts are usually stronger than Milwaukee” yeah? I’ve run these same test at work with my guys when they bring other brands Milwaukee always wins

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