Milwaukee M12 vs Dewalt Xtreme -

Milwaukee M12 vs Dewalt Xtreme

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  1. I almost feel like tool brands shoot themselves in the foot when they kit a tool with a crappy battery, because it gives the perception that the tool itself sucks, when in reality, it’s just the wrong battery for the tool.

  2. The M12 drill I got wouldn't drive a 1" spade bit through a 2×4 in speed two, and that was with the bigger battery. Now I'm pretty sure I got a dud. Several channels have shown the M12 doing what mine wouldn't do.

  3. I have the Metabo 12v line, not the hpt. Maybe you can compare it to the Milwaukee someday. I would also like to see the 18v subcompact showdown and be sure to include the metabohpt.

  4. Thanks for making feel better about only having 8 different battery platforms…lol! Can I even really claim 8 since Ridgid’s 12V line is discontinued, even though the tools still work? It’s kinda in the name of the tool “drill/driver”…hmm!

  5. Didnt realize there were so many different battery platforms

  6. I wasn’t really impressed by the M12 Fuel drill, but I might have gotten a dud.
    By the way, the average camera adds 10 lbs., but you have an amazing camera lol.

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