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Minecraft – Mekanism Tutorial Part 3: The Atomic Disassembler and Digital Miner

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Today we’ll be examining the more advanced components of Mekanism, and using them to create the Atomic Disassembler, a powerful mining tool, and the Digital Miner, a robust and effective automatic mining machine.

While this was filmed on Mekanism 1.7.10, the content is still relevant and up-to-date with the current iteration of Mekanism in 1.12+.


  1. Important for any 1.15.2 Mekanism players: The oreDictionary field on the Digital Miner does not exist. Instead, go to the Tags section. The new syntax for ores is ores/Gold, ores/Copper, and so on. In Vanilla 1.13 they introduced Tags and now Forge uses them going forward. Everything else is still relevant!

  2. Your tutorials are actually amazing, a really good quality, its very good explained. Keep doing vids like that !

  3. Grettings from Brazil!
    Thanks for the tutorial videos.
    Now all i wish is good luck for us with this covid problem 😛

  4. Tip for people wanting to mine every ore in the chunks without manually typing all the ores. When you go to the "OreDict" filter selection type in this exactly "ore*" (no parentheses obviously) and then click the check mark and it will select all ores in the specified areas

  5. i like when it is clear the person making the tutorial understands how the mod functions in survival. most other youtubers seem to only know creative dont grasp the progression aspect of this mod

  6. Hay I need some help, i built the digital miner and I set it up and everything. But when I go to make a new filter the ore dictionary isent there, it’s replaced with “Tag” instead. Please tell me how to fix this

  7. what do you mean late game, their early game componets… if you use project e XD

  8. my digital miner when im using anything it will either only mine cole cobble or nothing what do i do

  9. Thanks for explaining everything so well. got a sub and like

  10. heya, so how can I fuel my Atomic Disassembler in 1.15.2 version?

  11. Great tutorial! Only piece of advice is give more mention to energy and speed upgrades as you mentioned "upgrades" earlier on in the video and I know from personal experience starting Mekanism I had no idea upgrades were a thing until later on and how helpful they were.

  12. Um. I Shift + Right isn't working on the Atomic Disassembler on 1.16.4.

    Edit: Never mind, the default key bind is "n"

  13. awesome tutorial man loving these so much!

  14. I don't know how you don't have more subscribers this walk through/tutorial was phenomenal

  15. How can I see ore's ID for the Digital Miner? I want mine Prosperity Ore from Mystical A.

  16. very helpful bro, thanks. To anyone wondering, digital miner works best with a good energy source (like fission reactor), and full energy and speed upgrades

  17. 4:11 – the Atomic Disassembler – wow! – shocked I didn't know about this sooner! 😁

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