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Missile Battery Is Pretty Crazy! – Roboquest

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  1. Fun fact if food irritates your mouth via an itchy or spicy sensation then you are allergic to whatever is in there

  2. Just yesterday as per this comment, I had a very lucky guardian 2 run on ranger with, surprisingly, a voltaic cannon. The reason it was lucky was because i had my build set up in just the right way to where I had a 100% auto crit chance on my last 25% of ammo. I ended up finally beating guardian 2, now I just gotta beat 3 and 4, but damn that build melted everything.

  3. "Yea hit her in the crit"
    -some kinky asian guy out there

  4. Its mag and fire rate means that with hot potato it never did a normal reload

  5. 11:40 it took me a second to realize what was going on here. You just keep rerolling and not having to pay. Its because you have that one upgrade that subtracts your costs by 1 powercell if u have the card for that weapon and have the upgrades to make the powercell cost super cheap for green and blue making it cost only 1 powercell and therefore get it for free.


  6. It goes harder with battle mantra just saying

  7. Quarry is really good for the corrupted route. With 3 extra corrupted paths it can completely change your run. It's my favorite route

  8. After seeing all the damage you can do with an explosive build, you should try a cryo beluga cannon run 💥

  9. Would you consider doing a tier list for the newest weapon patch? I cant find any recent enough lists. Or even any by someone competent. You seem to know what you're talking about. Keep up the good vids btw.

  10. I'm done taking non-magic ring. I took it on a promising Rapier run and just figured I could roll an element off of it when I upgraded. I could not. All my cells went into rerolling and it stayed elemental, crippling my damage and ending my run.

    On that topic, why don't you take a corrupted route to get a powder to upgrade your weapon to Fantastic? Not worth the increased risk? Or the increased upgrade cost? Sorry if you answered this question in the video, gotta head out now so I'll be finishing it when I get back.

  11. the rocket battery is just a hurricane copy

    is see this as an rock and stone moment

  12. I just found your channel and im really enjoying your content:)

  13. If I understand the patchnotes correctly, buckshot replaced fragments for explosive weapons.

  14. I did a battle mantra build with the Windmill Rifle and the Missile Battery and literally never had to reload it's insane

  15. highly recommend cricket recon with i think relentless pursuit and ninja reload, also its best blue affix is big mag

  16. I still don't know why ricochet can roll on explosive weapons, I have literally never seen the shots bounce so it feels like a troll.

  17. The explosion buckshot baby boom pleases my brain

  18. When r u going to make a video on the slingshot

  19. So explosions doesn't count as elemental damage?

  20. Okay but now imagine this with battle mantra.

    It'll be like windmill rifle 2

  21. Should definitely do the mini cricket next run if you can

  22. fyi there is a guaranteed green perk buried in the 2-3 digspots in the first 3-4 clearings before the first checkpoint so pretty good for almost any run to start with shovel

  23. One of my favorites is Torpedo Rifle + Mini-Missiles + Baby Boom as Commando. The missile battery before the missile battery as I call it

  24. how did he re roll so many times for free? sorry im new

  25. it feels like district 13 and haven city are in the wrong order

  26. reminds me of the Hurricane Guided Rocket System from Deep Rock Galactic

  27. We need a pocket soap dual cricket gun run.

  28. How were you doing unlimited re-rolling at 11:46? Am I missing something??

  29. I was playing with my brother earlier and i did not realize they “reworked” Fragmentation….. I spent at least 20 power cells trying to get it on my elephant gun on a commando run. 😭😭😭😭😭

  30. Quarry is by far the fastest route of the three. I'd say that is incentive enough.

  31. Not sure if they already patched it, but i did a summons run 2 days ago with 4 drones, 2 buddy bots and 4 minion box bots down at once, also took everything i saw with summons in it, idk what specs your pc is but mine is intel/nvidia so if they havent patched it, it might be an AMD driver error sadly

  32. Honestly Cowtails have been one of my favorite candy since I was a little kid.
    I understand how you feel about the texture and consistency heard similar things from friends.

  33. You should try out the pulsar rifle. It got a massive buff after the patch. It takes a bit of getting used to moving on from shooting an enemy before they're dead but once you get used to that it shreds.

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