MORE POWER - Big Batteries - DeWalt 20V Atomic Impact Driver Review [DCF809] -

MORE POWER – Big Batteries – DeWalt 20V Atomic Impact Driver Review [DCF809]

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We review the @DEWALT TV Atomic DCF809 Impact Driver and we try to pull some more power out with higher capacity batteries. We try the 1.5 Ah and 2.0Ah slim pack batteries, and then we upsize to the 4.0 and 5.0 Ah 20V Max batteries.
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DeWalt DCF809:

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  1. The more extensions that you put on the more the less talk you're getting out of it

  2. Shouldn't be using something that small to do that type of work to begin with

  3. Tremendo vidio.muchas gracias por la información

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

  5. Now this is what you call a review… thank you STR !

  6. Embarrassed to say my son introduced me to these MyBest.Tools Powerful, easy to use, convenient, and the accessory bag is nice. Much better price than local hardware outlets.

  7. What it the best 1/4 drive impact from dewalt now ?

  8. Hi I think you're very informitive one of the things is that you always provide the price of the tools which I find very helpful. However in this one you were calling the XR887 the DCF887 at some point but I understood. Also is the chuck, or anvil on the 887 a 1/4 drive as well?

  9. I got the 887 and the 809…i use the 809 for screws and fasteners and the 887 more for like paddle bits and my inside pipe cutter stuff like that

  10. I did not test the 5ah battery in the 809 only did it with the 887 ??????????????

  11. Out of curiosity, why would you test the impact driver like a impact wench?

  12. hi! have you tested the DCF850? I got one and tested on my truck wheels, tightened with torque wrench at 150ft-lbs, but the 850 wont release the lugs. I used the 5AH battery, fully charged.

  13. Can you review the dewalt dcf 894h 1/2in 20v impact wrench.

  14. Why would you not hit the like button? He tries the tools out before we buy them?

  15. Very nice. I am curious how the 3ah or 4ah 21700 cell batteries would perform. Also, the tool temp differences comparing the 18650 vs 21700 cells. Dewalt tends to run hot or even smoke. I really like you videos. Very detailed and interesting.

  16. I own both of them they are both good tools

  17. DeWalt, please send this man some 21700 batteries.

  18. That 887 is more capable than the dcf890. If it weren’t for the new batteries And xr impact driver I saw leaked today. (Looks a little more like a cross between Milwaukee impact wrench and driver.). I’d get the 887 And do a anvil 3/8 swap.

  19. I'm not a DeWalt guy but if the atomic is used in normal conditions it has plenty of power. As far as batteries , do yourself a favor and beware of marketing and ultra cheap prices because more than likely your going to get the 1.3ah or 1.5ah. Depending on the tool , here we are talking impact drivers…..stay in the 2ah to 5ah battery and u will be a happy camper. Great video in showing differences in battery performance.

  20. You should do the 887 vs the m18 gen 3 impact driver.

  21. Idk if impact drivers are even being used when you can just use an impact gun. I bought a Milwaukee 18m tool bundle that included the m18 1/4” impact driver, a hammer drill, and Hacksaw w a 4amp and 2 amp battery and charger for $250 at Home Depot in December.

  22. Same size and weight, less power than the 887 and MINUS the the additional settings for delicate jobs (which for me make all the difference and turns an impact driver, made for heavy construction work – into a versatile driver for all sorts of jobs ) – and this is what the Atomic is..? And the 887 is pretty cheap already, you can find bare tool for as little as £80-90. And in sets and with batteries it commes out even cheaper.
    As a buyer – I don't see any point in this Atomic impact driver. I could have understood it if it were smaller, but in this case, on the same battery platform…?
    I am left with the same impressions about the batteries by the way – the Dewalt 4.0ah has pretty similar power to the 5.0ah, just an inferior capacity. But having the same weight and size – it is no brainier which is preferable.

  23. Good test, thanks! I was surprised to see that my Makita 1/4” drivers had more power than my 3/8” Makita Sub Compact wrench.

  24. Damn the atomic. If you want a cheap dewalt impact go get the 787. Same size, much better impact driver

  25. On the series loosening tests, have you ever measured to see if the bolts loosen at all down the line? Like the 5th bolt in line has experienced 4 bolts worth of vibration through the plate which could loosen them a bit.

  26. I bought the atomic and I returned and grab the 12v Xtreme.

  27. Still ain’t shit compared to Milwaukee. Their driver takes 260ftlbs while rated for half that. Plus the dewalt 12v tools work much better than any 20v

  28. Can you review the dewalt dcf899m1? Curious as to how it performs compared to other half inch impacts.

  29. I really like my 887, I take good care of it and boy it does my projects and more. Couldn’t be happier

  30. I just bought the 887 to replace my 886 that has paid for itself 100x over.

  31. A very disrespected 809 has been my full time impact driver for almost 3 years in home remodeling. Every day when I take it out of my toolbox I wonder if it's going to work because it is so busted up. Dropped off ladders hitting every rung, crushed under the brake + pile of garbage for some reason, kicked around and bathed in sheetrock dust during demos. Hell, I recently tied an 18' beam together with it in one go and it didn't die. 6" x 5/16 GRKs, 3 every 18" thru 4 LVLs.

    Depleted one 5ah battery on one side and then brought another 5ah to 1 bar on the other side. Around 70% of the way through it did get hot enough to burn your skin. Really thought that would be it for the thing, but nope still seems to work. Noticeably more resistance in all the gears. It could flush like 60% of them without predrilling, slowly, and that would have probably killed it. So I went with 1/4 predriller, mostly to save time but I am a starting to get attached to the little guy.

    Doesn't have the power to rival other impacts on the jobsite but the capability is there for all but the biggest stuff. And the size is relevant. If you stick just a bit in the chuck it's short enough to squeeze inside a 9" cabinet and take the hinges off. Can't do that with the xr. And being shorter also makes it more transportable.

    Very broad range of performance between the different batteries. Noticeable difference between 5ah and 8ah batteries. I use the 8ah when framing.

  32. I'm hooked on DeWalt. I have the 885, 887, 890, 894 and 899 I also have the atomic hammer drill. Absolutely love all of them. Constantly keeping an eye out for DeWalt 20v stuff… Can't get enough!!!

  33. I noticed you did a review on the atomic combo kit and the impact driver didn’t say atomic on the back only brushless and it wouldent break loose 150 foot pound but in this video it done 350 the model with the atomic writing on the back does it have more power? Thank you

  34. This has to be one of best reviews I have seen

  35. I have the atomic driver along with many others but I seem to get all the power I need with a 5ah battery. The 1.5 definitely shorts the power but still works of course

  36. Getting close to wrench time, very good and informative..weights were different atomic has to maybe make up with larger motor or something…

  37. Don Ashcraft Photography and Restorations says:

    Hmm… It looks like you're doing impact wrench tests on an impact driver. I have the DeWalt 809 atomic driver. I use it for driving screws and bolts and only on light duty for nuts and bolts because that's what a driver is made for, right?
    For auto mechanic stuff and larger nuts and bolts I would use my DeWalt impact wrench not my driver.
    So I'm unsure why you're testing and impact driver with big giant bolts as if it was an impact wrench not a driver? Maybe I'm just confused.

  38. 540 nm reversed 🙄🙄🙄 that's blew my mind.

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