Morning News NOW Full Broadcast - July 19 -

Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 19

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Former President Trump received a target letter in special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into the January 6th Capitol riot and millions of Americans brace for more extreme heat. 

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  1. Exactly what is it that makes him "LOOK" like a disturbed man?

  2. Trump is Only Good for letting His Democrat Buddies Get Away With Everything!!!!! Trump let's Democrat's out of Jail , instead of putting them behind bars where they belong!!!!!!!

  3. Republicans are great for giving there Democrat buddies Everything they want!!!! So , keep the Voter's dumb with all the fake bull crap!!!!!

  4. This video is like a mini-vacation for me.

  5. Jend. Sam ARBI Abdurrahman B.
    **Jend. Sam Ardi Bolkiah Abdurrahman AI ,,,GUAM ( irian dar'es salam) country

  6. If the DOJ new from officers that cocaine found in Whitehouse,, 33 tapes smashed from Clinton campaign, can't believe that USA are under dictatorship, USA is not USA, looking more like China, by looking at MSNBC,and rest of social news I see the evil. I'm looking at all candidates side eyed right now.

  7. 23:16 that's just dumb!!! You are going home from service but still you decide to run in North Korea!

  8. Girl, if you didn’t feel like going to work the next day, just say that. 😤

  9. 😂they should take it for a compliment..finally someone is running…over there..

  10. Alejandro Reviews Puerta Vallarta Real Estate says:

    Its not a disgrace that DOJ is prosecuting you Trumpo, you are the National Disgrace.

  11. Between plastic and nuclear it is a Barbie world 🌎 It s plastic so fantastic. Just another extinction Mom..

  12. She talks really fast. And talks from both sides. Fickle person.

  13. Nice video, reminds me of 9 months ago when I was so poor and broke I could barely afford two meals a day. I remember taking the biggest step in my life when I invested my last income with an experienced trader who used to work with a Forex trading company. It may not sound like much, but it took courage to know that investing was the right thing to do at the time. Today my small investment of only €700 has brought me more than €48,000 of which I have invested part in the real estate sector. Honestly, to be successful, you need to take a big step forward. This is where it all begins. Forex is also a good investment

  14. Let's talk about democrats weoponizing the doj and fake news covering for them. Last time there was a whistle-blower they charged trump to distract America. Now another whistle-blower and here we go again. They are traitors to this country and America is tired of democrats lies and corruption.

  15. If need to be in jail no one is unbove the law😮

  16. Just lock him up already so the news can cover other frauds and liars in our government.

  17. Trump is not difficult to understand and see fore what he is be not confused by his miserable oratory defamation of those sworn to uphold the "Oath of Our CONSTITUTION" As one whom have taken such oath i recognize unmistakably his violations of such as well recognizing his minions in the Senate and Congress whom are as well Traitors to our Nation and it's Peoples Defending the Indefensible Excusing the Inexcusable like " Charles Mason " Murderous Cult Minions or the British defending " Benedict Arnold " a Traitor of Our Revolution of Independence from the British Crown; An Openly Defiant Cynical Lying Charlatan an enemy by acts Jan 6 and deeds blatant violations of laws and secrecy act constant willful self vomited omissions in public for all to see and hear as to pardon of criminals sedition and murderers torturers of D.C POLICE OFFICERS Upholding their Constitutional Oath yes he have been part and parcel and done such as trump is the promoter and Guru of a plague in the Nation Against It's People We the People of This United States of North America its time this Monster is put before the Dock and Jury and Judgment be passed on him by a Jury of His Peers; Let the Nation We the People not forget the Warning 2.000 years ago from Marcos Tullius Cicero; “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” WITH THE TRUTH YOU DON'T OFFEND NOR LIE OR FEAR YOU LIVE WITH IT AND NEVER FORGET …💩💩🗣

  18. If Trump was still President there would not be a war in Ukraine, we all know it. and all of those beautiful children would still be alive.😢

  19. Good morning iam satisfie to join us in the evening the man and his dog were lucky to survive thank you for sharing great story

  20. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. 😅😅 LOCK him up. LOCK them up. Do the crime, do the time! 😂🔥🔥. More charges to come. Happy days.


  22. Nice work men…from Assam karbi anglong indian…

  23. This is going to start a war if Trump goes to jail mark my words. It's so sorry of them .

  24. Oh yeah, your going to nail Trump again. Hey I understand Trump is not likeable to some people, he says things that some people find very offensive. I understand this (I really do understand.)
    But I feel as an average American voter, It really looks like you constantly going after the same guy and never getting what you want, your seething with your own pride and egos.
    It's really making people think more about Trump than you realize, Why aren't you going after Biden like you would if Trump had done these things. I think (as most Americans I'm sure do.) it looks more like anything you can do to go after him for nothing. While Biden, and Hilary ride it out and nothing ever looks at the facts around these political figures.
    Get real people, stop the witch hunt on Trump

  25. People will no longer trust the FBI or the Department of Justice

  26. What we are witnessing is unbelievable this is not suppose to happen in America where has our country gone we are a lost country this takes place in other countries but not here they caused Election interference so yes it was rigged no matter how you try to say there was none now the people want Justice

  27. Yes, it is AMAZING how much CRIME Trump had committed while our President

  28. We have never had such a dishonest narcissistic Mafia-style crook in our white house in the history of the USA. It will be decades before America can come close to recovery from this. I can remember at the time, at that night, I felt strongly that evil had been planted in our sweet land of America

  29. We have establish the most extensive voter fraud system in history. – Joe Biden.

  30. I am a registered Democrat, and I have always voted Democrat, because I was stupid until after Obama, but I will tell you this now, we still have the right to vote for whoever we want even if we have to do a write-in vote. Because of all the evils that the Democrat party has pulled over the past 16 years, starting with that sorry and worthless Obama, I will never vote Democrat again. That is a promise I will carry to my grave. I will vote for DONALD JOHN TRUMP even if he is convicted and imprisoned for any reason. He will be my write-in vote. Donald J. Trump has done nothing that Democrats have not done worse, because it has been proven beyond a doubt that Linsey Graham (A TRUE R.I.N.O.), George Walker Bush (A TRUE R.I.N.O.), George Herbert Walker Bush (A TRUE R.I.N.O.), Barack Hussein Obama (A traitor of the people), Chuck Schumer (A traitor of the people), Adam Schiff (A traitor of the people), Nancy Pelosi (A traitor of the people), Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (A treasonous tyrant) and Kamala Devi Harris (A trashy traitor of the people) have done far worse crimes against the United States of America, the American People, and other countries around the world, that if anyone else had done, they would be hunted down and hanged for, but they don't hide it. Republicans along with Democrats refuse to do anything, and no one in the Republican party has the balls to even try doing anything about it. They all need to be replaced.
    The power of the United States of America is paid for, financed, and owned by the UNITED STATES LEGAL TAX PAYING CITIZENS, NOT the DEMOCRAT PARTY and NOT THE ILLEGALS who refuse to cross our boarders at the proper ports of entry.. We, the true UNITED STATES AMERICAN PATRIOTS will PREVAIL, and put an end to the lies and evils of the DEMOCRAT PARTY, and the FAKE MEDIA. Mark my words, YOUR DAY IS COMING even if it takes PHYSICAL WAR to ensure it. It happens in every country under a tyrannical government…. Have you not learned anything from HISTORY?… Someone will ONE DAY pick up the weapons of war and lead this nation in the way to DEMOCRAT DESTRUCTION. Just you wait and see. It will happen. It has always happened all throughout history.

  31. Don''t tell me about how much he lie, because everyone of you lie just the same. Leave Trump alone

  32. Just like Denzel Washington said fake news only want to address what fits their narrative. We we hear what’s really going on. You are a journalist right.?

  33. The attack on the capital was not right if u wasnt watching the tv when he told the people to go do it then be quiet. Talkin about leave trump alone?

  34. Taken walk in Turlock CA an speeding on Tully Rd

  35. The current scenario with Trump SHOWS: that the America education system is LACKING and they're A LOT of Gullible people in the U.S. that will believe ANY B.S. that a fake politician and Fox "News" tells them. He's actually convinced voters that the Feds want to take THEM to jail for the multiple crimes that he's committed by HIMSELF🤣🤣🤣.

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