My iPod is better than my phone: repair, new SSD, and managing songs with Linux -

My iPod is better than my phone: repair, new SSD, and managing songs with Linux

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A new iPod has entered my life, and I’m excited to start using it with Rhythmbox. But first, I need to clean it up and install this awesome DosLab solid state drive and new Atomic Purple front panel.

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Links referenced in the video (no affiliate links):

– Free Geek Twin Cities (where I got the iPod):
– Elite Obsolete (where I got much of the supplies):
– Elite Obsolete’s 4th gen logic board (I used this on an older iPod, not this one):
– Screen on Amazon:
– DosLab electronics (where I got the solid state ZIF replacement drive):
– iFixit’s guides on this model iPod:

0:00 I like iPods, maybe you should too
1:27 About this iPod and its future components
5:15 Separating the old iPod front panel from the back case
7:23 Removing the hard drive and front panel from the logic board
10:20 Replacing the broken iPod screen
11:43 Replacing the click wheel
13:54 New front panel!
15:57 Front panel is reassembled, now let’s install a battery
17:10 Correctly installing the battery and headphone cable, Incorrectly installing the DosLab drive
18:29 First function test- no good!
19:31 Installing Rhythmbox on Fedora, trying the iPod, failing
20:48 Veronica. Her eyes uncovered! (I fixed the drive)
21:53 Trying (and failing) to initialize the iPod with Rhythmbox on Fedora
22:31 Initializing the iPod with a Windows machine
24:37 Administering the iPod with Rhythmbox on Fedora
26:50 Testing the iPod


  1. I've been thinking about trying to build my own sbc mp3 player but now I might try this instead.

  2. Nice repair video. Nothing wrong with resurrecting old tech like this, especially if you like the form factor and interface.
    About 30 quid. That's the cost of a new unregistered basic bastard Android phone these days; that's the price I put on it. Install a simple music player like…well, last I checked there was one actually called Simple Music Player in the Android app store, it's ad-free and nag-free, has a nice, familiar interface…disable all notifications and Alice's your uncle. I have such a phone that I purchased specifically for this purpose.

  3. My mom visited me in Thailand last month and wanted to buy an mp3 player because "the local shop said that hers can’t be repaired and because of smart phones nobody makes them anymore. Since she only uses it to listen to audio books, sound quality doesn’t matter. The one we found was as 5 bucks new (excluding storage, but I had many microSD around. The sound quality is surprisingly decent. Pretty overkill for her to have so many gigabytes just to listen to chapter1.mp3

  4. i can't belive they had a whole full sized harddrive in there, i assumed it had a small ssd chip or something, like you see in smartphones.

  5. I have been collecting and fixing iPods and all kinds of Apple devices as a hobby for about seven years when I found my moms old iPod Photo (or classic 4th. Gen.) in a drawer when I was 13. There’s just something so damn satisfying about fixing these nuggets and listening to your favorite songs on them. I’m so glad that it feels like recently more and more people are getting into retro tech again. Great video by the way! Greetings from Germany ✌️

  6. I've used an ipod in my truck for just under 20 years.

  7. I have three 160G iPods and would love to update them with new batteries and SSD drives…….

  8. I still use mine. I put away my phone and I don't get distracted by facebook or anything else. Just listen to my music and train.

  9. I still love my netMD minidisc player. Load up a bunch of songs on a heap of disks and it works great! Like you say, no phone calls, no distractions and there is something to be said about organising playlists.

  10. I remember Rockbox! After setting that up I loved being able to just copy music to the drive like a regular mp3 player or flash drive, and a bunch of my library was (and is) in flac so having support for that was super nice too.

  11. 22:30 I love that you’re showing a little on how to use Linux to do this. I thought the music adding was locked down by Apple on these. I would love to see a video showing full steps of “how to” do the rhythm box on fedora (and possibly Linux mint which is what I have on an old thinkpad as well)❤ very nice video and so grateful you shared your missteps and hiccups and thought processes.

  12. I'm at 1:33 and already excited to fix mine. It has a faulty scroll wheel, circle ⭕

  13. Not a fan of ipods, but definitely agree with having a separate music player. For that, I use my old LG V20 android phone, with ESS Quad Dac/amp, 1 Tb msd card, flacs of cds, removable battery (replaceable if battery goes bad), etc. Kudos

  14. I-pod I-pad I-sh…… Well we all have our I something; just a joke I want a I device, pllsssss

  15. Roughly how much did this end up costing?

  16. I like having music with me regardless of access to networks. I want to make an iPod like this. Thanks.

  17. My personal favs to mod are the 5/5.5th gen iPod Video and the iPod Minis. iPod minis are a hassle to get into sometimes but all they need is a simple CF card (or a CF SD card adapter) and it's done!

    I have too many iPods. I love the original style of the 1st/2nd iPods and the funky orange buttons on the 3rd gen. I think probably the cleanest of all of mine is my 2nd gen, wish I could find an original 1st gen scroll wheel but they've been getting pretty pricey lately.

    I also have some Zunes 😂Huge hassle to work with though since Microsoft shutdown the servers for it all.

  18. No no, I agree. MP3 bad. Flac and wav my beloved.

  19. I hate streaming music it the worst thing ever having to pay for both Spotify/Youtube music or you get commercials and you need to pay your 4/5G internet and mobile internet is 5 times more expensive than having regular broad bad.

    Which is why im tankfull my mobile phone have 256GB storage which I used having about 12k MP3 on my phone.

    Any one saying music streaming is good is a person that waste money on crap and yet complain every day about having no money. Well you would save att least 50-60 bucks a month not paying for trash.

  20. Awesome 😎 I actually bought a old ipod some time ago, for pretty much the same reason… plus I just always wanted one 😅

  21. where do you get your music files from (legally)?

  22. why wouldn't linux automatically mount that ipod? is there a way to make it automatically mount removable drives that you connect?

  23. 11:39 I was just thinking that you should have left that screen protector on until the last step before it's covered.

  24. My mom still uses an iPod Classic for her Audiobooks. I also have 2 other iPod Classics which are all operational with some replaced batteries and original hardware drives. I used to use one myself, but found a player for my phone which plays iPod formatted Audiobooks. I actually like the player as it pauses the audio when I do get the inevitable call/message and then restarts a short distance in the audio before it paused. (I have repaired the iPods over the years to keep them going, no SSD yet)

  25. Got one of these in my shed , been there years but couldnt bting myself to bin it . Think i may need to do a refresh like this to save it

  26. The SSD is definitely a good idea! I have a 80GB classic that could use an SSD (but I'm keeping my gouged up gunmetal case), and be put in the car (I still have Microsoft Sync in there and have a dedicated 32GB iPod Touch that's running out of room).

  27. Depsite its small battery, I can go a few days at a time without charging my iPod. I'd be lucky to get more than 5-6 hours of music playback on my phone via a dongle. I'm delighted when I see videos like these despite being a "post-discontinuation" adopter of these devices.

  28. "But Veronica, you're waving your arms around too much" TM – you should have this as a feature on every video.
    I have an iPod 30Gb Color [something] that I loaded up a lot of songs and listened to in the car with the wife and kids on family trips, somewhere remote in the country (Australia is a big country) and I didn't have to rely on any streaming dropouts.I still have this iPod [somewhere]. I do have a lot of other iPods that I have to repair also, so thanks for the video and parts suppliers.

  29. Good content! I’m also a Linux (Pop OS) iPod user. Got a gen 3 classic and a gen 7.
    About a decade ago I loved Guayadeque for managing my iPod libraries, but it became too unstable. I then switched to Clementine, which was more stable, but had the annoying habit of duplicating items when importing to the iPod.
    How have you found Rthymbox? If possible, could you review the best options for managing iPods on Linux?
    PS I used Rythmbox on my gen 7 for quite some time, but it was quite buggy and I preferred the stock iPod OS.

  30. It’s insane!!! I have always wanted an iPod classic, sadly all that I purchased have not work at all. 😭

  31. This was a wonderful video Veronica, thank you! It's given me new inspiration to repair some of the ipods I have laying around. I was working at Apple in 2001, and I remember when the iPod arrived out of nowhere in a plain brown ups box. I opened it & not knowing anything about it, my first thought was 'What the hell are they thinking? A product based only on music?!". But then I opened the ipod box & messed around for a bit, and I was blown away. I had been dragging around one of those flash-ram CD-ROM mp3 players in my car with a cassette adapter, and it obviously solved that problem. But it combined music with a full-speed, firewire 400 connected hard drive that not only copied music in seconds instead of minutes ( Or hours for a collection at usb 2.0 speeds ), but it also could be used for copying large files and we even experimented with Mac OS X portable home directories that would live on student's ipods. I forgot why that never happened, I think it was speed plus wear & tear on the drive. But the ipod ended up taking over portable music players & it's success is ultimately the reason we have iphones, ipads, and everything else… for better or worse 😉 And Veronica, your music is awesome! I absolutely rocked to the outro until the end; it sounded fantastic!

  32. Wish they still sold the ipod, i want a new battery goes too quick

  33. Thanks a lot, you ready make my day 😊.
    I have some old iPod Touch.
    Gonna try to prevent them to become e-waste.
    Looking forward to your RockBox vid.
    Have a great weekend

  34. And iPods don’t constantly nanny state annoy you with “your music is too loud”

  35. Good video unfortunatley this doesn't seem to work with the later generations iPod touch devices. Any tip which progam that can be used to manage an "new" iPod touch under Linux?

  36. I just returned my iPod Video to service with a new battery and a new SSD – I'd forgotten what a good user experience this thing has. It's also way smaller than I remember it, and carrying it around has been a joy.

    Also. Dunlop heavy picks are clearly the superior choice 🙂

  37. I own iPod classic, but it is useless since spotify is free (on android) and apple music and youtube music all free…
    To replace battery on ipod classic I used disposable utility knife blades, it is disaster. It is not a user friendly device at all. Better to avoid apple all together.
    Ipods are now expensive again, I got my classic 80gb for 35 euro 8 or 9 years ago from pawn. It was good deal back than, but today…😆
    I do not get what is so much hype about lately.
    In this budget is sony phone with 3.5mm and sd card slot.
    Put 1tb sd card and job done, nice screen, good camera, Bluetooth, fast internet, nfc …
    I remember how people replaced ipods with old sony walkman phones.
    Yeah and you need a smartphone anyway, so what is the point ??
    What is going on ???
    Why you do this people ???

  38. I did this with my 5.5 gen, but for some reason, even with freshly loaded firmware, it won't play properly. Song starts, sometimes I get the goodness for a few minutes, and then it just starts moving to songs I didn't choose.

  39. I loved my iPod back in the day! I picked up a Bluetooth transmitter–that plugged into the headphone jack–to go with my Bluetooth headphones, so my iPod could live in its pouch in my pocket and I could listen to my tunes without worrying about wires.

  40. As much as I've wanted one of these for a long time, I settled on just using the VLC media player app on my android phone with some MP3's installed on micro sd. It does the trick for me, even if my modern phone needs a usbc-to-5mm adapter to use normal headphones. I hate using bluetooth for media. I don't care what some BT fanboys say, it has always had a noticeable delay.

  41. Wow calibrating an iPod on Linux, really nice!

  42. Watching this I'm just reminded how much I detest flex cables and connectors 😅

  43. I still like my iPods. I use both my Iphone SE 128 GB and my 5Th iPod Video (upgraded with a iFlash and a 256 GB mini SD) as players. In sync with my iTunes playlists, of course.

  44. i am so sad that in my country it is basically impossible to get a hold of those old devices, unless you actually pay a premium, which basically defeats the purpose. this is a really cool project and i wish i could replicate it

  45. Just became aware FOSS software can be used to manage & sync with Apple hardware and you need not bust out a mac or windows for this …Thanks.

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