My Wife's Watch Is Basically Useless ASMR Whisper Rant Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 -

My Wife’s Watch Is Basically Useless ASMR Whisper Rant Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

ASMR (Equipment Used In Description)
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  1. Maybe she thinks its fashionable or js cool ANDDD u dont have to charge it 😭😭

  2. Personally I love my Apple Watch, but I use it for more than just the time so it’s a bit more convenient for my personal life lol

  3. Damn that’s a shame for such a nice watch. I hope a repairman would be able to fix it

  4. I too enjoy shitting on anything my significant other does or buys !

  5. this is a battery powered quartz watch not a mechanical watch

  6. Got my straight edge swatch, but I guess that’s more for meaning and less for time-telling

  7. Really cool when your “smart” watch runs out of battery, super rad having to charge your watch every night

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