National Atomic Testing Museum - Las Vegas, NV -

National Atomic Testing Museum – Las Vegas, NV

Wayward Waggs
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National Atomic Testing Museum:
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This week, we visited one of Las Vegas’ little known cool places to visit. The National Atomic Testing Museum. We learned a lot. We hope you enjoy coming along with us.

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  1. Wow! That was a blast from Nevada’s past you went to see. This was nice to know of the atomic blast. We also have Area 51 here which is out in the desert somewhere. My ex’s cousin used to be a cook out there for the people who worked there. I think Area 51 is closed now. I’m not sure. But I’m glad you went there. It’s a part of history now. So cool. Thank you for this video. See you both soon!

  2. Wow what a blast 💥 you had!! 🤣 Loved it. This was definitely a site we would love to explore. Crazy how it could of went wrong. Great share y’all. Loved the narration too!!♥️

  3. Mel Duncan / aka MelNetteLivingFreeZipCodeLess says:

    This is a great place to visit, Im sure there were all kinds of things done that the public didnt know about. It is scary to think that in the wrong hands what can happen. Just hope the treaty stays in place. Sometimes buttons aren’t good for things. Thanks for sharing friends 👍❤️👏🇺🇸👊🥑

  4. Ok I’ll say it … that video was da bomb.

  5. You guys have found another place to add to our list of places to visit. Thanks.

  6. You guys are the bomb. I will make a point to visit this.

  7. When I was a teenager living in Vegas, we got used to the underground testing. The ground shook, and sometimes there was a rumbling.

  8. You should have learned a megaton, not just a ton.
    OBTW #1 – Dave is a 45+ year nuclear worker, including 8 as a Navy reactor operator.
    OBTW #2 – a lot of the handheld survey meters in the display look very similar to those still in use today.

  9. Another cool unique location, thanks for sharing.

  10. So interesting!!! It is a miracle that something didn't go wrong! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Seems like an interesting place to visit. We’ll have to add it to our list. Thanks for sharing!

  12. You are so punny Dustin. Weird to think that the atomic bomb testing actually enhanced the tourist trade in Nevada. The amount of radiation had to be unreal. That mushroom shape is so iconic. I didn't know they did underground testing either. NY City! That is crazy.

  13. Great video – very interesting! We will check it out when we go to Vegas 😁

  14. Hey thanks, nice to see there's something else besides gambling and expensive show in Sin City!! Very interesting place! Your right it was a BLAST to watch! 😉

  15. Thank you for posting this. I was waiting on this video. Very informative. It's unbelievable and with North Korea testing today is crazy it's like they don't understand. But I will say I had a blast watching it.

  16. I worked for General Life Sverdrup. He was the Chief Engineer for General McArthur during WWII. Al Gore's father lobbied against his connection with AEC . because he was naturalized!

  17. We had never heard of that museum. I can’t imagine what it was like not knowing what the huge explosions were at first. That was so special that the featured soldier went in the place of a married man. ❤️

  18. I’ve had a damn blast watching your Vegas trip.

  19. Appreciated the video. My Dad died working out there from severe radiation exposure

  20. Absolutely great video! Thanks for allowing us to tag along with ya. 🤘

  21. While stationed at Marine Corps Air Station 1983-84 time frame working with the Hawk Missile System we were at a Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. Of course we were out in the desert somewhere. 😯 During one of the weekends we received info that they were doing an underground nuke explosion. That will pucker you up. 😂 I guess it wasn’t too bad as I’m still here.

  22. Hey, I've been watching both of you for quite some time. Keep them coming. Especially at the end of your videos. Being a Marine vetren, I can appreciate the thoughtfulness… I understand you will be headed to Texas, I am in Livingston. If your passing close by perhaps we can have dinner? Your treat…just kidding….

  23. It's in the bucket…
    As usual…thanks for taking the time.

  24. Looks like a great place to visit.
    Fun fact the US government in 1966-71 did urine tests on young school children 1st thru 5th grades. I believe the tests were looking for affects of fallout from the Nevada tests.
    Thanks for another great video
    Safe travels

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