NATO Secretary General press conference ahead of the NATO Summit in Vilnius 🇱🇹, 07 JUL 2023 -

NATO Secretary General press conference ahead of the NATO Summit in Vilnius 🇱🇹, 07 JUL 2023

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Pre-Summit press conference by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ahead of the NATO Summit in Vilnius, 7 July 2023.

Previewing the Vilnius Summit at NATO Headquarters, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the meeting of Allied leaders “will send a clear message: NATO stands united, and Russia’s aggression will not pay.”

🗣 | NATO Secretary General:

Good afternoon.

NATO Heads of State and Government will meet in Vilnius next week, at a critical moment for our transatlantic security.

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues to rage on.

For 500 days, Moscow has brought death and destruction to the heart of Europe, seeking to destroy Ukraine and divide NATO.

Our Summit will send a clear message.
NATO stands united.
And Russia’s aggression will not pay.

At the Summit, we will make Ukraine even more stronger, and set out a vision for its future.
I expect Allied leaders will agree a package with three elements, to bring Ukraine closer to NATO.

First, we will agree a multi-year programme of assistance.
To ensure full interoperability between the Ukrainian armed forces and NATO.

Second, we will upgrade our political ties.
By establishing the NATO-Ukraine Council.

And third, I expect Allied leaders will reaffirm that Ukraine will become a member of NATO.
And unite on how to bring Ukraine closer to its goal.

Allies have already pledged 500 million euros for critical needs, including fuel, medical supplies, demining equipment and pontoon bridges.

We will also help build Ukraine’s security and defence sector, including with military hospitals.
And we will help Ukraine transition from Soviet-era to NATO equipment and standards.

President Zelenskyy will join us for the inaugural meeting of the new NATO-Ukraine Council.
This will be a platform for crisis consultation and decision-making.

Where we all sit as equals to address shared security concerns.

At the Summit, we will take further major steps to strengthen our deterrence and defence.
With three new regional defence plans,
to counter the two main threats to our Alliance:
Russia, and terrorism.

One plan for the north, the Atlantic and European Arctic;
One for the centre, covering the Baltic region and central Europe;
And a southern plan for the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

To execute these plans, NATO is putting 300,000 troops on higher readiness.
Including substantial air and naval combat power.

I expect leaders will endorse a Defence Production Action Plan to aggregate demand, boost capacity, and increase interoperability.

To do all of this, we need to invest more.

At the Summit, Allies will set a more ambitious defence investment pledge, to invest a minimum of 2% of Gross Domestic Product annually on defence.

Today, we are releasing new defence spending estimates.

In 2023, there will be a real increase of 8.3% across European Allies and Canada.
This is the biggest increase in decades.
And the ninth consecutive year of increases in our defence spending.

So European Allies and Canada will have invested over 450 billion extra US dollars since we agreed our defence investment pledge in 2014.
Then, only three Allies spent 2 % of GDP on defence.
This year, eleven Allies reach – or exceed – the target.
And we expect this number will rise substantially next year.

At the Summit, we will be joined by the leaders of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.
Because our security is not regional, it is global.
So we are working more closely on issues such as cybersecurity, maritime security and new technologies.

We will also welcome the European Union to Vilnius.
Our partnership has reached unprecedented levels, and we are committed to doing even more together.

This will be Finland’s first Summit as a NATO Ally.
And we look forward to Sweden joining as soon as possible.

Yesterday, I hosted a constructive meeting of senior officials from Türkiye, Sweden and Finland.
And as the next step, I will meet with President Erdogan and Prime Minister Kristersson in Vilnius on Monday afternoon.

For almost 75 years, NATO has been the strongest Alliance in history.

The decisions we will take at the Vilnius Summit will ensure we continue to protect our people and our values.

With that, I’m ready to take your questions.

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  1. NATO, the world needs your help right now! 🇺🇦❤️

  2. This Fella is a stalwart.Thanks for givings us more of your time Jens.Long Live Nato as a devensive alliance.

  3. Watching from Lethbridge Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

  4. Why can't Nato force Russia to leave the ZNPP? Russia is not only threatening Ukraine but all of Europe and the rest of the world.

  5. Thanks Mr. Stoltenbergs for your leadership.

  6. Nato do great work keeping peace in the world…..Respect for Nato.

  7. Splendid new setup for NATO as it grows.
    Thank you to Secretary General Stoltenberg for holding the line and giving such sound leadership. A stronger alliance, a bigger economic and diplomatic footprint and a stronger common defense are all essential for the future of NATO. It is also clear that Finland, Sweden and Ukraine are essential members for the new NATO.

  8. NATO stay strong, Ukraine – slava ukraine, gerojam slava.

  9. I wonder if the 8.4% defense spending increase by NATO countries (apart from USA) is including help to Ukraine or excluding help to Ukraine.

  10. why is it difficult to accept Ukraine into NATO

  11. Excellent..I love that man,he will be missed

  12. Ukraine deserve NATO and EU I happy for that . Glory to HEROES 🇺🇦 Glory to UKRAINE 🇺🇦👏💓✌️🌻

  13. Ukraine needs your help now! They are fighting for the existence not only of their country but the existence and Democracies of EUROPE.

  14. I love NATO stand strong Europe !!! Love from California form a dual Austrian American citizen

  15. Congratulation to NATO present Secretary for one year extension his tenure.

  16. Make no mistake, this war is getting hot! Soon the gloves will be off! WATCH!

  17. Great Man great speech Thankyou for being a Good human being ,

  18. What an impressive peace keeper… 🥰👍👌

  19. Slava Ukraine

    When Ukraine joins NATO and the EU there will be a wall of peace, to separate Russia from the West.

  20. I hope he will stay as secretary general for as long as possible

  21. United States and Russia have not signed this convention, nor has Ukraine they CAN USE THEM OK Russia has been using all the time

  22. Nice job buddy 👍. Down here from New Zealand 😊. Thanks 👍

  23. president zelensky is the most powerful leader in the world nato respect this we love you zelensky

  24. —- > Providing Ukraine with a NATO invitation is the only moral course of action for NATO members. The peace settlement should be membership in NATO. Expecting to negotiate this with Russia will be self-defeating. .Ukraine should not have to stand on its own in defense of Western values and security.
    ….. Either Ukraine becomes a member of NATO or the West will face funding another Ukrainian bloodbath. And, if Russia prevails, they will have NATO weapons and be motivated in their "Russia World" imperialist aggression.
    It's naive to think otherwise. And, it would be cruel to leave Ukraine on the outside

  25. —- > Thank you for staying on Mr. Stoltenberg.



  27. Great news for democracy and freedom. Bad news for terrorism and tyranny.

  28. Russia is already a third world country with a failed dictator. The world is not stupid and will act decisively..

  29. Excellent leadership by Mr.Jens Stoltenberg. Perception is important in politics, hopefully NATO will not be seen as a paper tiger. A definitive, strong, action plan for Ukraine's victory, and NATO membership is the necessary outcome of Vilnius.

  30. It’s mind boggling that no reporters are asking the obvious big question – why is it that 500 days into this war is our much touted military-industrial complex not yet able to support the demand for regular artillery shells? What planning was done by NATO member nations that could have prevented the need to send cluster bombs this far into the war?

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