New Kia EV6 review: the best electric car in the world! -

New Kia EV6 review: the best electric car in the world!

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This is the all-new Kia EV6!

It’s Kia’s first purpose-built electric car, and Mat’s on hand to see if it has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with some of the class-leading German crossover EVs!

For starters, there’s no denying that the EV6 looks great. Whatever angle you look at it from the outside, the Kia has a sporty edge that helps it stand out. What’s more, when you take a step inside, it’s packed full of all-new tech, including Kia’s latest infotainment system! That’s not all though, you can even use the EV6’s vehicle-to-load feature to use the car as a portable power supply!

In terms of performance, there’s a variety of different options available, with the class leader delivering 325hp! All models come packing a 77kWh battery, and it has a claimed range of 316 miles.

So with a starting price of £41,000, is the EV6 THE must-have electric car of 2021? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

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  1. what colour is this? and this was which trim level?

  2. I agree it’s a really good looking car 🤩

  3. Disappointed to find out that Kia have suspended the EV6 GT Line / GT in Steel Matt Grey. I ordered in March and have just been informed that I need to chose a different colour or wait up to two years! I've chosen Runway Red, I just hope KIA don't come back and say they've ran out of Runway Red because that will end up in a cancellation and a Tesla Model 3 😐

  4. Seen various reviews on the ev6, including this one but keep coming back to rewatch it just because it’s so good.

  5. Anybody know if this is the Interstellar Grey colour option?

  6. I love this car… Amazing

  7. The second you moved the centre console I was totally turned off. If they can't make that sit still, what else is rattling around?

  8. If you could fit a panoramic sunroof like the Tesla instead of the optional small sunroof of this car, it would definitely be a no brainer. Props to Kia though, amazing design!

  9. Not going to lie I was laughing so hard when he was saying about the noise when it creeps. Sounds like a boat horn

  10. Front view is good. Boot looks ugly with tail light line worst.
    Total remodeling required at the back.

  11. Only negative with Kia cars is the seats are not at all comfortable for people who are a little taller

  12. Borrowed a Kia EV6 for 5 weeks, and now a Mustang Mach E for a week. In every way the Mach E is better. Better materials, better build quality, better ergonomics, better screen, better tech, better to drive, better range. And IMO looks much better too. The Kia has weird mix of tech – so it has a electronic opener for the charging flap but not a rear wash wipe; intrusive driving aids and bleeping noises; door handles which were designed to be auto but aren’t (on the GT line) so need 2 hands to open them. Oh, and it rattles. And the heater didn’t work. Mustang looks and drives like a smaller car (in a good way) even though it’s larger. Don’t buy a Kia until you’ve tried a Mustang!

  13. You didn't say how long it takes to charge the car. And what about the pricing on how much it costs to charge compared to engine cars

  14. I test drived one of those on Saturday and I think I will order one next week. It is awesome car.

  15. KiaEv6 sucks I will stick with the huyndai ionic 5

  16. Great Video! KIA is a nice car to drive!

  17. It is a good looking car and the only ev I would buy if I could afford it

  18. You are a great presenter – the vid you made choosing a car for your Mum was a classic!

  19. So , how many miles ,can I comfortingly expect , from my two brand new double AAs batteries .

  20. I think this look will not age well… Good car though

  21. If you have a chance to drive the KIA ev6 try to drift it. it might be fun

  22. Oh gosh what the heck is that TRIPOD SOUND When driving the car slowly at 8:10 ? Lol

  23. Why don't they make EVs a bit taller because sitting perched on those back seats on a long journeys will be very uncomfortable. In fact, it's put me off the EV6 anyway.

  24. Continue your great work with your humor!

  25. Cool car cool reviw. Now Car wow start backing down on old toxic fossil ice burning technology, we need to try slow anthropogenic extinction

  26. carwow you are full of shit in saying that this car is the best in the world

  27. ev6 gt high speed 263km at autobhan …more stable , silent than tesla model 3

  28. This car starts at 61000€ in Estonia, what the fuck dude

  29. So, is the EV6 the best EV in the world? LIKE if you agree, or COMMENT with what you'd choose instead!

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