New Powerstack Hammer Drill DCD778 -

New Powerstack Hammer Drill DCD778

Joe the tool guy
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Brand new to the United states!

All 3 drills used the batteries they were sold with . Mad? Tell me in the comments.


I do believe the kit to get at this is either the powerstack 840 kit or the 2 drill kit at Home Depot with 2 powerstack batteries



  1. Great video wish you would have tested in masonry though thanks

  2. Just snagged this drill in a kit dck276e2 for $229. Included the dcd778 drill, the dcf840 impact driver, bag, two powerstack batteries and a 4amp charger. Got the last one at my local lowes. That 796 is an absolute beast.

  3. I'm getting that new Hammer Drill the DCD805 when it comes out.

  4. Damn Joe, we drink the same coffee😎🛠️😎🛠️😎

  5. I believe Lowe's has the powerstack bundled with the 840. Another option if someone doesn't want the hammer drill.

  6. I loved.the intro so much, had to rewind it to show the wife. Then she died laughing. Now I need a new wife, thanks

  7. Amazing People still don,t know about drill motors,When and what to use them For!!!

  8. Dang, Joe! It looks like you like to collect a bunch of DeWalt and other brands of drill drivers, much the way that I used to collect Hot Wheels in my youth, (some 50 years, or so, ago)! Enjoying your videos, though! Thanks, dude!

  9. Apparently that self feed bit is broke, not broke but it isnt pulling the bit through the lumber , the screw head is probably broken off.

  10. I have the non-hammer equivalent of the 796, the 791, and it's become my daily driver project drill. (Don't tell Makita)

  11. The 791/796 is my fav drill, period. Dewalt is releasing an update soon (DCD800/805 I think), should be good.
    Thanks for the review.

  12. Thanks for the video & a real world test of pushing the drills to the limits.

  13. I would love to see how the powerstack compares to a m18 ho3.0 on a milwaukee drill/impact

  14. First you make fancy meats and cheeses on a wood spanking platter, then I see you basically have a home coffee bar and I’m starting to feel an air of sophistication. I am a bit concerned about the need for destruction.🔥. Great review, thank you 👍

  15. That intro and unboxing giving off some real OG AvE vibes! I was waiting for you to yell "TIME!!"😂 Skookum as frig!

  16. After borrowing a 996 I bought the 796 and love it.. it's a beast and so much lighter than the 996 thank you sir for your videos keep it up

  17. Damn bro you reminded me that I need a drill whisk for making fluffy pancakes. 🔥 Review.

  18. Was that powdered creamer Joe!?!?! 🤢. Your opening of packages are the best! Man you are rough on everything, even your coffee maker

  19. That's the way to do it bro! Great 796 is a beast one of the best hammer drills from DeWalt.

  20. Made in Mexico or China, Joe? A little trick I learned from Roy Underhill. Take a bar of soap and rub those long bits down before you use them.

  21. This was hard to watch for 4 reasons. I'm a PC fanatic and quickly becoming addicted to tools too, and love the tests between DeWalt drills! But if it was mine, #1) I don't believe in tearing up boxes that great, new hardware comes in. I cringed when you did that. How could you?! I keep the boxes, manuals, warranties, any bags or cases, wrenches, and receipts. If I have a problem w/ it, it's easier returning it when the box is not mutilated. If it breaks in 2 years, I'll have the paperwork to check to see if the warranty period is still valid. And it's easier to sell when you have everything that it came w/ originally too. – And I find the box is often a quick reference of the specs that I like to look at the first few days after I buy it, when I'm unsure about a feature it may or may not have.#2) I gasped when you threw the box down, hitting the 2 drills, sending them crashing down to the floor – that could have broken them! (And your test proves 1 of them is even better in some ways than your new one!) #3) You also threw a perfectly good, new charger on the floor! You could sell that on Craigslist #4) The awful grinding sound I thought I heard from 1 drill's gearbox when you were drilling a foot into that wood – I thought that killed it for sure. But no, you just switched gears and kept going. And smoke and screeching didn't stop you either. Were you trying to kill one of the older drills as a reason to justify your new purchase? < Yep. New technology is nice to have, but I am still a little nervous about the safety and longevity of those Powerstack batteries.

  22. Appreciate the Showdown 🙂✌️❤️

  23. Damn Joe you already had me dead laughing in the first minute🤣that shit was hilarious!
    Joe’s the only guy I know that can fly his brand new tools with no remorse😂
    That drill spoon combo is pure genius!
    Hope you and the fam are doing great😎🤙🏻

  24. I would just pick up the dcb940 and skip that terrible drill kit

  25. Off Topic ; Obviously your big on tools ,What do you think about Pocket Knives ??? Do you have any Good ones ????

  26. Before I even watch , the dcd796 hammerdrill is Too Powerful for those other Drills….

  27. You want a Powerful Drill/Driver and save some money ?? Put a 1/4" hex adapter on you New Dewalt Impact Wrench …👍🖖

  28. @Joe the tool guy. Hey Joe. Are you okay? I know we all have our bad mornings. And I hope your wrist is okay @13:58.

    Thanks for the quick Dewalt hammer drill tests including the new Powerstack battery.

    Keeping you and your family in my daily prayers.

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