NMDCAT I Electrochemistry I Unit 9 I Lec # 1 I Prof. Wajid Ali Kamboh | WAK Entry Test - ndbatteries.com

NMDCAT I Electrochemistry I Unit 9 I Lec # 1 I Prof. Wajid Ali Kamboh | WAK Entry Test

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Electrochemistry, Oxidation, Reduction, Oxidation state / number, Rules to find oxidation state, Element, Ions, Hydrogen, Oxygen, 14 Elements, Oxidizing agents, Oxidants, Oxidizers, Reducing agents, Metals, Element in low oxidation state in a compound, HX = HF, Strongest R.A, Species behave as O.A & R.A, Balancing of chemical equations, Oxidation number method, Ion electron method
NMDCAT I Electrochemistry I Unit 9 I Lec # 1 I Prof. Wajid Ali Kamboh | WAK Entry Test
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  1. aoa.sir i wanna ask you. k jo aap ne equation balance ki hai magnese waali at 1:09:05 us mei electrons product side pr kam hain lkn aap ne reactant
    side pr 3 electrons ko add kiya can u explain it for me that why we do so?

  2. 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲💞💞💞💞💞

  3. sir thank you soo much for sharing amazing lecture with us ❤💫💫💫💫💫

  4. Kindly make a video on electro chemical series and batties

  5. Sir I'm ur fan ma life Me kabhi na kabhi app se mil kar app KO thanks krna chati hun☺

  6. Anyone Jo abi abi prep start kr ra mdcat 2023 ki? Improver?

  7. Sir you are a blessing for us. May Allah bless you Ameen

  8. The influence of a good teacher can never be erased

  9. Sir big fan ma ny msc chemistry ki hai but asy prhny Wala teacher aj tk ni Mila thanks alot life may ik bar ap Sy lzmi milna chata hon

  10. Salam Sir g ap konsy institute MN prha rhy AJ KL?
    Ap se Lahore MN mulaqat ho skti ?🤲🏻🤲🏻😍

  11. Sir you are just great
    Allah ap sy razi ho

  12. Amazing!! Alhamdulillah for good teachers like you

  13. Sir muje aik cheez samaj nhi ayi
    Ap ne kha oxidation state pf oxygen is -1 in case of oxides pher simple oxides Kasey -2

  14. MashALLAH sir ! Your explanation was awesome 👍👍

  15. vvv nice sir g, allah tala apko behren sila de

  16. Sir you are helping us students in a very great way

    May Allah Bless you for your kindness

    You really are an ideal teacher

  17. This is the real chaneel of sir or fake. I have watched videos of wajid ali combu on many chaneels but I donnot know his own channel.

  18. Best chemistry teacher on YouTube 😍😍😍😍
    May ALLAH bless you ❤️💝

  19. MashAllah Sir Allah pak ap se raazi ho

  20. Mjy aik doubt hai apny bola elements ki oxidation state zero hoti hai jesy Na or Mg etc
    Likin apny ye bh bola k 14 elements hai un me oxidation state constant rehti hai jis me Na +1 tha or Mg +2

  21. kamboh sb lecture bao lambe ne baaki fit scene hai

  22. Sir Disproportionation reaction ko hum auto redox reaction ya self redox reaction nh keh skty?? Humen accdmy k sir se auto redox aur self redox prhaya tha …pr google p esa kuch nh aa rha jese sir ne accdmy mn prhya tha

  23. Veerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice sir g . Allah pak apko Khushi rakhi sir g


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