NO MORE LITHIUM! 25,000 Years of Power from Nuclear Diamond Batteries?! -

NO MORE LITHIUM! 25,000 Years of Power from Nuclear Diamond Batteries?!

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NO MORE LITHIUM! 25,000 Years of Power from Nuclear Diamond Batteries?!
In this video, we’re going to discuss the potential implications of using nuclear diamond batteries using nuclear waste in the future. We’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this technology, and whether or not it’s viable in the near future.
As technology continues to evolve, we’re beginning to see new and innovative ideas being developed. One of these ideas is using nuclear diamond batteries to power devices and systems. In this video, we’ll discuss the potential implications of using this technology, and whether or not it’s viable in the near future. So stay tuned, because this is definitely an interesting topic!


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  1. The company allegedly developing these went down in a blaze of fraud and SEC prosecution.

  2. Imagine this explosing into two different fields. NDB type 1 and type 2. The type 1 being the nuclead waste encased in synthetic diamond and being longer lasting and more expensive. The type 2 is a highly denser storage as a stand alone batter good for a length of time that can are charged at nuclear plants, then sent out to homes for use. When spent, broken down and recycled or exchanged like you would an empty propane tank

  3. My initial thought is: "self powered" micro circuits. The need for external power is no longer needed once the engineers design the nuclear diamond battery into circuit chips themselves. Enabling the circuits to provide the energy to make electronics operate.

    Imagine never having to plug electronics into the wall ever again. Recycling would also be the way to recover the batteries for reuse..

  4. Do you believe in this technology, putting aside the overblown PR surrounding it?
    And also, if you liked this video make sure to check out "How Sahara Fog Nets Make Abundant Water in the Desert" 👉

  5. wow like iron man battery will come true!!!

  6. this kinda makes it seem foolish to bury all that nuclear waste like us Finnish people are doing 😀

  7. Graphite the purest form of Carbon. The Devil element lol@? Just ask any teenage influencer or Member of Parliment. @?

  8. this won`t be in use in our lifetime (by 2100)

  9. I like the realistic take in this video. Thank you for not being a hypeman like so many were for the solar roads.

  10. NDB is promoting some seriously ignorant utter nonsense! The power output of nuclear diamond batteries is just way too little for use in EVs and consumer products like smart phones, laptops etc. Imagine a nuclear diamond battery that can last 1000s of years 😊…then, realize such battery needs to be 1000s of times bigger and 1000s of times more expensive than a Li-Ion battery for the same power 😮🥸🧐…do your homework about POWER DENSITY (in this case micro Watts per cubic centimeter) and you will understand this message! And no, R&D on this battery type can not defy the 1st law of thermodynamics limiting the max power to the natural decay energy that will forever be in the micro watts. In fact, if any betavoltaic battery could actually produce Watts of power, rest assured it would also be extremely dangerous as such power of radioactivity is highly lethal.

  11. Hahhahahahahahahahaha, seriously? Call Elon Musk immediately.

  12. Radiation and further waste from people throwing them in nature is not really a good solution ,could work if batteries have tracking systems and allocated to registered owners and periodically checked via home pod tracking system…with heavy fine if lost .

  13. aside from it not being at a strong stage atm, i find it interesting that the power source solutions are moving to diamonds… basically power crystals similar to how things are powered in Sy-fi movies.

    Reality is inching closer to science fantasy. almost like proof that fantasy/ fiction shapes the future of reality.

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