Noam Chomsky on “Woman, Life, Freedom” Movement in Iran | Exclusive Interview -

Noam Chomsky on “Woman, Life, Freedom” Movement in Iran | Exclusive Interview

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Chomsky is institute professor emeritus in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT and laureate professor of linguistics and Agnese Nelms Haury Chair in the Program in Environment and Social Justice at the University of Arizona. One of the world’s most-cited scholars and a public intellectual regarded by millions of people as a national and international treasure, Chomsky has published more than 150 books in linguistics, political and social thought, political economy, media studies, U.S. foreign policy, and world affairs.

The issues of capitalism and exploitation are right at the heart of the crises of Western societies today. And they will be for Iran if Iran can free itself from the cruel clerical dictatorship Iran has an immediate problem of the Women, Life, Freedom problem. Minimal conditions for open participation in a free participatory society must be established before these questions can arise.
Iran has separate problems. The immediate problem is to free Iranian society from the harsh cruel repressive clerical stranglehold of the clerical regime. That’s what the Women, Life, Freedom movement is about to achieve. The broader questions of capitalism and colonialism can not be seriously confronted because the population has no means of engagement.
The Chinese intervention to lead to a Saudi-Iranian accommodation of some kind could be a substantial relief. Might offer an opportunity for internal forces to have more range and freedom to achieve the basic freedoms that are essential for a society to move forward.
There is an immense irremediable problem that may make all of this completely moot. That’s simply the boiling of the environment. There is a background issue, which cannot be forgotten. It’s going to destroy everything in the region unless this is quickly taken care of it. That means that these societies of the Middle East which includes Iran and Saudi Arabia in particular, right at their borders is the main oil-producing and petroleum-producing region in the world. They are going to have to both move quickly and expeditiously to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. If they don’t, there is no future for the whole region in fact for the world. That is a problem that can’t be ignored.On top of the desperate need to achieve elementary human rights is to eliminate the sanctions regime. Brutal savage sanctions regime, which is destroying the Iranian economy moving towards a multi-polar international system.
Harsh repressive systems delight in moving confrontation to the level of violence. That’s where their strength is. Their weakness is in areas of non-violence. Those are the directions in which popular movements must move not only in Iran but everywhere else.
There is a lot of talk about the decline of the United States and the rise of China This has been going on for 30 years and has not happened. The United States’ overwhelming power remains. You can see it. China is indeed developing but the other part of the story is that US hegemony is in fact overwhelming.Iran can do nothing with a nuclear weapon. If Iran even begin to prepare to mount a weapon on a missile, the country would be destroyed. The US and Israel are just almost salivating with gleam hoping for that opportunity. and that would allow the US to carry out a major attack against Iran If it began to even think about using nuclear weapons so that if they’re thinking rationally in planning circles They will not be planning to develop a nuclear weapon. It’s not a deterrent for anything.Imposing nuclear weapons free zone in the region with extensive inspections is the only way we have to for peace in the Middle East.
Any try to for changing the situation should be in solidarity with the secular democratic forces in Iran that are calling for women’s rights and human rights. Or the same ones that are trying to do the same under even harsher conditions in Saudi Arabia and the same ones in the US and in Western Europe are trying to reverse the move towards more autocratic systems with a high concentration of wealth and precarious existence for everyone else. We’re all working together. These are the elements of the global order that have to work together in solidarity to overcome the enormous crises that humanity faces in many dimensions.

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  1. Men and women equally have all the social rights in Iran. There is no limit in their social, sports, political and economical activities. But different dress codes are applied to them for moral and cultural reasons. Because Islam cares about women more than you think! And it wants to keep them safe and healthy for they've got an important role in the families and families are building blocks of a civilized society.

  2. Left over women in The West on streets anlog with illgimate children ,! Shame and cruelty for human society , ! Whhat Christians Prests speak!

  3. Regime change in Iran would simply turn it into a puppet state of US/Israel so no. More importantly, it will destabilize neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq while creating a massive humanitarian crisis in those countries, let alone Iran itself.

  4. Iran has been threatening to exterminate Israel since 1979. Why does Noam Chomsky have to insert his anti-Israel bigotry in order to purposely mislead the audience into forming negative view of the Israeli people. Every Israeli that I have ever talked to about Iran lives in fear of a regime that has threaten to wipe the country off the map. Now Iran trains it fanatical Islamist terror group to commit genocide against us. Israelis have absolutely no problem with the Iranian people except for the antisemitic chants and the flag burning which reminds of past burning that lead to burning Jews in the past. Iran has spent vast sums of money arming Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, militia in Syria and Iraq as proxies and foreign legions to destroy the country of Israel. The Islamist Regime of Iran is a viciously antisemitic fascist state that denies the Holocaust on the one hand and threatens in words and actions to destroy the State of Israel on the other. Israel would love nothing more than to have good relations with Iran, a country that has done everything possible to prevent peaceful relations between the Palestinians and Israel.

  5. He knows that Iran is going to war with Israel. Regardless of his previous interviews, he's still Jewish and Israel won't win a war vs Iran. He spoke politically correctly

  6. It is a shame that USA and Israel are going to infiltrate and kidnap all progressive movements in Iran and thus damage their cause.

  7. Thank you…when was this interview done?

  8. hae had my differences with noam on ukraine, but on this issue he is on point.

  9. Disagree with Chomsky's view about Iran. He needs to get educated about Iran and Iranian culture & tradition etc etc. The women's movement was orchestrated by the US and European countries plus US proxies (Israel, Saudi, UAE), to topple the Iranian regime. Iranian women have more freedom in the Middle East in comparison with the whole Arab countries combined. Don't Afghan or Saudi women have less value than Iranian women. Iranian women are highly educated, they hold high profile positions in Iran, they participate in Sport etc etc. The main issue is that Iran was pushed towards Russia and China because of the US's brutal sanctions. The West knows clearly that Iran holds the future of their hegemony if joining Russia and China. This is because Iran is the main corridor between West & East. Russian & China's success in the new world order depends on the successful completion of this corridor. In conclusion, if it's not the women's movement in Iran, the western world comes with different excuses. The main issue is Israel, US and NATO forces future depends on Iranian women movement 🤣🤣.

  10. Iran has more freedom that she can hadle.Eslahtalaban Newspapers in Iran do what US embassy would do if exited

  11. Unfortunately the type Chomsky's beliefs have really helped ensure tyrannical regimes survive in many parts of the world IMHO

  12. Professor Noam Chumsky: It is such an Honor to have you speaking to an Iranian Audience. I know for a fact, Mr. Chomsky, that you deeply care about Iranian Women, Men
    and the movement in Iran. After all, when I emailed you sir, without hesitation, you replied back , and I quote """Exciting- Woman-Life-Freedom". Thank you Sir for your insight,
    advice and for caring about the region, South Asia, Middle-east, Palestine and any other struggles for "Human Dignity & Freedom". Thank you Professor Chomsky.

  13. perfect. He is the beloved Islamic regime's thinker to reference. So they will listen to him.

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    Your videos always make me smile.

  15. ارزشیای عزیز به صورت خلاصه نوام چامسکی که میراث زنده دانش بشری هست و خیلی دوسش دارین
    داره می گه
    چین اصلا در حد آمریکا نیست
    جنگ اوکراین سود خالص واسه آمریکاس
    اون قضیه تغییر پارادایم غرب به شرق کلا مالیده هستش
    حداقل در مدت عمر شما ها… بچه هاتون… و نوه هاتون… و حتی نتیجه هاتون هم اتفاق نمی یوفته

    البته همینم در صورتیه که با این اوضاع اقتصادی داخل کشور بتونین نسلتون رو ادامه بدین.. بلاخره باکتریم برای ادامه زندگی و تولید مثل نیاز به آب و اکسیژن و مواد مغذی داره

  16. 00:00 Iran's immediate problem is to free Iranian society from the repressive clerical regime.
    00:30 The broader questions of capitalism and colonialism cannot be confronted without first achieving minimal rights for participation in society.
    02:03 There is a dichotomy in Iranian society between fighting imperialism and fighting for democracy.
    03:07 The Women, Life, Freedom movement is focused on achieving minimal rights for participation in society.
    07:07 The population has no means of engagement to confront the broader questions of capitalism and colonialism.
    09:07 The region is facing the imminent threat of environmental destruction due to climate change.
    11:31 The urgent need to achieve elementary human rights and eliminate the sanctions regime.
    13:11 All the problems of repression and violence in Iran must be addressed.
    16:08 Non-violent methods should be pursued instead of resorting to violence.
    17:53 Popular mobilization and non-violent activities are the directions for popular movements.
    19:56 China's involvement in the region offers opportunities for change and development.
    22:03 The international system is fragmenting, providing opportunities for Iran.
    24:32 Changing support for Israel in the United States
    26:46 Forces that could impact the Middle East and Iran's relations with the world
    29:44 Predictions about the future and their impact on Iran's relations with the world
    38:59 The overwhelming power of the United States and the potential for conflict with China

  17. Would demolished Ukraine be aimed to become another Israeli settlement?

  18. Any attacks on Iran shall guarantee nuclear Iran

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