Nuclear batteries can last for over a century without recharging! -

Nuclear batteries can last for over a century without recharging!

Hashem Al-Ghaili
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  1. 100 micro watts output This is impractical bullshit

  2. And what happens when some psyco has a political rage and explodes 500 of these in a public place?

  3. What if.. samsung note 7 use it and it exploded

  4. If this is true, that would be exciting but am affraid we have to wait 200 years before we will get access to this technology before all the fuel and gas in this world is gone.

  5. This batteries will be safe only to use it in space travels only

  6. well. it's called. NDB it's a diamond with a uranium center
    October 2020 Elon Musk is having
    a battery day. they say they have
    car that can go a thousand miles on
    one charge.
    this could be the end of oil

  7. you have been reading BS yes its true you can get these batteries BUT the output power is very low, so low they will never be able to run a cell phone or most things one of these batteries would take about 2 years to produce the power one AAA has, so the only thing it might power is say your tv remote BUT been that they are around $2000 each and you would need two, who the hell would pay 4k for a battey just for your tv remote, please do some real research before you make a BS video that only spreads BS.

  8. A certain phone company has enough experience with exploding cellphones, the last thing you need is bigger the bang for your buck.

  9. Nuclear batteries are already used for medicall purpose…however if that person dies and was incinerated…

  10. Politics and greed dont like things that dont feed the buy and sell society we are drowning in,,there are alot of products out there that could drastically change our lives, I for one am ready for devices with long lasting power cells, replaceing or recharging batteries is wasteful and inconvenient.

  11. "Try not to drop it, ever."
    I just dropped my phone…

  12. Eating plutonium will give you energy. Drinking battery juice will too. Try it for 30 days.
    Nothing better than a fresh squeezed car battery in the morning.

  13. Great idea but most people don't use their cell phones more than 5 years so these nuclear batteries are going to end up in a landfill. It might be best to use them to power homes and cities than cell phones.

  14. Imagine dropping your phone and causing a mini explosion lol

  15. haha gtfo, people cant even handle guns, gas, desiel, and bleach. Now you are considering giving them nuclear engery, what about some one stock piling old phones? What about a nut sack throwing them out car windows? Throwing them in the ocean, rivers, lakes ect? What about some one using the battery to make bullets? There is nothing good about nuclear batteries for the public.

  16. I just watched another video on "diamond" (carbon-14) batteries that said that the electrical output is too small to use in most applications. However, they mentioned implants as one possible use because they require only a small current.

  17. No way then my scania v8 vill lost its sound…. 🧐

  18. If we found that amount of nickel, there's gonna be a world war to obtain it.

  19. Each one will become nuclear carrier.this is most dangerous thing to happen talibani will cut dimond layer upper layer and keep radiation open to destroy earth .

  20. Is it easy to break an aluminium sealled body by accident.

  21. this isn't that simple dude this technology along with the knowledge of using radio active materials lasting for century is decades old but its other part is the hazard of radio active materials hypothetically if any phone with radio active material battery like plutonium will blast you won't be able to imagine its impact on surroundings even a phone battery can cause thousands of deaths and hospitalise million this guy in video narrating as if its very simple to use nuclear batteries on devices if you wana know its fear then I must say in 1965 Indian govt under the influence of cia tried to installed plutonium capsule powered device on nanda devi to keep an eye on china but the operation backfired due to bad weather and the team lost the device somewhere in mountains there even today locals of nanda devi uttrakhand fears some day avalanche or poisoning of ganga waters may happen and that fear is not illogical

  22. Let's do some calculations on your claims in this video: 3.3Ah/g energy density= 3300Ah/kg. However betavoltaics are solarcells, so their emf is only around 0.5V, so that is 1650Wh/kg that is still 4 times the energy density of Li-ion, not bad! However having to spend 100 years to get Them out= 800,000 hours, you can draw No more than 2mW from that 1kg of battery! So if your EV has 400 kg of batteries your EV can use No more than 0.8W driving down the road without needing a break! In other Words, $10 million Worth of nuclear battery is far less usable than a 5W solar panel on the dashboard charging a Dollar Store powerbank. So your claim of 4 times the power of Li-ion batteries is off by a factor of 16000!! Recap: You stumble upon an article with interesting claims, but don't Bother to check the obvious fishy claims with simple primary shool math? This only leaves one question: Are you stupid?

  23. When radioactive substances like plutonium (in this case) decay .. they release alpha particles, not beta particles

  24. smartphone technogy become obsolete after 2 years.. we should also adress the google and android issue. ios is a problem by itself anyway and nothing to do

  25. So does it go onto half power after 100 years?

  26. We're living in the past because we're afraid of living in the future.

  27. Who needs infinite phone, we need to consume and innovate to consume faster

  28. If the battery is safe for consumption then this could revolutionize the energy industry, we all boast about solar and wind energy but this sort of energy would definitely promise a very bright future.

  29. Simply put its not safe
    If dropping a cellphone is risky as a pacemaker in a persons body who falls over it would be even more dangerous

  30. This battery can be used in cars not in phones.

  31. The phone would be out of date well before battery died.

  32. 3:05 is america that stupid tho? or have any of you never been taught about nuclear physics in high schoool?

  33. All is good but I think Jerryrigs everything will go to war and more YouTube how tears phone for money they earned from YouTube 😂😂 imagine they can't even open this phone coz it's nuclear 😂

  34. Imagine when you purchase and appliance for your home no cord to plug in, mini led light bulbs that run on a forever battery and can be turned on with your phones Bluetooth as you walk into the room, no copper wire anywhere in your house, water heaters wrapped around the pipes that turn on when the density of the water drops. If perfected and safe it would revolutionize the world. I would love to have an electric car that made it's own electricity and weighed less than all the batteries in a tesla.

  35. Fake News will say it'll cause cancer and terrorist can steal them to make a dirty bomb

  36. Suppressed for 100 years, should be the headline

  37. We could use them to power our cars! We could finally build the Ford Nucleon and the Ford Seattle XXL!

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  39. I don't think nuclear batteries will ever make it to consumer products like smart phones, etc because of recycling and the possibility of misusing the batteries. Also, accidents like short circuits can happen and may release radioactive particles if the batteries are damaged. I think nuclear batteries may be used in pacemakers, and artificial heart.

  40. Okay, now this would be outstandingly amazing for Tesla's and electric vehicles.

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