Nuclear batteries… in space! -

Nuclear batteries… in space!

Eric Guidry
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#stitch with david.explains Yes the VAST majority of energy is made by spinning a motor/generator but #RadioisotopeThermalGenerators are really interesting #RTG #NuclearBattery #electricity #space


  1. In the the 2015 movie The Martian, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) explains how he's using a radioisotope thermoelectric generator to keep himself warm. Pretty cool attention to detail in my opinion.

  2. there is more space than there is Earth space is not a vacuum

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  5. They are made from nuclear waste, making them one of the better energy production method

  6. I whole heartedly believe that ALL power generation on earth should and NEEDS to be NUCLEAR. People freak out when they hear the word "Nuclear" as if it's some kind of taboo dirty word. But nuclear power plants are LITERALLY nothing but giant steam engines. They just replace the coal and fire to boil water to turn a turbine with Nuclear energy to heat and boil the same water and turn the same turbine, but minus ALL of the horrible pollution from coal. 90% of ALL nuclear waste is in the form of low level irradiated SOLID waste, i.e glass, concrete, tools, clothing and other materials with less than 1% of the total radioactivity. And the high level radiation waste which accounts for the remaining 3% of total waste contains the other 99% of the total radioactivity. As nuclear power requires VERY LITTLE material to produce huge amounts of electricity, especially when compared to other methods like coal which takes large amounts of coal to produce very little energy compared to its volume. The generation of electricity from a typical 1,000-megawatt nuclear power station, which would supply the needs of more than a million people, produces only three cubic metres of vitrified high-level waste per year. In comparison, a 1,000-megawatt coal-fired power station produces approximately 300,000 tonnes of ash and more than 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, every year. This is why what California is doing and what the government wants to do with their "green new deal" by shutting down Nuclear power plants JUST because of the "stigma" surrounding them and increasing the amount of coal fired power plants is just PLAIN STUPID. EVEN IF you supplement coal plants with solar power or wind turbines, it STILL won't be enough to pick up the slack from Nuclear Power. The ONLY forms of power generation that come even close in terms of electrical output AND cleanliness is Geothermal and Hydroelectric. But as those can ONLY be used in places where there is an abundance of geothermal vents or large bodies of water, even that is not a viable replacement for Nuclear Power. People need to wake up and see that pound for pound Nuclear power is THE best, cleanest, safest and most SUSTAINABLE form of power generation. Not to mention that coal is NOT a renewable recourse. And while Nuclear material is not "renewable" in the most literal sense either. BUT breeder reactor power plants could sustain the human race for 4 BILLION YEARS. Meaning that our sun would nearly burn out before we ran out of nuclear power. And we're not JUST talking about home electrical power either. We're talking Nuclear power could sustain ALL forms of primary power consumption for BILLIONS of years with nothing more than the nuclear fuel that naturally exists in average crustal granite ALONE. And considering that Oil is estimated to run in about 50 years, gas in about 53 years and coal in around 114 years. So which do you think is better? 114 years at best or 4 BILLION YEARS? Lol.

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  8. Didn't the USSR also use them for powering some very remote weather stations or something like that?

  9. Nuclear batteries suffer from very low power density. Even with very nasty radioactive isotopes such as Plutonium 238 (what is used in Voyager), you get only 0.57 Watts per gram of it and you end up paying millions of Dollars for this material for enough capacity to power a laptop with a battery size of a big luggage with shielding and other stuff needed. Also it would be a super dangerous battery if it got damaged or someone collected enough to assemble a nuclear bomb with this material.

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