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So, in Chukotka, construction began, on a marine terminal designed to provide energy for the project to develop the Baimsk ore deposit.
One of the world’s largest copper-gold deposits is located here, and the construction of a mining and processing plant will soon begin, which of course, will require a lot of electricity to operate.

At first, they wanted to supply the plant with the help of floating LNG power units.
It would be both, faster and cheaper, but the equipment for them would have to be purchased from Siemens.
Although this issue was discussed two years ago, fortunately, it was decided to abandon this option precisely because of doubts about the reliability of the supplier.
Instead, it was decided to follow the path of creating a whole series of floating nuclear power units based on the latest nuclear reactor RITM-200M.

Simply put, to create floating nuclear power plants that can be driven to the shores of Chukotka and power villages and enterprises from them.

It sounds incredible, but our regular viewers already know that this is a solvable task for Russia.
a year and a half ago, the “Akademik Lomonosov” floating nuclear thermal power plant,
the only one in the world today, began operating in Chukotka
Four upgraded floating power units with a total capacity of 318 megawatts will be built to supply Baimsk mining and processing plant.
To accommodate them, the construction of port infrastructure began.

The peculiarity of this energy supply option is that the floating unit, like a ship, can be driven to almost any coast on the planet.

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