Nuclear battery, A battery that never loses charge -

Nuclear battery, A battery that never loses charge

Ashish Sharma
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In this article I have explained the working of nuclear batteries, which material is used to make them and what principle is involved in making nuclear batteries what is their life and what are their drawbacks and what are their advantages etc.


  1. One City or one Industrial Unit ko run krny k leay jis substance ki zrurt ho vo utilize kr k as alternative source adopt krny ka kia diq'at hy??

  2. hey sir, can i get a detailed material on nuclear battery, so that i can fully understand it. i need to make ppt for seminar. thanks if u can provide

  3. Sir, kindly make a video explaining Theory of Relativity….

  4. Good to see
    It was theoratica explanation.

  5. Plz tell about Atomic batry…..
    To OverCome ⚡ power Shortage…
    Radioactive ☢️ substance like Uranium, Platinum, protium etc etc..n alike can be used.
    Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays all three rays have different quality of intensity.
    Our Scientists can make inhome nuclear batries, lifetime chargeless…
    Nuclei batry need be registered like Vehicle, etc…
    It will be treated as Immoveable property, transferable be deed, n inherit .
    It can reduce consumption of Hydrocarbon( derivatives petrol,diesal, LPG,CNG Carocine Oil, )..
    Or even can replace it altogether..

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