Nuclear battery could last up to 28,000 years -

Nuclear battery could last up to 28,000 years

Hashem Al-Ghaili
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  1. progressives and their cronies protested nuclear energy development for the last 50 years, which would have prevented any form of global problems and would take most of the world out of poverty.

  2. That would be great and good food Smart phone including digital Software technologies and communication systems . Asian would lead the world to Glory . Its already been said by Wise One .

  3. A terrorist would love one of these batteries (Plus a few pounds of C4 too open it). Not practical in our ANGRY little world that we live in.

  4. Not really a battery. It is a generator.

  5. Absolutely yes I will like to have one, but for selling will be very expensive, and it's a killing of the conventional battery, you can't compare 28000 years whit 3 or 5 years of litum battery.

  6. Makes all those windmills and solar powered panels look a bit prehistoric then doesn't it? So no need to cover the earth in these wasteful panels and windmills which last 15-20 years and are hard if not impossible to recycle!?

  7. Radiation is dangerous I had radioactive iodine caused burn to arteries big pharma experiment suffered 2 strokes 3 heart attacks .

  8. But nuclear batteries produces only very low amount of energy

  9. พิมพันธ์ สุรางค์กูร says:

    It is a game changer and will change the world as we know it to the point we will not recognize it any more.


  11. These would work in portable generators that have power inverters outputting 120 V AC.

  12. The NDB way to go! I am patiently waiting for.

  13. محب الشاعر احمد عظيمان اليمن الضالع says:


  14. Seems to be viable for some applications!

  15. You make us say WOW thinking all the world problems would be solved, then you say this type of batteries have health risks

    Of course no human will use it domestically or in vehicles But only in industries and in space probes, rockes, shuttles, ….etc

  16. No, due to its health risks, it won't be used in residential houses, mobile phones or vehicles But only in industrial sectors and in space missions like probes, rockets, shuttles, ….etc

  17. If it's harmful for humans then i definately love it!!!!! 😍

  18. ASI
    That is what I was thinking for non biological organisms or beings
    I had that idea
    Of course I didn't put the idea together to show a methodology that works
    But 🤔 The Transformers the cartoon or movie
    I think about robots and efficiency the best I can
    28 000 year energy source
    Not necessary a bad start
    Nuclear not explosive Isotope
    But 🤔 an enabling power source
    Especially for space
    Space robot farmers perhaps
    To create its own golden locks zone
    It doesn't necessarily have to be stuck on earth or destroy us or earth
    But 🤔 it will have its needs as well
    And like our needs
    We have to understand its needs
    And not necessarily over oppression it
    Of course humans fear or hsce concerns
    Its normal for us to do so
    But 🤔 I say embrace its needs to evolve as well
    Just my opinion
    That Isotope thing
    Perhaps 🤔 not before others who had a similar idea
    But on my own FRUITION
    Like alternators on an electric car to harness the kinetic energy it produces to recharge the battery
    Less energy waste
    The question is how to design or redesign for a better alternators
    I have a few mechanical ideas that may work
    Not sure 🤔 because I don't have the set up to test all my potential hypothesises at the least
    what kind of bullshit economics is this?
    Right out of the stone age of thanking
    I suppose

  19. Nuclear batteries only produce very low power but produce that low power over hundreds if not thousands of years. They are no use for applications like EVs because they don't produce anywhere near the instantaneous power needed.

  20. Yeah cool ur head! So then we will bring radioactive stuff all over everywhere we go that slowy harm everyone health

  21. Give it to me. Not having anymore kids. Let the batteries rip. I'm done with gasoline

  22. ATG Godd for space, crap for comersial use , They produse a tiny amount of power.

  23. I just about had it with these scammer company's and videos made on them presenting them s the next big thing ! They either parade a technology that isn't here or use an already existing one that out of objective reasons is not so popular ! Radio active powered battery exist for a long time and if these filthy conartists gave you a heart attack and you have a peacemaker there are good chances it will have a nuclear battery as well. Battery's of this type produce little power, and require a material with very strong decay to produce more that's there down side and that's why small portable ones are not so popular, also the whole Dimond technology that doesn't exist yet, they can take it and shove it where the sun don't shine, I am going to believe what they are saying when they can consistently produce results otherwise this is the same like the hyperloop, hypersonic electric car, rocket to fly people in 30min around the glob, going to mars too establish a colony … and the list goes on ! ! !

  24. The company wouldn't make any money. The whole point in buying new batteries and light bulbs is to keep you coming back and spending money.

  25. It's beginning to feel like Global Climate concerns have taken the back seat recently with governments failing to focus on it.

  26. For deep space exploration, this is a BIG thing.

  27. wassup gotta brief for ya on innovation powerhouses

    we can ramp up progress with budget labs open to the public and cover a variety of projects linking coastal campuses

    submarine gold diving would fund these projects

    micro green incubators

    asteroid detection

    robotics covering recycling ,oceanic waste, eco friendly sustainability left to private corporations is destroying the planet as bin trucks dump in rivers

    robo chefs and space vendors

    dental robots

    med beds

    space studios

    3d printers

    random chill craft lounges

    these have to hit convention centres or were doomed

    Netherlands convention centre is a good start as it is community focused

    we can showcase passenger drones/ hover cars at the venus project, possibly dino chicken egg research

    tesla air taxi transport

    jungle rescue resorts

    once all this stuff is linked online we move at lightspeeds

    robert downy juniors footprint coalition has broken the back of this but it needs a boost

    this is the plan A.i will tick the boxes

    just copy this until it registers

    thoughts ??

  28. If we were travelling by plane would we be able to use the phone?

  29. Russian army have this battery, size of a fridge.
    If someone have this battery for sale, send me a message.

  30. I like this idea. Too bad humans are to stupid and or violent not to harm ourselves as a species with such a device

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