Nuclear Battery - Game-changer or dangerous idea. Everything you need to know. [2024] -

Nuclear Battery – Game-changer or dangerous idea. Everything you need to know. [2024]

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Nuclear Battery – Game-changer or dangerous idea. Everything you need to know. [2024]

China’s teasing hints about the groundbreaking Nickel-63 nuclear battery has once again capture the attentions of alternative energy enthusiasts. Poised for potential commercial release in the not-so-distant future, on one hand, without a doubt this technology will be revolutionary, that is… if China news is true. On the other hand, nuclear batteries are nothing new and, in this video, we will discuss the history, how the technology works, and more importantly its revolutionary aspects as well as the dangers it poses for the future of humanity.


  1. Come on man! This is fake and pops up once in a while. How come people still jump on this ‘news’ every time it resurface?

  2. One number here: One Coulomb = 6,241 509 629 152 65 × 10E+18 electrons.

    …or Beta desintegrations, if you prefer…

    One should realise that the absolute maximum safe levels of nuclear safety for humans are tens of orders of magnitude BELOW the strict minimum levels of microwatt-level of electricity.

    This battery is good news only for dirty b*mb confection.

    A solar panel, under moonlight will produce more than that.

  3. Seriously 3300 Wh/kg? 🤔i read other specs, far Lower than that. It has a lobg duration, 50 years, but very low power for practical application. It will be usuful for sensors, medical equipment, satellites or remote location without grid power, but not for cara or airplanes.

  4. What happens to the electrons when the battery is not in use?

  5. before u know it, suddenly it became dirty bomb

  6. It's a scam. you got scammed with another Nuclear Diamond battery. China hasn't innovated in anything that hasn't already been discovered. You can literally make this battery at home.

  7. If we allow ourselves to accumulate radioactive waste in the hope of finding a solution, why don't we spend lavishly, in the hope of artificializing wealth? 😉

  8. I think I want one in my phone that eats up five watts watching YouTube, and nearly nothing with the screen off. Heck, maybe even two batteries – you'd still save weight, and still have space for a small battery to act as a buffer.

  9. In what sense is this not a powerplant rather than a battery?

  10. Bad science and inaccurate information. Dislike!
    So wikipedia "Diamond battery" and "Lithium-ion battery" say specific energy of Li-ion is (at best) 265 Wh/kg, and Diamond 3300 Wh/kg. However, 3300 is DURING 100 YEARS! You empty your car battery in a few hours driving on a highway.
    If you compare specific power: Li-ion (at best) 340 W/kg ; Diamond (unofficial) 10mW/kg . According to some unofficial source Diamond gives 100'000 times less power (W, kW)!!
    So at 4:55 in video somebody doesn't differentiate "W" nad "Wh"!
    Even if this is a little bit wrong, the whole car is a volume of like 15 m^3, and has (more than) 70 HP or 50 kW. Diamond battery has power density of 10 μW/cm^3 = 10 mW/L = 10 W/m^3. If the whole car is a Diamond battery, there is 150W there, 300 times power less than needed.
    But, video says, it doesn't need charging!! What? Are you kidding me?
    Statements at 4:305:30 are preposterous! Maybe, nuclear battery is ok for satellites or remote Antarctica automated stations.
    This video needs to be buried by the algorithm for disinformation.

  11. 3300Wh/kg. I have a Life Policy battery which has a capacity of about 240Wh/kg so not quite so massively better. Or are you using the wrong units because you 'say' 3.3 W/g. You really need to understand the difference between power in W or energy capacity in Wh.

  12. China is lie china is fake New battery is no exit

  13. Though diamond filters are a little expensive to manufacture, it is a small battery that can last for a few thousand years, I believe the proposition for this battery was mentioned around 2019, and the process to manufacture it was a bit out of its time, at the time, our advancements in technology were not as advanced as we are now, it’s amazing how far the human race has advanced in the last 20 years

  14. Betavolt aims for 100 milliwatt output for their first battery. A Tesla Plaid uses ~ 750 kilowatt during a pull. So you would need about 7500000 cells. If a cell weigths a gram, thats 7,5 tons worth of batteries.

  15. Would it be possible to use nuclear power plant waste for this concept ?

  16. If I’m not mistaken this kind of battery exists since the 70’ or the 80’…

  17. Whats funny 1 gram of isotope cost $250K to $500K so 1000 gram = 1 kg thats about $250 Million for 1kg…

  18. I’m not interested in a car battery, but I am interested in a laptop battery or portable power bank that can be used to power electronics when away from the grid.

  19. why do they call them batteries? they are not. they are generators.

  20. I like the Idea of a nuclear plane with a molten salt nuclear reactor, so I dont mind a nuclear battery airplane. The fear of nuclear power is more propaganda than anything else.

  21. Made in China? Nuclear? What could possibly do wrong!

  22. this better power my home.. I'm tired of paying bills.

    give me a constant power output of 5kW * 60 years.

  23. Perfect for suicide drones or machine gun drones.

  24. Little kid eets batery kid wy is dis spice meme hier

  25. bad trader noticed it was lastign instead of lasting good video though will still like lol

  26. What about instead of driving on it, or such, just cover the vampiric drain battery veichles have.

  27. great video! it's a fascinating subject.
    Oh there is an writing error @6:35 "long lastign"

  28. Can't wait to see how Oil lobbies shut down this or the scientific news says it was just a concept and can't be mass produced…

  29. Given the energy density it would be suitable for cars but the car would have to have sufficient crumple zones in case a crash comes from any side.
    It makes sense from an accident perspective since the car will be much lighter and nimble to control and avoid a crash. However these cars should have their own dedicated lane if they are road legal.

  30. Now we discovered a new use of diamonds, this is so cool.

  31. I dont think this would work for automotive. Imagine you got home and turned your car "off" The Carbon or Nickel would still be going through Radioactive decay meaning technically the batteries are still being used. Same with an airplane or anything that uses it really. You cant truly turn it off unless you can stop the decay somehow

  32. It is dangerous for life of ecosystem in Earth. It may cause so many critical genetic mutation after so many decades of use

  33. Remember when samsung had those explosive batteries?😂

  34. Radiation is dangerous only in high quantity, light is a radiation and i'm more "afraid" of pollution that radiation, it's less controlable, it spread everywhere and create many disease on a long term exposition, or can simply kill you in high quantity just like radiation.

  35. I think there a severe miscalculation of optimism here.

  36. o hell nah i aint never using a nuclear battery you got me fucked up

  37. How dangerous to the human body are beta particles, if there was no shielding? Let's say the source is touching the skin? Is there a minimum time of exposure afterwhich irreparable damage occurs? Is it immediate? How much air distance is required, beyond which there's little danger? I presume ingestion would be much worse, but let's forget about that for now.

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