Nuclear Battery HD The Martian (2015) Matt Damon -

Nuclear Battery HD The Martian (2015) Matt Damon

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this giant mirror will stop the fires floods and hurricanes immediately – But those aren’t what scientists are really afraid of.. im not a scientist so here I will let Exeter University Professor Peter Cox Explain the urgency of this situation

Fossil Methane Venting due to Permafrost Thaw:

This was Not Predicted so it is NOT accounted for in climate models a “Wildcard for the climate” a worst case scenario
I always say to climate scientists that something they did not predict would get us

The straw that broke the climate’s back

Here let Stephen Hawking explain Stephen Hawking’s Message For Donald Trump

he is talking about methane
And trump did pull out. And cop 26 failed to limit warming to 2c

More Climate State:
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Live in A Condo? Moving into one?

Problem with police? Victim? Witness? Not sure?

How to save Humanity:

For more information about the MEER project, please visit Dr. Tao’s website at

instead of this:

Proof the World Might be ending: for Prof Michael Mann

Methane keeps me up at night


2021 was 300% worse so 24GT CO2 from fires

Did you guys read these two articles about the medical study I’m in:


The most painful disease known to man

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Allen ira Scherl did to his son what Michael Valva did to his kid. Allen Scherl Makes Jeffrey Epstein Look like a great Guy! Allen Scherl Used children for drug trafficking, and has munchausen by Proxy. Currently abusing his son to death.

Screenshots that Prove My Wife Magdalena A Gierszewska PHD CSHL Committed immigration and Marriage Fraud
FB Group With Tons of Evidence, links, Videos, & Screenshots

immigration Fraud Website
immigration fraud victim assistance

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