Nuclear battery produces power for 50 years without needing to charge -

Nuclear battery produces power for 50 years without needing to charge

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The creator of a new battery has said it can hold its power for more than 50 years.

Beijing-based Betavolt has produced a nuclear-powered battery the size of a coin which it believes can revolutionise modern technology.

The battery is powered by atomic energy and it is hoped it could help industries such as AI, medicine and aerospace.

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  1. This is not going to happen. The NRC and other nuclear agencies around the world will never authorize such a device for public usage. The quantity of Ni-63 is very high (in the Curie range or tens of GBq), and the possession and usage of such a nuclear source requires licensing. This will never become a commercial product. For example, terrorists would need only a couple of those and build a dirty bomb (1 Ci is enough to contaminate 1 sq Km of land for centuries). Utter nonsense for the media to suggest this may become a commercial product.

  2. We really got batteries that don't need to be recharged before GTA 6

  3. sure 50 years, led lights are supposed to last for 99 years, instead, i change them every 2 years

  4. Smartphone needs on average 5 Watts – that battery generates 0.0001 Watts, so You need 50 000 such batteries to power up your smartphone. Or just one, but the weight of that battery will be around 50 kg. It generates 50 Ci of Beta radiation(If f.e. cover breaks). They won't let you buy that.

  5. good to know it's not for general public. because people are stupid enough to tear it open to see Nuclear battery.

  6. Even better….I am only of average intelligence and my past education has mainly been on the subjects of medicine, human behaviour and wild animals, however after less than 2 hours on the internet I have discovered the following. Hinkley Point C will cost £32 billion and take up 340 acres of land. It will produce 3.2 Megawatt of power, supplying 6,000,000 homes. When will it be finished? Nobody knows. The safe proven and reliable Rolls Royce nuclear power technology used in submarines would cost £1.8 Billion, generate 470 Megawatt, take up 10 acres of land be completed in 400 days and provide power for 1,000,000 homes, so 7 of these would produce the same as Hinkley Point C will generate at a cost of £12.6 billion. Most of the current nuclear 600 megawatt power stations are owned by France and will be decommissioned by 2026! The Rolls Royce micro power units can be placed where needed, already eight could be installed next to power stations already decommissioned or about to be decommissioned so existing power distribution cables can be used. These generate red are water cooled, can be started and stopped as needed to cope with demand, are self regulating and shut down in the event of a problem as the fuel rods drop automatically if there is a problem. How come the thousands of civil servants cannot work this all out? How come the government have not ordered this technology? Starmer has proposed a spend of £24 billion on green projects. That would build 13 of these units! All this information is on the internet!

  7. Take it off the market, it won't be long before some nutter uses it to make a miniature nuclear bomb !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Chinese batteries with nuclear power, what could go wrong lol. At least it's not for the general public…

  9. This is some snake oil level BS.

    According to Betavolt, their battery uses N-63 at a size of 15mm x 15mm x 5mm that is 1.125cm^3 and outputs 100uW. Which is at the limit of current known highest power density for betavoltaic cells.

    I'm writing this response on my phone, which is currently consuming 5W. 1uW is (10^-6)W. How many of these batteries do I need to power my phone at this moment?

    Simple Math: 5W / (100 * (10/^-6)W) = 50000 batteries. Assuming each battery weights around 10g. 50000 * 10g / 1000 = 500kg You will need 500kg or a 1970 FIAT 500's weigh worth of battery to power a single phone! This is simply ridiculous!

    Other than very few edge cases, these batteries will not be good for anything.

    Edit: Just to make clear, I'm not saying every phone uses 5W all the time. My argument is simply that my current phone uses 5W when writing this YouTube response, and you need 50000 of their batteries to provide the power required by this phone at this moment.

  10. A Chinese produced Nuclear Battery…i’ll give that a miss thanks 😂 It’ll be available on Temu in a few months for £2.99 with free shipping.

  11. I would like to learn more to possibly invest

  12. Not new technology, they have been around for decades, produce almost zero power for a very long time and are horrendously expensive.

  13. Its used for clocks. I guess it doesnt produce that much power

  14. I wonder how much power these batteries produce?

  15. I'd love to see the micro nuclear reactor inside🙄

  16. Imagine with me. Put this battery in one of the robots "Terminator" and with A.I.. 😂

  17. So this sucker's nuclear, they won't be putting them in EVs anytime soon.

  18. If this is true then that means that our world will start to look like cyberpunk 2077, drones will be flying in the air and show ads in the sky for 50 + years or less, we will see coka cola cans flying in the sky

  19. Fake news, it's a typical Chinese scam used to get funding/investments

  20. And we still charge everyday our EV and wait 2h for 150 miles range

  21. Good bye to USA 🇺🇸 dominance hellooo Great China 🇨🇳

  22. A mushroom in a pocket. That must be a great idea?!

  23. Everything china does is either demeaned or westerns will make Nast racist comment. sad

  24. Was that not last invention on Alfs planet Melmac 😂

  25. Surely if true then this is truly revolutionary and a game changer. Just think,Betavolt will be the largest company in the world by a country mile! Having a 50 year non charging battery life will totally transform everything that's electrically powered!

  26. Doc are you telling me that this sucker is NUCLEAR?

  27. If this battery explodes like the Li-ion ones do, it’s gonna take out the entire neighborhood.

  28. Now THIS is big news!

    Without batteries society would not exist!

  29. The DOE gave this technology to the Chinese government for some reason.

  30. Indeed revolutionary!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  31. Why did the US, who invented this technology, allow for transfer to China????!!!????

  32. As an added bonus your progeny get 13 fingers.

  33. Ugh, this battery hype happens all the time… It's a betavoltaic cell. Back in 2012 there was one that could do a nanowatt, now this supposedly does a microwatt. So, big gains, sure; but not world-changing revolutionary fly-car-and-lightsabers technology. The idea that they could "trickle-charge a cellphone" is nonsense… They're useful for extremely niche military and space applications, but not much else.

  34. Really?? I don’t believe this! And if it’s true civilians would never be allowed to own these! They would never let civilians own this!

  35. Thank god is made by China. If it's made in usa, it'll either be weaponized or hazardous or fake or all of the above.

  36. thanks! I've always wanted to have kids with birth deformities and now I can!

  37. Hopefully, they won't blow up. 😂

  38. Wow, it copied from Merica again. 😂😂😂

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