Nuclear Diamond Batteries Could Be The Final Answer For Energy Storage -

Nuclear Diamond Batteries Could Be The Final Answer For Energy Storage

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Nuclear diamond batteries are so small that their sizes can fool anyone. Well, let that not be you, as these batteries have the capacity of lasting for a long time, say tens of thousands of years. And as they do that, they also help to recycle nuclear waste from nuclear power plants.

Pretty amazing right?

Yes they are. With no doubt.

Although known scientifically as BetaVoltaics, Nuclear Diamond batteries have been in existence since the 1970s.

But why haven’t we heard much about them?
Cause no one, literally, no one had any use for them.

And now?

Of course. With the boom in the development of microelectronics, there is bound to be a need for energy storage devices that require less charging and last for longer periods.

But the nuclear diamond batteries at the time of making this video are far safer and more efficient than the one in the 1970s. Lots of underground research and development has been done to achieve this level of success.

They now have the ability to turn waste from nuclear products into diamonds that generate electricity.
What are Nuclear Diamond Batteries?
Usually, the available technologies that generate electricity do so by producing current from moving a piece of a magnet through a coil of wire. But these nuclear diamond batteries work differently.

Nuclear diamond batteries are materials that are able to generate a small amount of electrical power when brought under the influence of a radioactive substance, source, or field.

As dramatic as these nuclear diamond batteries may seem, they can’t power a car. Not even an iPhone, or a regular Smartphone. And they can’t even be compared with Lithium batteries.

You know what those are right?

They are the most common source of power for most of the gadgets you use on a daily basis. They are different from nuclear diamond batteries in that they generate lots of power. However, they last for a very short period, hence the need to be frequently recharged.


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  1. Dude, you are delirious! Current atomic battery tech of betavoltaic type is around 10 μW/cm3. Powering cars? Seriously? Have you even fired up calculator? From 1L battery volume you will get 10mW. To get 1W you need 100L battery. To move small car you need 100kW, that is 10000000L battery. To move a town car you would need atomic battery of the size of 333 fuel cisterns…

    So learn physics and stop spreading misinformation.

  2. will be banned as major battery manufacturers go bankrupt. If you want this, people should boycott everything about batteries

  3. I've never felt so patronized by a man who can't even pronounce Nuclear correctly.

  4. Your pronunciation of "nuclear"ruined the video. "New Killer Batteries" ? Seriously ?? LOL.

  5. Somehow I feel this intertwined with the use of graphine will be used in nuerink and I somehow feel the use of graphine in nuclear power industry will be the revutionized change. Idk why or how but when I heard of the composition of graphine and how important they think it is going to be in future use I somehow came up with it's use for nuclear power. Someone much smarter will design it, but here's the idea that sparks the creation. I wanted to tell Elon about investing into research of ndb for his nurolink but once I hear of graphine I thought somehow it can help with the energy storage. Idk why and I hope someone can explain why I'm wrong or how the correlation makes no sense but I feel it does

  6. Use of graphite blocks to slow down the reaction Instead of water. Hmm. Am I write about using graphine to control nuclear fusion so we can all have a fusion reactor in our homes

  7. Narrator and script writer did not study thermodynamics

  8. someone saying that something nuclear causes no health risk rings a bell

  9. Couldn't finish watching this . . . I'll research it and watch someone else's video. Someone that knows how to pronounce nuclear.
    For future reference, it's nook-LEE-ur, not nook-YOU-lur. (I know I used non standard pronunciation symbology, but the yahoo that narrated this video should understand this.

  10. Everythings 'newcooler' to the Americans, especially if they own the patents. Anyone else getting a younger George W Bush vibe everytime he says it? Nookewlurrrrr!

  11. yeah sure, lets all wear radioactive stuff around our wrist ……. lol

  12. I thought after making fun of George w Bush for years that everyone would know how to say nuclear.

  13. Hopefully they will come up with a battery that will power a car, and most likely outlast the life of that car !!!

  14. Why do you persist in pronouncing the word 'nuclear' as "nuke you ler"?
    The word is clearly spelled out with only one 'u', not two 'u's as you've been pronouncing it, e.g. 'nukuler'.

    The military pronounces this word as 'nukuler' so it can be implied, by the general of the army or the president of the nation, to be inferred by an enemy as a threat, as in "I'm going to nuke you". Hence, they say 'nukuler' as a threat.

    The rest of us know the word is just 'nuclear'.

    You could always just buy a paper book, such as a dictionary, and read how to pronounce words.

  15. It means if technology development to produce bigger battery life.Its NextGen tech to produce our planet's energy need.Or voyage to Universe might possible.👍

  16. „Little to no health risks“ … dude, any device using NDB is a device I would never ever buy. Imagine all that radioactive stuff around you in the house. Imagine cars with NDB having accidents. This idea sounds like a massive increase of people developing cancer.

  17. It's pronounced new-klee-er, not new-que-ler. Nuculer is not a word.

  18. Crap video. Crap speaker. Waste of time.

  19. First stating the technology cannot deliver enough power, then stating the same power consuming sectors as applicable :O stupid vid

  20. Its pronounced NEW-CLEAR. not NUKE-ULER. For pats sake 😣

  21. It's not nucular – as popularised by George Bush. It's nuclear.

  22. NUKE-CUE-LAR ???? Sounds like a typical Republican hick.

  23. Oh God 100ma is going to change everything plz pfff

  24. How do you put nuclear material on inside of a diamond?

  25. You are over hyping this technology! It will not see any use in cars for many decades if at all and the only places it will be use anytime soon will be in space or deep sea or other very hostile environments. The technology to mass produce this battery is not even in place yet let alone all of the regulations and safety rules that have to be in place to be able to use a nuclear device on or near a person will take many many years before it is approved and will only be started once the battery tech is at a level of development that it can be useful. I do like the information you share and you did explain most things well but let's not put the cart before the ox and try to hype something that most alive today will not get to use in their lifetimes.

  26. Where did Elon Musk say anything about this battery? It doesn't exist. You just used his name for clickbait on a theranos style scam. But I think that's the whole point of these pages. There are several just like this.

  27. Besides the fact that nuclear is not pronounce neucular, I severely doubt the world’s governments will be keen on distributing dirty bomb material to the public.

  28. I have only one question. This ndb battery will harm to human or any animals. This have radiation?

    Good description about nuclear diamond battery. Appreciate you talk in full detail.

  29. For God's sake it's nu-clear!! The narrator's pronunciation makes this video unwatchable!!!! For goodness sake take it down redo it and repost it you'll get millions of views!



  32. Why not thorium and room temperature super conductors… do I have to do all the thinking round here… sheesh.

  33. Excuse me….Mr. Voiceover dude…um…yeah, just need to correct something….geez.. a whole..19…no 20 seconds into this video and the correction is this… Sir…the pronunciation is NEW-KLEE-UR
    NOT ….NUKE-U-LUR!!!! ALRIGHT for the last time….geez… you'd think some people just slept right through the Bush Administration….

  34. I'm sure the Duracell battery rabbit is digging a bigger hole for competitor's. Hahaha

  35. now focus should be on nuclear diamond batteries because we can manufactures uranium from seawater

  36. The American pronunciation of Nuclear is both stupid and annoying.

  37. Nuclear Diamond Batteries?! I have never heard that before in my entire life!!! Amazing!!!

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