Nuclear Diamond Batteries Meets NO Competition -

Nuclear Diamond Batteries Meets NO Competition

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Nuclear Diamond Batteries Meets NO Competition

With the emergence of various forms of green energy solutions, nano diamond batteries have proven themselves to be the top contenders in terms of energy. In today’s video, we’re discussing why these batteries are unmatched.

In today’s video, we look at Nuclear Diamond Batteries Meets NO Competition. Keep watching to see nuclear batteries,diamond battery powered by nuclear waste,safety of nuclear power,nuclear battery,diamond battery,alternatives to nuclear power,nuclear battery for cars,nuclear powered battery,nuclear battery technology,diamond battery technology.

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  1. My question is why are we shutting down nuclear reactors then. Wouldn’t it be wise to invest in new technology based nuclear power plants then.

  2. This battery capacity is huge! And I think it could be a reasonable power source to power any electric & electronics application. It certainly does not have any competition. One question is still a concern for everything that is; will it be safe enough for long-lasting backup?

  3. if this is on the horizon of becoming reality this is a game changer but the powers that be will never let it see the light of day just like the engine that that got 100 miles per gallon the uber greedy powers that be killed him and bought the patent and sealed it away and anyone else that even comes close to exposing it meet an untimely demise.

  4. Ill believe it when I see it, greed will put a stop to this as well as stupid regulations to limit it.

  5. Could you please post source for this this
    It seems to me too nice to be true it might be true please show source and thanks a lot for making this video +1 sub

  6. its incredible how fast green technologies have evolved. Excited to continue following the development of these!

  7. Nice video that has a very interesting concept. Really a game changer if this is something that is currently in the works. Great video! Keep up the work.

  8. I am cautiously optimistic about this breakthrough, as I am of every technology that has yet to leave the lab. All good wishes!

  9. The government's will not like this battrey. power station will close and the governments greed money will dry probably won't happen greed has the advantage.

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