Nuclear Diamond Battery - 28,000 Years Of Battery Power And Replacement For Lithium? -

Nuclear Diamond Battery – 28,000 Years Of Battery Power And Replacement For Lithium?

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In this video, I investigate news reports of a battery being developed that is so good and lasts so long that it really defies belief. So is this real or another over-hyped science experiment that will never hit the market? Lets find out. #ndb #nuclearbattery #renewableenergy

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  1. They could use the nuclear waste at fukashima in these batteries

  2. We could finally build all those nuclear concept cars! The Ford Nucleon and the Ford Seattle XXL will finally be built!!👍🥳🤩😍❤️.

  3. Very informative and interesting, especially the 'smoke and mirror' stuff. Who would of ever guest that?

  4. Good report.. can you look at low cost batteries that can store energy from oh say 10 solar panels for the individual consumers house?????🙂

  5. It's not a good sign when they don't answer the phone…
    Which just makes you more suspicious if or when a prototype is available…

  6. Is it just me, or is the title just a little bit click bait?

  7. Will never see the light of day. Rothschild will not be able to make enough money on it.

  8. Solid insight. While i think it could work, the cells would also be extremely important to process properly. And assuming radiation still exists, this implies that a high volume cell battery would in fact get a bit hotter. So it has to be created with this in mind so it even at high celcius temperatures doesn't run amock in ANY capacity like this. And then, preferably you want the casing to be extra solid so we avoid short circuits in a damage scenario for example. Now to me this all is overcome-able so long it's done right, but i suspect it will hinder max output for cars and the like. Stationary hardware that doesn't have nearly as high of a demand of electricity would however get a new chance to last extra long. And on the note of next gen tech, we could theoretically get an emergency power mode for a lot of devices based on these batteries since they can slowly charge a main battery as you don't use the main unit. This way it's essentially "free" power while one sleep and done use the device. BUT, it all doesn't matter so long we get to see a working product as you said. We can hope, but i am not waiting with how much lobbying cash and oil/gas interests there is from before. Pushing against these great, green solutions that would stabilize the world a great deal. Time will always tell.

  9. A serious company team would have given you the response you wanted. I am sure they doing this just for cheap publicity.

  10. This is probably not it, but some day, imho, there will be a battery technology that will lead to the end the world’s current energy and transportation infrastructure.

  11. The capitalism will never enough generate profit from fossil fuel , electric company powered by water flow or e.t.c. , even this such batteries would be reality , it may probably confiscate by those secret group in the name of "national security" that may jeopardize their "self interest" .

  12. In one of the Terminator 3 movie…the T850 runs on a single battery which explodes when damaged

  13. Well done, also got the feeling, after putting some investigation into this, that it is more a hype of ndb as being close to even a prototype. But the Bristol dudes proofed already the concept. Let’s see, I will keep an eye on this, since the technic itself is not so hard to understand and sounds promising … let’s see.

  14. 100 uW doesn't sound like much, and it's not, but if achieved, it would still be comparable to tritium based photovoltaics, but using c14 instead, which is much longer lived. the diamond structure is also much more stable and useless to try to harvest for weaponizing. I find it intriguing, but most such start ups fail.

  15. This is just another bullcrap nonsense of hype,DAMNIT,
    Well atleast those nuclear batterys could be very very very ideal to maintain our save data in old video games, because instead of having to replace the battery per 20 years , now you only have to replace them after 28000 years , wich is also very ideal for those realtime clock games such as pokemon crystall etc,,now you never ever have to worry of losing your data or a malfunctioning rtc game,
    In fact i never understood why nintendo & sega never bothered using nuclear batterys instead in the first place.

  16. Keep up the great work. You deserve more views. Do you know about smzeus . c o m?! You should use it, it will help you get the views that you deserve!

  17. On 4.08 till 5.50, that’s just overhyping bullcrap nonsense ,
    If there is still no fully working prototype of such nuclear battery other then just a concept , then why do those stupid articles are writting and overhyping sooo much about it about something wich possibly still just don’t exist??
    It drives me just so insane if we get fooled witch such overhyping nonsense,
    I just can’t stand it.

  18. If it happens, it will never see the commercial light. It will shut large scale industries.

  19. Keep an eye on the ticker when it goes public.

  20. If they can create this energy’s.. so why they are fighting for oil and destroyed the world !!?

  21. This goes against planned obsolescence. How are you going to make 💰 if you sell this once?

  22. Take some theoretical technology, claim to be "working on it", get funding to lead a free life, produce a little theoretical data/"proof" once in awhile to keep funding trickling in, party on. Facade funding 🙄

  23. Sounds good but they haven't built one yet

  24. Troy Walker The Progressive Precarian says:

    4:00 cuz capitalism. free energy is not profitable.

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