NUCLEAR Diamond Battery: BUSTED!! -

NUCLEAR Diamond Battery: BUSTED!!

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  1. $1.2 Billion dollars for a battery, sounds like a bargain to me 😀
    Might leave me short for lunch though 😀
    Better come with a free belt pouch though or no deal.

  2. What is your firsthand experience with any 'nuclear' materials?

  3. Only just picked up on this one and instantly thought to break out the thunderfoot light.

  4. fucked up big time on this one. I wonder if they came out with some gumph about blaming it on undergrad students.

  5. This sounds like something a supervillain would have

  6. I don't need batterys, cause i have 2 PerpMobs generating all my energy; and for only $999.99 i'll send you one😉
    PS: My Grampa knows almost nothing about all that HighTech-stuff, but even he would absolute had: BS-Alarm, if something sounds Simply To Good To Be True…💥

  7. Thunderf00t: Roasting people with 90% accuracy since like forever

  8. this didn't age well. my new Tesla runs off these nuclear diamond batteries.

  9. at 12:16, you are dividing the power output by 50 due to emission per density between nickel and carbon. BUT you've already accounted for that a few minutes earlier by comparing the microwatts per cubic centimeter. You're basically scaling the power down a second time, for the same reason. Oops! (not that the battery is any more legit, but THIS specific step was a mistake)

  10. Regular guy burns money to produce diamonds to impress girls.

    Thunderf00t burns diamonds to produce free content to educate people.

  11. Why I don't remember seeing this!? 🤨
    Well it's fixed now 😊👌

  12. I recently watched a new video in diamond battery and remembered this video. YouTube is suppressing your videos soo hard that I had to get the link to your video from re blogs video

  13. Lmao 60kg isn't a petite girl at all. More like average

  14. How the looky loos eat this shit up like candy. They run to conclusions and spout duck billed platitudes and declare”” We need to wait on getting an EV till we can get these diamond handed flux capacitors!
    Ip yours Elon!!

  15. 60kg.. just about a size of a petite girl and will have a truly frightening amount of radiation… Sounds like my ex….

  16. Not to disagree with the verdict but a lot of people don’t know that chainsaws when in a case are relatively harmless, but stick them in your body and the can kill you in seconds

  17. The tech is real, the power amount is not anything like powering a car.

  18. 60 kg is definitely heavier than a petite girl

  19. I love your videos, you are the only YouTuber out there providing analysis of these so called “breakthrough” new technologies that we so often see out there being pushed to investors who don’t have the scientific wear-with-all to understand they’re being duped

  20. Quick question though, do you or does anyone in the comment thread happen to know anything about NASA’s idea to run the Rovers on the moon or Mars on radioactive waste in a fuel cell type of configuration if I’m not mistaken….

  21. There also seem to be large levels of confusion between shelf life of a battery and available power within a short period.
    Shorting out an electrochemical battery [obviously dangerous] could drain the battery completely, leaving no more charge available.
    Shorting out or drawing the accumulated beta decay electrons, first assuming you can efficiently capture them in a form where they can be later drawn off to do work, will not go beyond the available electrons that have been emitted. Without knowing enough electrochemistry, I'd guess that over time, the potential would increase, raising concern about current insulation. I'm imagining a self-charging super-capacitor, with a very low duty cycle.
    All flights of fantasy, no doubt X-D

  22. "Would taste like regular carbonated water"
    The Russian Government: Interesting… Very interesting…

  23. Maybe you can use it to power the super secret humanity last defense apocalypse bunker
    And use it as dirty bomb afterwards

  24. Oh Philip i love your videos, even when you destroy my childlike hope of a nuclear battery that could power the entire world. One day im sure!

  25. I just saw their ad I knew you were going to have a video of this!! I love that you give the raw truth

  26. Saw this video (well just the title tbh): /watch?v=qeVOFydscAo&ab_channel=FutureUnity, and came here for the "ThIS ViDEo DiDn'T AgE WeLL!!1" -comments.

  27. I love this dude wish he could make some minions just like him

  28. NDB Inc, is still pushing their claims through YouTube tech videos.

  29. They lead right in with subtle anti-nuclear bullshit. How many people have run a scam based on the fear of nuclear reactors?

  30. Any advertisement/promotion/endorsisation of anything with that Brown-Rice-And-Sandles, twinkly, ‘feel good’, xylophone and guitar nonsense music should be instantly dismissed. Do not spend a further moment of your extremely precious lifetime on it. There’s no doubt exceptions to this rule out there, but it’s their own fault for using that horrendous type of neckbeardy-manbun music. Fk ‘em!

  31. 6:55 Dang, why don't they already make products like these? It would be way more effective for my wellbeing than the law simply allowing suicide

  32. I really need some of those nuclear diamond AA's for my Xbox controller so I don't have to keep charging them.

  33. i dont agree with all your pop/politics, but i find the science you dispute, very positive. thank you.

  34. if they could make a space elevator, just barge all the waste, to the sun.

  35. seriously, why do they use childish images and music, for EVERYTHING! Dumb down everything is what all propaganda does.

  36. You know they are trying to push this again.

  37. These nuclear diamond promos just can't seem to go away. Last week, Tech Space put one out.
    What's next? Strontium-90 pacemaker? Myoelectric prosthetic powered by Pu-238?
    I think it's time for "NDB busted again: Now it's personal". Thoughts?

  38. can the waste being v hot still be used to make power in a nuclear plant?

  39. You'd think that if they found a way to get enough energy from relatively safe nuclear material, smoke detectors wouldn't need a 9-volt battery.

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