Nuclear-Powered Diamond Battery Can Run For 28,000 Years -

Nuclear-Powered Diamond Battery Can Run For 28,000 Years

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Global warming is increasing every day and we are running out of fossil fuels so we need reliable sources of green and renewable energy. Several renewable energy companies are working on green power projects. Some are using solar power for green electricity. Clean energy isn’t always cheaper but the benefits will cover the cost in the long run.
The US startup NDB has introduced a nuclear-powered battery that can last for up to 28,000 years. The technology involves combining radioactive isotopes taken from nuclear waste with layers of paneled Nanodiamonds stacked in a battery cell. Micro-sized single-crystal diamonds move heat away from the radioactive isotope materials quickly that the transaction generates electricity. Battery stacks are coated with a layer of polycrystalline diamond, which is known for being the most thermally conductive material. This material also can contain the radiation within the device and is the hardest material, 12 times tougher than stainless steel. This makes the battery safe to use, extremely tough, and tamperproof.
The company is working on this nuclear battery since 2012 and these batteries will be available in the market in 2023. This battery is being developed for deep space missions but the company is also developing a consumer model which can last up to 9 years. Consumer models can power smartphones, cars, and almost every electronic device. This means rechargeable batteries are gone and we can get rid of battery chargers too. The use of diamonds and nuclear material will make this battery highly expensive. while providing green energy forever, this battery will also consume nuclear waste and reduce battery waste.

You can read more about this battery here on the company site

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  1. Diamond and nuclear wastes in and of themselves are not rare or expensive. Diamond value is artificially imposed for the jewelry trade, industrial diamonds, by mass, are substantially cheaper. Nuclear waste itself is cheap (you can't give it away), but its containment and handling are expensive, so if one found a use for more nuclear waste then the cost is in the safe storage and handling, not the waste itself.

  2. Nothing like a nuclear bomb going off in your pocket

  3. I'm so fucking sick of having to charge these stupid phones that I have!

  4. So that battery is going to keep producing power for 9 years?

  5. Wow.. if they improved the output, they could make a non-bulky portable railgun/coilgun.

  6. Now we will see nuclear blasts in every hood.

  7. I feel like you’re trying to trick the stupid people into putting nuclear waste in their pocket next to their balls/ovaries. Good way to thin out the gene pool

  8. poly crystalline is the hardest material? That's how you know this is useless advertising, strongest material known to man kind is probably graphene.

  9. No way!! Nuclear batteries are real?! Wtf!? 😱🤯

  10. Does that mean you'll have a radio active phone

  11. Cool. Can source out to China and blame them for any incidents

  12. Some teenager will take over his mom's garage, collect these batteries, and pry them apart to recover the nuclear material. People from all over the country will send him pallet-loads of spent nuclear batteries. He'll want to make a nuclear reactor, but he'll actually end up making a nuclear SuperFund site. Nobody will know what's going on til he shows up at a local hospital with his face melting off.

    In a press release, his mom will say, "It's better than jerking off all day, I guess."

  13. Yet another battery technology that will never see the light of day. Let the race for the buy offs begin.

  14. in 5 years, i can now make my own nuclear reactors at home

  15. Wow good innovation ya ,we can get rid of the international petrol politics

  16. Yes.. even in case of radioactive waste 🏆👌🏼

  17. And just toss them in the trash? Like we do with all our old shit? Give me a break!!

  18. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Mathew 24:35

  19. please give us a battery that last one day

  20. I predict Thunderf00t is gonna drop a 28,000 ton hammer 🔨 on this "battery". 😂

  21. Make more nuclear waste and its product to create new viruses and fungus to destroy life on earth, congratulations

  22. Omg fallout is finally beginning!

    But in all seriousness I’ve always been fascinated by the potential of nuclear batteries and I’m overjoyed to hear they can be made from nuclear waste. To boot, small furnaces powered by renewable electricity with carbon captured from the air have proven successful to create diamonds with the intention of both carbon sequestion into a marketable produce and to economically replace blood diamonds.

    Effectively two of our most awful waste products now have a place in the pipeline for very applied sustainability. Aside a from all the other outlets that could work.

  23. Consumer version 10 years life the cost of a phone would be atleast. 1400$ and pro series phone with 15 years will be 1600$ and limited variant will be 2500$ which will power up to 25 years but not only that it can run or act as a power source for your laptop 😂😂

  24. Won’t make it past trade mark due to national security reasons. End up classified and deployed in black ops and space force assets.

  25. Finally, a battery that can power my toaster for 1 minute
    Edit : grammar police

  26. Exploding phones and vapes were not enough…right…!!! So now we'll be carrying nuclear bombs in our pants… 😄

  27. They shouldve propose this to martian rovers for effective power supply

  28. Instead of going 100% to 0% the nuclear battery would go from 100.0000000% to 99.9999900%

  29. Ford Nucleon? Here we we come! We could finally build the Ford Nucleon and the Ford Seattle XXL and use those batteries to power them!

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