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On-Time Talking Atomic Watch

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This is the on-time radio controlled talking watch. It is a U.S. domestic model. In addition to looking at this watch, I throw in observations I made over the years of atomic talking watches.


  1. I kind of miss mine. That was an excellent watch. Could I get another one, sure. I have an Apple Watch now though, so what would I do, wear one on each arm?

  2. I was wondering if the watch had a flat or domed crystal? Is it mineral or plastic?

    Thank you in advance

  3. thanks for the info. I just manually set the time, can the watch then be worn & be able to press buttons? We were told the watch has to be placed in a southern facing window. Should I do that before it is worn?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. I have a watch that has two buttons. I live in the UK and my watch will only get signal from the UK. it has a croun  and has a metallic strap. you cannot ajust the second hand on mine

  5. I am having trouble setting the Date on the 2 button watch any advice

  6. if you don’t know that, that’s fine, what does the on-time talking alarm clock have the same voice as this watch and an hourly chime?

  7. what is your favorite atomic watch? My favorites are your Rison pocketwatch, the on-time talking watch, and the atomics talking Watch.

  8. which app did you use for the big Bend chime in for which platform is it available?

  9. how did you noticed that gallagher123123 had this watch? I noticed it in his how to wind an antique clock video

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