One Piece Chapter 1089 Follow Up!! *SPOILERS* -

One Piece Chapter 1089 Follow Up!! *SPOILERS*

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Thoughts on the events of the chapter and other parts of the world that we haven’t’ seen yet?

00:00 – INTRO
01:09 – Geology Is Everything!
10:30 – Enies Lobby & The Ancient Kingdom
13:15 – Mother Flame
19:16 – Fishman Island
21:36 – Sky Islands

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One Piece Chapter 1089 Follow Up!!



  1. It would be nice if oda goes full hollow earth. That would explain the water hole situation and would be great to explore the inner islands and of course expand the one piece lore

  2. whale facts cool- i watched free Willy- in reality the orca would just probably eat the kid- it`s kind of sad, but i liked the movies ; )

  3. sperm whales can CLICK you to death with pure sound. their language of clicks is so complex, that we can not decipher it to this day. sientists currently try to record as many of their conversations as posible to train an ai so we can decipher what they are saying. did i mention their brain is 6 times larger than ours? their brain is 6 times larger than ours. sperm whales are INSANE

  4. The water level rise is pretty straightforward. If the massive hole remains a massive hole, the entirety of the mass that was previously there needs to go somewhere therefore levels rise as that mass spreads out

  5. yooo wtf I actually did go make myself a pb and j sandwich!!!

  6. Crazy new theory but what if Egghead is leading the Strawhat Crew to the moon ?
    Since they are surrounded by 30,000 Marines right now then a possible way for them to escape is to use a rocket ship to escape to the Moon and face Enel again 👀 🤯 could be wrong

  7. By destroying the red line, the all blue dream for Sanji will be fufilled and consequently will destroy fishman island as prophesied cuz fishman island is right underneath it

  8. This breaks my old theory on the Ennies Lobby hole. I thought it could have been the effect of an awakened zushi zushi no-mi user.

  9. I don't know any more man. I'm just going to wait and see.

  10. What if the laser creates some sort of invisible magnetic cylinder, so the water on the border goes straight down and then at the bottom there are some weird currents that push the water out of the bottom of the cylinder. If there is cylinder there makes sense how Enis Lobby is helped by islands on the side that are stuck to the cylinder. So all the water that would be in the inside of the cylinder is the water that has risen everywhere else.

  11. What if the geology is even weirder. What if it's at least partially artificial? What if there's stuff built beneath the crust and those holes, Big Mom and Kaido have all ended up in the same place beneath the crust. What if Enies Lobby is there to protect the hole and the hole leads to the ancient kingdom?

  12. I’m So shocked u recently started reading berserk ~ I thought u been read it.

  13. What if the one piece world was one whole massive land with a few body of water. Then, after the void century, Im used the ancient weapon to destroy various islands and cause more bodies of water to form. This could explain the out of place of the islands of one piece and why there is so many in the 1st place.

  14. Petition to keep the hole uncovered because now it’s cannon

  15. I'm not sure why, but i think that pyrobloin have something to do with the all thing.

  16. Could that water going down the holes come back up as knock up streams?

  17. Even true things, once said by Neil degrasse Tyson, become horse shit

  18. What if…. the one piece world is a bunch of islands from the use of this weapon and the sea level rises every time?

  19. What is the knock up stream is the opposite side of the holes it it fits the theory almost perfectly

  20. Nuclear fission means breaking the nucleus of an atom apart and fusion means merging atomic particles together. I remember humans having nuclear fusion bombs, but no reactors. Am I right?

  21. I think Imu choosing Lulusia because it's close is tactical. If a bunch of countries revolt against the world government, they have declared themselves as enemies to world government. It would make sense to target the enemy closest, as Lulusia would be an ideal launching point for an attack, given it's proximity.

  22. From the way I interpreted the chapter the earthquake and the hole actually don't have anything to do with each other. Didn't the narrator say something about the strawhats doing something on Egghead that would shake the world? Maybe they did something doing the time we were away from them.

  23. Do you think that hole is bigger than Big Mom's hole? wait what sorry auto correct

  24. void century means a century of the government making holes (voids) in the ocean?

  25. What if theres a connection between the holes and the «Knock-up stream»?

  26. When it comes to enies lobby I like to think that's where Lili died at and Imu had her killed there with a ancient weapon or a original mother flame..cuz if I remember right it's said some of the technology is built from the void century so it would make sense imu would want another mother flame and the gorosei are wondering about this weapon cuz they wasn't alive during the void century that's my head cannon

  27. Water pouring on a super hot planet core would cause massive amounts of steam…makes me think of three words
    Anyone else?

  28. The same way that kaido was affected by luffys powers and became rubber could be the same way that the hole was affected by the impact of kaido under luffys devil fruit. Which could also mean that enies lobby hole was made by joy boy

  29. well……there are sinkholes like the one in enies lobby and in the latest chapter IN THE REAL WORLD some last a LONG time sooo idk really what the cause could be in One Piece

  30. Thank you for the video! I always enjoy watching your videos!

  31. My thoughts on the holes instantly go to Looney Toons holes with Bugs Bunny, then Luffys Devil Fruit being Toon Force related could be of some relation maybe?

    Also the other thing could be it always being Sunny in Enis Lobby and Luffy being the Sun God, and there being a hole Enis Lobby.

  32. Raftel is in the centee of the planet. As in the core

  33. I saw a fun theory that states Blackbeard caused it by seeing the aftermath of Hachinosu, could be Blackbeard awakening the Quake Quake fruit in the process

  34. Don't know if this has been stated, but a possible "outflow" of the water dropping into those massive pits created by Uranus/Im's favorite Lazer weapon is the Knock Up Stream. I know Mont Blanc has a potential explanation as to how it works already, but it would make sense for the streams to be caused by these pits.
    The pressure of all that water filling up caverns is massive. If the water found an egress point that far underground, all that pressure would create a massive jet like what we see.

    Also, as far as sea level rises in the aftermath of the big boom, it's likely the explosion caused areas of the sea floor to lift permanently, displacing the volume of water.

    But, yea, just thought I'd add a bit my own theorizing to the conversation. Clearly the water going down those pits is ending up somewhere since the surface isn't devoid of water.

  35. What if the water just gets redirected to a wano like place via underground networks

  36. Uranus might be a weapon thats fine but the eternal flame was kept from imu, maybe the ancient kingdom chose not to fight/kill 20 kingdoms nuling them, but chose to blow up eternal flame to keep nuke power away from imu to power uranus, or a traitor overloaded the eternal flame reactor blowing up ancient kingdom, but left before explosion with uranus, or used uranus to blow them up?

    Weatheria could be a new version of the ancient weapon, weatheria is a giant or on a giant weatherball. We have seen what a human sized one could produce imagine a giant one, it would be like lulusia damage, haredas did say weatherballs as a weapon would be dangerous to the world, plus they need money all scientists need money and are funded by shady people or the world gov. Imu.

  37. Prediction for X animal: xeno “facts”. Just some unhinged ramblings about “real” aliens people have written about around the internet.

  38. My theory is the core of the earth in one piece is gonna be based on Julio Verne's "Travel to the center of the earth" and somehow the core is displaced into the upper layers. Which would partially explain the crazy meteorology in one piece's world, and how Big mom died into lava digging actually not so deep.

  39. What if it's not the water level is rising but rather the entire world is sinking. Let's say there's a massive cave system filled with water under the ocean which is big enough to cover an entire planet underneath (aka the All Blue) The impact from laser was so powerful that some of the walls of that cave collapsed, which caused earthquakes everywhere and now the whole planet is sinking.

    I think pluton location kinda proofs that theory. If the pluton is somewhere under the planet crust there should be water, unless it is a such great battleship to sail on lava

  40. I cant believe Bro didn't add a spoiler warning

  41. I think the reason behind the rising see levels is that using mother flame would vastly affect the atmosphere, leading to an increase in world temperature and eventually sea levels will rise due to the poles melting. In other words its similar to a nuke in our world.

  42. The ocean dislikes DF powers.. maybe that could partially explain why the hole doesn’t fill in

  43. Who knows maybe the laser penetrates into the mantle/asthenosphere to such a degree that so much of the mass that flows in that region was forced up and then cooled down and expanded out on the ocean floor

  44. Talking about fishman island being destroyed. What if, Luffy ends up fighting on top of the red line, in or near Pangea castle and sore loser Imu just goes to fire the laser down on them? Luffy would technically have caused the destruction of everything there, including fishman island. And perhaps upon seeing the weapon, Luffy uses the voice of all things to "shout" down to the seabed telling them get away which the seakings or Shirohoshi hear and then Noah.

  45. the waters pouring out of reverse mountain

  46. It only makes sense that the matter that was destroyed was displaced, causing the water level to raise.

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