Playing Stray with my cat-obsessed wife (full playthrough in 56 minutes) -

Playing Stray with my cat-obsessed wife (full playthrough in 56 minutes)

Evan and Katelyn Gaming
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Let’s play a cat in a futuristic world with robots! Watch us play live at , watch the unedited version here:

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Pixelland, and Doobly Doo by Kevin MacLeod () Music from : License: CC BY ()
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  1. I had to cuddle my cat to get through all the times Yam died 😭

  2. y'all gotta fulfill the other two for her, Evan please on behalf of all Evans, u gotta be the best husband n fulfill the rest of her dreams

  3. Stray: You fall into an underground world without humans and escape and there are robots Undertale: You fall into an underground world without humans and escape and there is a robot

  4. An interesting fact about this game : the main character was modelled after one of the dev's cat

  5. Loved the editing! Thought how it was condensed came out perfectly. I love watching you two.

  6. I cryed soooo much at the end! I love this sooooo much!

  7. someone calculated where the cats in the beginning traveled and it was like 12 steps away in the direction the cat goes so he does make it back to his cat friends

  8. You two should also play litte kitty big city

  9. I fell asleep while watching this on my couch with earbuds. It got to the "bang bang bang FBI open up!" Part and I thought I heard "Andrea open up!" And that my husband was trying to get in the house. I went into full flight or fight mode jumping off the couch. It was terrifying! Lol 😅 that's a new one for me!

  10. Saw a video, they did the math, I’m pretty sure little Yam got reunited with his friends, and they were around the corner a bit.

  11. The Ikea-session is how robots are made in the movie Robots!

  12. U guys should play getting over it it's one of those stress games

  13. I like this video, tho as a person that watched E&K since 2020 I noticed the editing felt rushed and janky for a few reasons, i do acknowledge that editing is very hard and i hope the editor that edited this will use this feedback as a way to improve.The first problem was that E&K was too small in the video only to be bigger later in the video. Make sure that E&K has a consistent size in most of the video but change their size when needed.Second is the intro, as it felt rushed and choppy. When it displayed Katelyn's question as a quiz to Evan, it felt weird to have the same song be played when Evan was slowed down which also was a little jank too. Probably play something like the jeopardy theme when Evan was being asked the question and use a still image of Evan guessing the question. Or maybe don't do the quiz thing and probably just zoom in on evan then after he answers the question move to Katelyn then zoom back out (no transition) after Katelyn says "that's true". And don't be afraid to make the video longer as there have been 3 streams crammed into one. There are things that have been left out that would've been great in the edit. I'm not very great at criticism, but i hope that this will help. 😀

  14. i had to stop watching after the bag on the head making the directions wonky becayse now i really want to play this game. i'll come back, though

  15. Omg I loved that and this should be a movie and I cried and I have a lot of emotions right now I’m happy sad and everything else but I love you b-12 and I hope that yam gets to see his or her cat friends 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. I'm so happy that the Edited version of this stream is up

  17. Bro, her dreams being a cat and she hasn’t realized she’s either a furry or therian yet?

  18. I give this a 10/10, but… Rotten Tom-Cat-matoes says "not enough cardboard boxes, the head pat scene was good though"

  19. Yam is the cutest lil patato ever in a game :3

  20. play a RESIN GAME
    i heard there is another game where there are space cats it call "space cats"

  21. YESS, I LOVE THIS GAME this is gonna be fun 😀

  22. 😮
    I am so excited for thisss!!
    I started watching the unedited version but it was too long T~T

  23. Me; I'm not crying you're crying
    Also me: starts crying uncontrollably

  24. Such a beautiful game. Poor B12. Hope we can see Yam again❤Love you

  25. I wanted to share this game with my wife, but don't think she could handle anything where the cat might be hurt, even if it's a game. Everything else would be amazing for her

  26. I think you edited out too much. It felt too rushed to me.

  27. Yam is the best possible name for the cat!

  28. I think I’m in a trance of constantly watching any kind of videos from you guys, but I’d like to stay in it.

  29. It's not called oceans 11 because it's the 11th installment 🤣🤣🤣

  30. I've been watching the uncut again recently and I'm so excited that this is out!!❤

  31. Love that there is a short version but will still be watching the full videos every once in awhile. I like rewatching them quite a bit so I hope the full videos stay available too.

  32. So will you be playing "Little Kitty, Big City" when it (hopefully) comes out later this year?

  33. 🙂 I genuinely finished the game in like 9hrs but ok

  34. I can not WAIT to see you guys play Litty Kitty, Big City.. when it comes out.

  35. You should play before your eyes! It’s a game about blinking and is controlled by your eyes moving in real time! I think you would enjoy it


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