Presenting The 10 Most Precious "Wonder Materials" -

Presenting The 10 Most Precious “Wonder Materials”

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Metals have always been a highly sought-after commodity, as history proves. Metal has left its imprint on the sands of time, from commoners to kings and queens. The value of each metal varies depending on the time period. Iron was formerly the most valuable metal, then silver, then gold, and now some other metals have superseded.

The value depends on the metal’s scarcity, characteristics, and extraction difficulty. They’ve been utilized as currency, investment, industrial materials, and jewelry. Precious metals have their own specialty market and are regarded as valuable commodities globally.

Here are 10 precious metals that are much more sought after.

10. Rhodium
Rhodium is a chemical element with the symbol Rh and the atomic number 45. This extremely rare metal was found in 1803. It is a silver-white, hard, corrosion-resistant, and chemically inert transition metal. It is a noble metal and a member of the platinum group. It contains only one naturally occurring isotope, 103Rh.
Rhodium occurs naturally as a free metal, alloyed with other metals, and infrequently as a chemical compound in minerals such as bowieite and rhodplumsite. Its reflective surfaces are used in searchlights, mirrors, and jewelry finishes, and it imparts a brilliant shine to everything it comes in contact with.
Rhodium is the world’s most expensive precious metal. Rhodium is one of the hottest trades right now, following a more than 30% price surge this year. Rhodium is mostly mined in Russia, South Africa, and Canada due to its high resistance to corrosion and heat.
9. Platinum
Platinum is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Pt and the atomic number 78. It is a silver-white transition metal that is ductile, dense, malleable, and highly inert.
Platinum is a member of the platinum group and group 10 of the periodic table of elements. It contains six naturally occurring isotopes. It is one of the rarest elements on Earth, having an average abundance of approximately 5 μg / kg.


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