Primitive Warfare "Heretic Crusade" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO -

Primitive Warfare “Heretic Crusade” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Stygian Black Hand
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Taken from the album “Extinction Protocol” out May 10, 2024.

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Footage courtesy of @gaberealhell and @hvymtlmom

STYGIAN BLACK HAND and GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS unite in these tenuous times to unveil the debut full-length from war metal operatives PRIMITIVE WARFARE: EXTINCTION PROTOCOL.

EXTINCTION PROTOCOL is defined by the following eight (8) directives, to be administered in audial form:
1. Pulpit of the Conqueror (Mutually Assured Desecration)
2. Nuclear Regression
3. Engulfed by Satanic Might
4. Spears of Emission
5. Witness!
6. Extinction Protocol
7. Iron Sight Omnipotence
8. Heretic Crusade

The goal of EXTINCTION PROTOCOL is to amplify the universal fear of predation innate to our collective unconscious after millenia of intraspecies aggression and prepare us as the planet which birthed us becomes the Tomb of Man.

The two (2) agents of PRIMITIVE WARFARE deployed to execute these directives and their specific duties are:
Pu239: Atomic Matter Battery and Operatic Moral Torment
U235: Desecrator of Fate’s Strings and Sonant Nuclear Discharge

EXTINCTION PROTOCOL has been ordered by the offices of STYGIAN BLACK HAND and GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS. The objective will be dispatched on Friday, May 10, 2024 on vinyl format in limited edition Black Phosphorus and White Phosphorus variants to be released in undisclosed quantities by STYGIAN BLACK HAND, and on compact disc format by GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS.

“PRIMITIVE WARFARE’s EXTINCTION PROTOCOL is a fine example of pure cutting edge sonic mutilation, raw and powerful! It reminds me of the early days of South American black metal with a touch of modern sonic craft. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!” – Iggor Cavalera



  1. Anyone know if this is getting a cd release please and tanks

  2. Album cant come soon enough sounds savage.💀💀💀🔥🤘

  3. Fuck yes. Can't wait for this and the new ASM album coming out tomorrow.

  4. But do they support a ceasefire in Palestine????

  5. I don’t ever comment but I’m genuinely blown away by how damn good this track

  6. What a banger, 🖤This album is gonna be great!

  7. Las voces suenan a mi abuelo en el baño , un orco , un oso , gruñidos y maldiciones

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