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Quantum Battery: BUSTED!

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  1. Doesn't anyone read the white paper these days?

  2. Even if a battery could break every law of thermodynamics and physics in general the CIA would have it's inventor taken out before they could release it

  3. I don't know that I've ever seen so many red flags so quickly as this pitch.

  4. Nuclear Diamond Batteries are also a prime example of battery tech BS

  5. I think its rebranded now as "nuclear diamond" battery xD

  6. I like how they made the battery green and basically the exact graphic that a phone uses because they were trying to sell this idea to people whose only knowledge of batteries is that very graphic. And then they doubled down by talking about using phones and not having the battery die.

  7. Isn't subject zero a joke channel? Didn't they make a video on a planet ending bomb.

  8. I have a lithium battery in my phone right now

  9. Why’d they chose .22 cal bullet for their cgi? Like was to show the size difference? Cause i can think of a few bullets that would be alot better to use (specifically if your trying to show perhaps how small your battery it despite it’s supposedly high power capacity) like a 50 BMG

  10. "12.000%, thats my conservative estimate" bahahahaha 🤣

  11. A quantum battery never runs out? If that's true, i wish my dad was a quantum battery.

  12. Actually, generators don't create energy either, they convert one type to another.

  13. what about the new
    Nano Diamond Battery ? is it really as they claim to be ?

  14. Just like a film critic you complain about things you can't do while others are working hard to try and achieve what you claim is impossible.

  15. Oh yeah, Robert Llewellyn (Kryten from Red Dwarf) told me that the "overpopulated Earth" thing has been disproved because birth rates are down just now.

  16. I want you money machine,
    please send it in my driverless car.
    Bank account details below.

  17. Can you cover the Nuclear Diamond Battery? Looks legit to me.

  18. Was he named over a poor phone connection by an apathetic father? "Yeah, his name is John crrzzz, that should be good enough."

  19. Also, Moores's law was broken in I believe 2019 or so. So we have gone passed his prediction and are reaching the limits of physics. Unless we find a substitute for silicon I don't think will make processing jumps like we did.

  20. I love that image of the microscope looking at the leaf.

  21. 7:00 the guy trying to convince you with the freaking 3d graphics 😹😹

  22. So this is what we get when people sniff their own farts for too long. They go brain dead in very specific way. "Limitless energy"… someone never attended a single physics class in their life.

  23. Wow. The "patter" that battery guy is spewing would be huge red flags no matter what the product was. Just the approach checks all the traditional BS boxes.
    – This is a product in widespread use so there is a huge demand for it.
    – Our version of the product is somehow immensely better than what anyone else has so everyone will want it.
    – The huge companies that spend millions and millions of dollars researching this type of product don't know about this amazing breakthrough.
    – If you just give us all your money now, before your brain engages, you will get rich!
    If they are truly selling investments / shares to anyone and truly have a product worth considering than why not go to those huge companies that for some reason don't know about them. But no, they would rather sell it a few bucks at at time to the average joe.
    LOL It ticks all the boxes of other scams I've heard over the decades.

  24. holy fuck i wish i could see the dislikes. this video is so bad

  25. The problem with Democrats is they think what they see on Movies and TV is real life

  26. I decided to take a shot every time I heard paradigm shift… I'm fucking wasted!

  27. Well I was convinced and I'm never looking back!
    (Because I broke my neck recently)

  28. Is this the same thing as the Nuclear Diamond Battery (NDB) that popped up earlier this year?

  29. Any time an inventor uses "proprietary" as a description it is an indication of bullshit. They simply won't explain how it works, not due to patented tech, but because they are hiding how it really is.

  30. I literally read the title and said “no shit”.

    I swear it’s getting easier and easier to con people.

  31. I would take a cold bucket of reality over a warm bath of bullshit any day. …even in the morning.

  32. Remember when they were touting the lithium batteries? "They'll last for 50 years! They will never run out in a flashlight! They'll run kids' toys for years!"… blah blah blah. Then they came out in all shapes and sizes. They only lasted a few years on the shelf, lasted 12 hours in a flashlight, an afternoon in kids' toys, and later a max of 42 minutes in a laser pointer.
    Yeah… good times.

  33. What a out the nuclear dimonds cased battery for electric car

  34. nah dude sorry 8 mins in and you still don´t get to the real point just for some not-good-jokes without realy explainin enything, turnoff.

  35. If this battery tech was real, and you're the person who invented it, you're now officially the wealthiest human and ruler of Earth.

  36. is there anything that wasn't quantum already? At this point it is pretty much the buzzword of all the buzzwords in the history. I swear I've seen ad of a toothpaste that was working at "quantum levels"!

  37. Quantum battery is More “it’s free energy perpetual motion machine” BS.

  38. If you want to fool the unwashed masses, just use 'quantum', 'magnetic', 'energy' in any permutation.

  39. Ohhh shit this one's headed on Spencer Cornelia territory 🤣🤣

  40. Are the "NDB" nuclear batteries scam? Youtube started to recommend "revolutionary new batteries" from nuclear waste. Sounds like bs, though is it?

  41. That first guy should have thicker glasses and a bow tie. Without that, I don't trust he is an awkward genius.

  42. So the cost of joining his “thing” is your time to watch his video. Time is money. Depending who you are that is very little or a fuck tonne of cash. So to refund this guy must also have a tardis to have you go back and get back the time you wasted in watching his video in the first place

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