RAID Vault and TERRA SHATTERER! - Minecraft Vault Hunters SMP eps 58 -

RAID Vault and TERRA SHATTERER! – Minecraft Vault Hunters SMP eps 58

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Welcome to episode 58 of Vault Hunters SMP, a server in which myself and other youtube minecrafters play together using the Vault Hunters Mod. The main aim is to run vaults, find loot, get better gear and complete the vault artifact puzzle. The mod was developed by @iskall85 and his team.
However, this is also a fun server, so expect a lot of usual Minecraft shenanigans, such as pranks, traps, megabases, minigames etc.

In this episode we do a lot of stuffs and things.

Other players on the server:
Fuzzycub_ :

Music: Flare by Vexento

Server details: Vault hunters is a Minecraft 1.16.5 server with a whole lot of mods. The ones I use in addition are Replaymod for the timelapses.


  1. The reason your cobalt apples weren't working is because there's currently a bug with ward that makes apples not give potion effects

  2. cwg casually stealing 2000 terracotta is so chill

  3. are you gonna finish the nuclear reactor next episode, i play modded a lot but never really used the multi-block structures so i would love to see it!

  4. I think you should name the Axe: Speedy, Strong, and Painful because it has lots of durability, attack speed, and damage

  5. CWG, what's more important? Not existing competition or fun playing game?

  6. Your videos are so entertaining! I love watching them because it gives me so much inspiration for my own! Can’t wait for you to hit level 100!

  7. Raid vaults are nice, you can get Key pieces, artifact pieces, VAULT DIAMOND BLOCKS as one of the loot pools. it's great.

  8. For the new axe, I recommend "Axe-ceptional" ya know, like exceptional.

  9. Watching this on my break at work, very pumped to see my comment 😂 thank you CWG

  10. You could name the axe Omega Weakener because it has weakening cloud.

  11. Welcome back! Nice to see you uploading again 🙂

  12. You should name it “Axe of Power”. Also you should either get more eternals or get some ancients. Can’t wait for more episodes

  13. you should do a vid where you eat all of your burgers and pizzas

  14. The axe should be called: SHARPENER cause its sharper than sword


  16. you should name the axe "The Reduvia Axe" because the reduvia dagger is a extremely fast swinging dagger in elden ring, but since the axe is fast attack speed it can be a reduvia axe

  17. Hehe,name the axe great success
    Coz it is * " great success" *

  18. DoubleTrouble? Since there are same effect twice on the axe

  19. havent commented in a while but im always watching

  20. Maybe call the axe the speed chopper bc its so fast?

  21. You should name the axe the speedy soul destroyer because it has a fast swing speed and it has soul bound

  22. You should name ur axe “flaxe” like Cuz u flexing

  23. Name the axe mAXEd out (terrible name but my ideas aren’t always as amazing

  24. You can call the omega axe "I axed u to go away"

  25. Could call it question. Like you have a question to axe the mobs

  26. You should name it Axe-Calibur, because it is an axe as strong as a sword.

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