REAL TESTING - DeWalt PowerStack Battery with DCF923 ATOMIC Impact Wrench Review -

REAL TESTING – DeWalt PowerStack Battery with DCF923 ATOMIC Impact Wrench Review

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We got our hands on the new DeWalt PowerStack Battery and push it hard using the DCF923 ATOMIC 20V Impact Wrench. It’s only been a few days since we visited DeWalt in Baltimore and first laid eyes on the Power Stack batteries. This 1.7Ah Lithium pouch-style battery has a small footprint but packs quite a punch. In our testing, we compared this new battery to the 2Ah, 4Ah, and 5Ah 20V Max batteries. The power to weight ratio is off the charts and we’re looking forward to seeing larger Ah in this format. Look for these batteries to hit the shelves at the end of this year.

DeWalt DCF923 3/8″ ATOMIC Impact:
DeWalt DCF921 1/2″ ATOMIC Impact:
DeWalt DCF850 ATOMIC Impact Driver:

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  1. Yes that shit is absolutely annoying that I have to hold the button to see the battery level

  2. I cannot count how many times that smaller footprint would have helped me out

  3. I want to see a 5ah power stack

  4. Put those Powerstack Lipo batteries in a circular saw and compare them, use something the pulls a lot of amps. These tests on small impact driver tests mean nothing.

    Also you should of retorqued the first 5 and start over. We will see how good these batteries are when the Torque Test Channel gets a hold of them.

    And of course it won't break the 450 one free, it's more then the Impact driver can handle, not the batteries.

  5. Hi Tim, the dcf894h and dcf921 are both compact impacts, just the 921 more compact, is that the only difference? I’m getting the power stack when it’s available, the dcf921 is coming the 22nd, I bought it cuz my 894 is to bulky in some tight spots that 921 will get right in there, ty Tim,

  6. There $119 so far. Retail stores will probably have a better price.

  7. I don't want to tell you how to do your job but seeing one of these impact wrenches out in the field whipping the rusty lug nuts off a vehicle that's been sitting dormant for 20 years is the convincer for most folks including me.

    It is amazing how powerful these battery operated impact wrenches have become though.

  8. Sorry to be critical of an otherwise interesting and informative video, but how many people are really interested in the size and weight comparisons which consumed the first 7 minutes of the video? We can all see that the Power Stack battery is physically smaller. To me, that's as far as my interest goes in that regard, I'll bet that I'm far from unique. Thanks however for making the video.

  9. Fingers crossed for a promotion on these. 🔧

  10. The most important thing about a battery to me is how stable it sits in it with a big bit or socket on the tool….
    Sounds dumb, but if I'm trying to hold something together and need to set the drill/driver down, I don't want to worry about it falling over.

  11. So with all the tools I have seen on these types of channels, I am still confused….is the amphour rating a power thing or an endurance thing….I have and seen many different displays

  12. Good job dewalt! I see the Milwaukee boys scared in the corner! Great video like always 🙏

  13. Hope to see A Powerstack XL with the same footprint as the larger batteries so we can get the higher capacities as well!

  14. I hope Dewalt comes out with a Power Stack 12 Volt Xtreme battery.

  15. Love the small form factor. These small but powerful batteries are a welcome addition, particularly for for impacts, which have gotten so much smaller in the past few years.

  16. Very nice video, thanks for sharing with us

  17. Cool testing pack they sent you awesome stuff dewalt deffinintly needs to increase the AH on the powerstack 1.7ah is ok but i think bigger capacities will be coming out easy fit 10 them pouch packs into a regular size 5ah or 6ah sideways tho not stacked on top 😁or make the pouches bigger

  18. Hey Tim, really good video as always. Appreciate all the effort you put into this for us.

  19. It's good to see that companies other than Milwaukee are capable of some degree of "innovation".

  20. True what they say good things come in small packages 😂😁🤙👌👍

  21. The impact wrench you tested with doesn’t look like the same one that you showed at the beginning.

  22. Pretty cool but I think I'll wait til Milwaukee does it

  23. Tim. Great video as always.
    Let's see where this technology leads to.

  24. Great job Tim, I just bought that dcf923 and was wondering the power on it. And here came your video to show that. Thanks bro.

  25. Love the comparison with the 4ah 21700 cell pack, great info to include. Good stuff Tim!

  26. 👍 Thanks Tim! Go ahead and send me the saw and drill if you don't want them… 😉

    PS congrats on 50k subs!

  27. Great video Tim.
    Out of curiosity did you try the dcf921 the 1/2 inch to see if it would had break 450?

    If I only had a choice between the 3/8 and 1/2 inch which would you recommend?


  28. What do you use to torque down the bolts in this video been looking for one?

  29. The 18v form factor should have been removed and left for aftermarket over 5 years ago.

  30. I will really be interested in seeing what they can do when it comes to making bigger capacity batteries whether u will be still better off running 2 cells in parallel in 21700 or just having 5 pockets of cells in the power stack

  31. a customer come in with a 18v stick battery either dewalt or makita either way I advised him to buy a new tool even if it was Ryobi it'll blow that old tool out of the water he refused stating he "doesn't subscribe to throw away America"

  32. Aweome video yet again! :). Maybe a suggestion to also show the weight in kilograms for your EU viewers? 🙂

  33. we know everything but the pricing points? more? way more? same? less?

  34. What are you using to torque with? I'm interested in buy buying something like that

  35. Hope they put a lot of anti shock gel or something like that in those new packs. Those pouches have a tendency to pop and catch fire. That is the reason why people who use them put them in a fire proof bag when transporting them and recharging them.

  36. Loving the way Dewalt has up it technology very cutting edge.

  37. DeWalt DCF901 vs new Atomic line; what are your thoughts?? Already own most of 12v line but would still need 5 amp hour battery if I bought the 901 bc I only own 3 amp batteries at the moment. Thanx in advance for the guidance….

  38. Would there be a difference between them and the flexvolt?

  39. Its so funny coz all the things I was commenting while watching your video you answered ie. "can you test it with the 2 amp?" "what about the 4 amp" or "that 2 amp could have helped the powerstack" and you all answered them lmao! great video as usual bradah!

  40. I prefer the wider "footprint" to be honest but i really do like that the power stacks dont come out so far in the front.

  41. Now to the most important (In my opinion) question…WILL & WHEN will the price go down on the old style batteries???

  42. No one has answered the question of what is the run time like on these new packs?

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