Reconditioning your car battery (desulfator) Part 1 -

Reconditioning your car battery (desulfator) Part 1

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This is the first video in a series I will do on reviving your old, tired car or general purpose lead acid batteries.
Part 1 is a basic overview of my setup and a beginning example of “proof on concept” as the two batteries I am currently desulfating in this video are a week apart in progress. In another video in the near future I will show my results at the 1 month progress mark for both of these batteries. In another upcoming video I will go into more detail on how you can easily purchase the parts to make your own desulfator and assemble it.
I have already used these desulfators to revive a Ford F250 battery and a small John Deere Tractor battery for my place of employment. They wouldn’t start either vehicle when they were given to me. The batteries have been back in service for a month without any problems since they were desulfated.

Here is the link to part 2 which goes a little deeper into building the circuit itself:

Here is the link to part 3 which shows how to connect the led to the circuit to show you that it is working:

Here is the link to part 4 which shows some basic troubleshooting points on the circuit:

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  1. no joke, what about rain water??? is that pretty much the same as distilled water???

  2. no it has dust and other particulates not to mention air pollution it has picked up along it's journey from cloud to ground.

  3. O I see thank you. I just thought it would be a good Idea. well I guess not… haha thanks bud, great info…

  4. Well it has been my experience that battery desulfators won't really help with CCAs as much as it will help with reserve capacity/Amp hours… I have the original battery from an '04 Volvo S60 and while it's a 600CCA battery, due to previous poor charging methods, it's effectively a 500cca battery now and because of that, it technically "fails" on the load test. However 500CCA is plenty and so I desulfated this battery and it now retains its 12.7 resting voltage.

  5. Aww shit no toilet water…….phff I'm out!

  6. tell me if I buy at ebey desulfator you recommend to buy BLS-12/24B or 12V Infinitum? who do you think would be better to thank you for is responsible..

  7. I can not give you a reccomendation on either unit as I have no experience with them. Sorry.

  8. and your desulfator help? your battery as I understand your desulfator does impulses which break sulfation?

  9. My desulfator has been working perfectly. I have a 100ah military grade deep cycle battery I desulfated last year and is still running like it's brand new.

  10. How much time you need to restore as new? how can I get a desulfator like you? can you know the some models that can be ordered on ebey?

  11. the desulfator metephorically punches a hole through the lead sulfate allowing the battery to accept a charge, once this hole is present current can then start charging the battery. The reason the voltage goes up so fast on a fully sulfated battery is the lead sulfate acts as a resistive coating.

  12. I pulled 4 6TLs like the ones you have out of an M817. The first battery was 6V. I added distilled water to the proper level. First night on a batteryminder 2012 brought it up to 11.4V. 2nd night 11.8V and I had to remove about 3/4" of acid from each cell as the level increased. third night I noticed a bubbling or gurgling sound from battery so I disconnected for 12 hours and checked voltage. now at 12.3V and removed 1/2" of acid. No SG showing. Am I on the right track?

  13. sounds like your on the right track. The one variable you didn't mention was the voltage when the battery started gassing. If it was gassing below 13vdc with the charger connected, then likely you have a shorted cell and/or plates. If this is the case then ditch the battery as it's not recoverable. Batteries usually start gassing over 13.5vdc.

  14. I think it started gassing below 13V. One thing I ran out of room to ask was about specific gravity. I had no reading. I replaced some of the fluid with new acid and I got a reading but not good enough. Does the gassing issue have any correlation to the SG? I dont want to replace all of the acid if it won't help. Is there another way to contact you to discuss further? Are you a member on the Steel S…… forum? I ordered a pulsetech charger that will desulphate 100% of the time.

  15. Sorry never heard of that forum. Also you shouldn't be replacing any acid in the battery. All the acid is in there, it's just in the form of lead sulfate. Either the desulfator will work as it's supposed to or you'll have a shorted cell in the battery which will render the battery unrecoverable. The only thing you ever add to a battery is distilled water. Adding battery acid will not fix the problem or speed it up, it'll just upset the ratio of water/acid.

  16. Well, I think all four of these 6TLs are bad. Any idea where I might find more of them that are used. If not I will have to go with the civilian batteries as the 6TLs are over $200 each. Thank you for your help.

  17. I got them from a tree nursery I used to work at that used m35's to move flatbed trailers through the muddy fields. I would take the batteries to a recycling plant and get the $ for the lead in the batteries. Then buy a new 6tl battery with the money and use the desulfator to maintain and extend the life of your new battery.

  18. Thanks for these interesting videos. Are you making any of your desulfators and DC DC converters available for sale? If so, where?

    I have a couple 8D batteries that I can only get to about 12V and I'm not sure if there is a shorted cell or just sulfated. Any hints? I'd rather gamble than buy these expensive batteries again (I let them sit too long – thought they were trickle charging with a solar batteryminder, but it could not keep up with some hidden loss.

  19. Dear Sir,

    I am trying go build desulfator with charger to charge 12 v lead acid battery.
    Thanks for sharing the circuit for desulfator but plz can you also advise how you connected 6 am dc-dc charger to your desulfator circuit.

    Sorry for asking daft question but I am quiet newbie in electronics.

  20. Dear Sir,

    I am trying go build desulfator with charger to charge 12 v lead acid battery.
    Thanks for sharing the circuit for desulfator but plz can you also advise how you connected 6 am dc-dc charger to your desulfator circuit.

    Sorry for asking daft question but I am quiet newbie in electronics.

  21. No you want level around 1/4 inch below plastic lowest point through hole.  Reason is because boil over at least golf carts do.

  22. Thanks. love to see real applications

    Hi, sorry for the newbie question, but what'st he DC/DC converter for?
    Is it to step down from the laptop power supply?
    I thought those desulphators would use the battery's own power to send
    back pules into them.

  23. what would 75 days of that charging cost on your power bill. compaired to buying a new battery power bills are expensive here in Australia

  24. nice job on your desulfation circuit. I have been using bendini style solid state pulse motors for years to reclaim L16 T-105 and larger batteries for the solar banks. have you ever thought of feeding directly off some solar panels to your set up. you can use a cap dump set up to smooth out the voltage also. also, I usually let the batteries rest at least 10 hours after a long pulse session, then discharge using the C-20 rate to break thru the bottom end sulfation, again, nice job, well done!

  25. Yeah you can hear the hum from the desulfator.

  26. when using desulfators, together with a charger, remove the chargers capacitors. it will just shut the spikes to ground!

  27. Hi just come across your channel great informative videos well done. I have a question as I am new to the concept of sulphated batteries. I understand that you use a trickle charge to get the battery voltage higher so that the desulfating process can be achieved. Once you have the voltage high enough to start the process of desulfating do I understand you that you leave the charger and de-sulfator working none stop for up to 2 – 3 weeks without a break, [my battery is a normal 56A car battery] I will be checking the acid readings as you instruct in your later videos. Thanks,

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  29. how about bedini technology¿ better ?

  30. 75 days? wrap a dollar bill around it and throw it away 🙂 That ain't the way son. get an old non-smart charger at no more than 6 amps. A smart charger is useless. A steady voltage is better than a pulse. Hit it until the charge rate falls to 4 amps or it starts bubbling more than just a few bubbles. Discharge it at about 3 amps till you reach 11 volts. Recharge, you should get a higher top. Discharge to 10.5 then recharge. This time discharge to 10 volts. After 5 or 6 cycles you will notice discharge time stabilizes. Recharge and hit it with a 16 volt top charge to finish desulphication. You should now have a good battery if you don't have a shorted cell.

  31. 75 days? My battery is letting me down if I don't run the car regularly NOW.
    Guess I'll just fork out for a new one, and let my daughter have this one for her horse paddock. Don't need cranking amps to power an electric fence.

  32. wish you could watch the amps more closely….

  33. So you are saying if ANY of the plates are exposed at all, then the battery is permanently damaged? Why? Why can you not just add pure H20 to cover the plates and then begin the process? What damage does "air" exposure do? Thanks!

  34. That is a new model "6-THN" battery,,replaced lots of the old type back in the day,, I have a old 2, 1/2 ton truck that still has 2 in it of the old type "6-THN's" that could be rebuilt. May try this just for chits and giggels !

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  37. Pulse is a inferior and probably damaging way of charging a battery. Avoid this backward technology and desufators. The best desulfator I got is a 1950's dumb charger, with variable voltage up to 17V. Hit the battery with 17V and let it go at about 12 amp for a couple days.

  38. About 1 amp sorry. 17V will burn the cathodes a bit, but you got nothing to lose with hard sulfated anodes. 15V will not be high enough to burn off the hard sulfate. You need 16V minimum.

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  40. This is an excellent video series on battery desulfation, how make a desulfator, test its operation, and test the battery.
    Very well explained… I watched the full series (liked & subbed).

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  46. 8.5 minute video with 6j.5 minutes of worthless talk.

  47. Hi friend I have battery Depp cycle 200 ah. I'm test on battery analyzer. 12.7 and 890cca 3.4 I'm. I have problems sat cca. Go down wat this problem 😇

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