Research Changes Postponed & BR Changes Incoming - Developer Insights - War Thunder -

Research Changes Postponed & BR Changes Incoming – Developer Insights – War Thunder

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Chapters :
0:00 Intro
0:57 Research Postponed
4:20 BR Separation
6:26 UI Changes
7:40 Internal Modules
10:18 Automatic Healing
11:26 General Update Fixes
12:53 Air Player Battle Number
16:24 Next Event
18:32 Conclusion

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  1. They say the next event vehicle is going to be a ground vehicle and people were "expecting a naval vehicle", but Smin said in the posts under the recent event Yak-3 said it wasn't part of the event cycle "This particular event is outside of the new schedule."
    I assume they're talking about the next event cycle vehicle? They're about as clear as mud on everything they do.

    So far only the first event tank was remotely interesting and everything else was extremely lackluster.

  2. So they can in 1 month create new models for vehicles but need the reunion of the full United Nations to increment RP depending on vehicles unlocked and cap the max players per battler to 8v8 for example?

  3. of course the research changes are pushed back, they just hope we forget. I hope Gaijin gets competition soon, this monopoly needs to crumble!

  4. Of course the number one thing I wanted most out of the original roadmap is the one that keeps getting delayed :/

  5. Funny they have time to degrade bonus and researchpoints in every small patch, but not the other way around in a big update…

  6. Cant wait to fire 155mm HE on tanks and still dont do anything at all to them 🙂

  7. What is the research change they wanna do? Is it when researching one vehicle in one nation it helps on copy paste ones for other nations?

  8. Me personally I would like to just play a couple of countries I'm not much into playing every vehicle that they have no matter what country . so that being said and on your thing that you talked about modules I noticed on some of of damage from other vehicles especially small caliber machine guns taken out a tank which seems be kind of stupid because it is.

  9. hitting something like the radio should make it so you don't get minimap updates in RB and delayed minimap updates in AB
    hitting the things that look like batteries should to the obvious and start the process of draining the battery
    if a tank has a autoloader hitting it should work like hitting the loader of any other tank
    hitting radars should disable them
    hitting optics should disable scope zoom and laser range find if they have one same with hitting
    there other things that could have added functionality

  10. The tiger 2 105 and panther 2 needs to go back to 6.7 they don't belong at 7.0

  11. I love naval tbh just for the vehicles really, Or for grinding SL, but the Baden was honestly a dog water vehicle that could have rather gone into the Tech Tree.

  12. You know what, at first I was worried about this new schedule of events, but as someone that's been pretty burnt out on the game for a while now, and tends to like playing Naval when I am in the mood to play WT nowadays (yes, we do exist, believe it or not 😘)…

    It is really nice to have all this extra time away from the game to do other things, without suffering from any of that nasty FOMO I used to in the past 😂💩

    Gaijin's decision to skip the Naval event, followed by a month break (still not convinced they're going to have a summer event this year) is a blessing in disguise, though I have a feeling it's one that was unintentional on their part 🙃

  13. odly enough with the 2s38 i get front penned all the time so i think its fine as is but more balancing in general for ifv is very welcome

  14. This is bull shit… They keep on delaying and delaying..

    for the past 6 months i have been having a thought, and that being they are NOT going to release these BR changes, until i have researched every vehicle in the ground tech tree… (i am about 15 tanks away from having all tanks, in all nations, 15 for Each nation)

    at well over 5,000 hours this is COMPLETELY unacceptable.. I should have Every ground vehicle unlocked, for Every nation at 2,000 hours, and even that is pretty absurd (which makes it that much more absurd, asinine, ridiculous and Complete horse shit that i do not have all of them, even at over 5,000 hours)

  15. Oh research changes pushed back again… what are they learning from star citizen 😡

  16. Shooting the tea boiler on British tanks make the crew instantly die

  17. All this thing is just politics. They will talk and talk,stories,fairy tales and other fantazies just to lure voters elect them. Gaijins CM blog is same tool,talking and talking to give community feeling they are listening and want the best for it.

  18. I've said it before and ill say it again any thing that might make the grind easier or actually help the community will be pushed back time and time again until the community forgets they ever promised it and they will instead continue to add more premiums and build events that require you to play 12+ hours a day

  19. *IF ALL GOES WELL* it will be released before the next major update.

  20. I’d like the update that stops the random CTDs that still occur.

  21. I only have 150hrs put into this game, but people and Gaijin are obnoxious as hell. You can easily see what the problems with this game are, if you played any competitive FPS game before.
    However, Gaijin does not focus on fixing those issues, despite them being mentioned over and over again on forums or in game chat. Instead let us add more modules which will in all certainty start eating shells leading to more frustrating moments. Self healing crew members is also something which I am scared to see how Gaijin implements this as it can be game breaking mechanic.
    What are main problems of the game for me? It's not the grind. Sure it takes time, but I am in no rush to play top-tier anytime soon as it's home ground of… Cheaters and hackers (W.T.C.S. channel has info on that matter).
    Problem nr 1: CAS. CAS spawn cost is too low leading to absurd situation where 3 minutes into game you can have 4 enemy planes spawning in. Ground doesn't even have comprehensive way to deal with CAS, so people just die and most quit after 1 death. SPAA range is not good enough to deal with bombers like Pe-8 or Lancaster who can just bomb from space. I am not even gonna mention CAS spawn killing. Solution: increasing plane spawn cost, limiting CAS to 2 planes max per team at any given moment, having proper AAA in base so spawn killing by planes is impossible.
    Problem nr 2: Horrid map design encouraging blitzkrieg tactics leading to fast spawn camping. Most maps also give opportunity to directly spawn kill. The disorganized teams will die out quickly. Randomizing capture points would be quite nice option to have. As for spawn camping, there is nothing you can do about this as solutions would be frustrating either way, like closing off bases with domes or punishing spawn campers.

    Problem nr 3: Volumetric hell. This is one of those things, sometimes you will one shoot target, but another time, same exact shot, will do nothing. The inconsistency in this game is astounding. Plus modules/tank parts eating shells for breakfast is nothing new (fuel tanks, driver hatches, radios?, mantlets, etc.).
    Problem nr 4 (not fixed till now): game engine issues with popping in textures and LOD issues in general when low poly models turn into high poly models (currently visible with trees and bushes).
    I mean, those are only few of the top of my head. There would probably be a lot more if I played this game for 1000+ hrs.

  22. I think il stick with my information coming from TEC. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  23. played 9.3 german getting uptierd 9/10 games to 10.3 …. researched the Leo 2A4 to have at least one vehicle in that bracket…. only to get uptierd to 11.0 and 11.3 in 8/10 games….

  24. Internal modules is fine but why after all this years still hitting roadwheels on tanks do nothing… As for air battles… the maps sux copy paste pattern… you could think of better objective just flying over map. The 16vs16 is only one issue in Air.

  25. i still don't understand why destroying gunner/commander sight don't prevent players to use binocular/sight view

  26. idk why people dont mention that when u add 10-20 vehicles over years, more ranks and BR u might as well make the grind easier. They are usually doubling the grind.

    for context I have both premium time and premium vehicles and it still can be insane. Sweden got lots of new vehicles and now the grind was doubled for me not made easier even those technically they introduced new stuff like bonus RP for more kills. Game is getting bigger but grind isn't staying the same.

    U cant keep going like this, It was already bad, they should make sure that it takes the same or less time to research vehicles not making it so much longer. It is about time at this point not money.

    Grind is insane in War Thunder. even if u grind one nation fully there are many more nations where u def need prem vehicles which is even more insane, people spend more money in this game than any other game. Single premium is more expensive than a brand new game on Steam. Gaijin and Player base has no shame, grind should be made easier.

    The more they "decompress" the worse the grind. if they improve the grind a little after decompression it barely stays the same. they are very disgusting.

    Gaijin also capped RP gains in Sim battles both ground and Air and it is really bad.

  27. My dude

    YOU yourself said "More info is allways better", now it's the opposite. What is it now? Explain your logic, please

  28. CAS is the main problem in my mind. Not enough aa, helicopters stay off map and use atgm. If I die by heli off map I quit the match. No sense spending more to repair when I have no chance to kill the helicopter.

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