Review of Dewalts new DCS571B Atomic 20V Max 41/2" circular saw -

Review of Dewalts new DCS571B Atomic 20V Max 41/2″ circular saw

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I was looking for a smaller saw to keep on my truck to replace the larger 71/4″ 60Volt max saw. After the completion of the front passenger side build to house the ladders, vacuum and tool bags and to make room for the new Milwaukee 18 volt cordless threader
( when ever Milwaukee releases it to the public lol) I will have room for it.
I look at the Makita saw I already have but its to small and it would be another battery I would have to keep on the truck. Last week while I was at my Home Depot run I noticed a new display of Dewalt tools and this saw there.
Looking into it I decided to buy it and boy was I correct.
Model number DCS571B
$149.00 tool only
41/2″ 20 volt max brushless motor with break.
edge guide, 24 tooth general purpose blade with a 3/8″ arbor.
dust collector fitting.
I will do a 30 day test and get back to you all on what I think of it.
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I hope you enjoy this video


  1. May I ask what mean to you your tattoo with no.13 ? Thanks 😊

  2. Thanks for the review, Mike! I had a hard time finding a good tool for removing single rotten sections of 2×6 decking. Reg. circular saw was too large, oscillating saw was too slow, reciprocating saw was too rough and difficult to plunge the blade in to the wood. Do you think this tool would work well? I need to be able to plunge the blade in to the 2×6 decking.

  3. I just got mine less than a week ago…nice compact,light weight design make it really handy in tight spots..really intuitive easy to control…was impressed when I was using it free hand cutting shims level with a tub I just installed

  4. Hey Mike. Great video on the mini circular saw. I too have been looking for something smaller to work with on small jobs and hate dragging out the big tools when it’s not necessary. I like the Dewalt products and I guess I’ll be heading out to the store this week to purchase this saw. Keep the videos coming and thanks for all the info. Say hi to the family and maybe I’ll bump into you guys over the holidays.

  5. That saw comes with a free 2.0 ah battery at home depot.

  6. Can you get a 4 1/2 blade fine tooth for plywood?

  7. Hi Mike:  Another informative review of a new product. I like Milwaukee products but I might be looking at Dewalt products now.

  8. I love the saw, just wish it had a LED light. You don’t think it would matter until your on the job and it starts getting dark.

  9. Can that work and fit with Kreg accu-cut? Thanks

  10. Thanks Mike!… Great review. Recommend you advise your viewers to wear hearing protection, as the saw is quite loud when cutting through a piece of wood.

  11. Any chance this could be used to cut tile once in awhile?

  12. Add a long life battery and it is quite long compared to standard cordless 7 1/4" circ saw. Add those batteries and the weight is much more substantial.

  13. Thanks for the great review. I just bought this saw on sale at Home Depot for $99 tool only. I am just getting started in woodworking and probably won't do much but do have a few projects in mind like a rack for my garden tools in my garage, a shelf for my power equipment chargers, and a full size video game cabinet. I'm sure I won't be cutting anything larger than a 2X6 and probably more likely 3/4" thickness so I didn't see the sense in my case getting a 7-1/2" saw. I do have a few questions about the dust collection as I think that's a cool feature. Can you tell me what sort of vacuum you use – can you use any shop vacs or any of the models tha Dewalt sells? Wukk the hose adapter that comes with the unit for into any shop vacuum hose or do you need a special type of unit? Thanks.

  14. Does anyone knows if this work with 18 V battery ?

  15. I just put it on my truck, as an electrician the most I’m doing is framing a small wall for a panel, it surpassed my expectations. Even the two amp hour battery gets the job done. Thanks for the review

  16. seven minutes talking and nothing you cut with the mini saw

  17. Thanks for detailed review, especially the blade lock washers. I lost the inner washer and your video confirmed it. Any idea where i can get a replacement?

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