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Ricky Gervais Asked About Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon) Apology – Bo Selecta

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Day 82 Ricky Gervais talks Leigh Francis and making apologies for comedic jokes amongst the ongoing catastrophic 2020 period!

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  1. im no dentist but I think it is affected by mouth acids, heat/cold , slight movement perhaps, small things going into cavities.

  2. 68 to 72 or 3 gave rise to a lot of very original, diverse and music that promised a great future development. We are more mechanically minded these days in y opinion

  3. "Can't beat Cheese and onion sandwiches"…wow thats English whiteness right there lol god bless him

  4. i actually knew a lad who had a part of a small biro in his lung, one of those small pens you get in the bookies..and he hadnt a clue how it got there

  5. Ya know… people who like to pretend they're at the top of the heap and bitch about "virtue signalling" and "wokeness" end up being the biggest criminals of said crimes. What a poser!

  6. "Why do toothaches go away and come back? Why don't you just got a toothache? Why does it get better for a month or whatever?"

    I just heard Derek 🤣
    Love ya Rikki (R-I-K-K-I … Like a mongoose).

  7. Ricky, are you advocating for social distancing?

  8. I quite like ZZ top atm, sharp dressed man, legs, I’m bad I’m nationwide.
    Does anyone remember the band ‘KISS’ lick it up?
    If you have time watch the video….It’s kind of a cringe fest but so amusing!!
    Agree your one of a kind my friend lol 😄
    Thanks R 😁👍

  9. What's next Ricky , give us all a classic comedy ..

  10. Always appreciate these uploads. Bless up bro 👊

  11. Ricky all the Satanic Governments are being taken down as we speak so humanity can for once live in freedom and abundance. Russel brand knows exactly what is going on.

  12. You havn't saved a piggy. The farmer slaughtered it because he couldn't sell any bacon.

  13. Saw everything u have done since the UK office love how down to earth u are and ur fondness for animals,do u see much of the round headed buffon or the goggle eyed freak 🤣

  14. I've loved all your work Ricky,you have a special talent to make me laugh till my sides split ,and to make me cry like a baby,as you say it doesnt matter if its fiction,emotion is emotion.Much love,Stay safe lad.

  15. Velvet Underground was just audio masturbation.

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