Roblox and Walmart... Are One -

Roblox and Walmart… Are One

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0:00 CALL NOW!
0:12 Walmart store inside Roblox
1:44 Take-Two killing studios
3:08 Hasbro’s internal game dev
5:29 New Batman Arkham game, but…
6:08 No second Elden Ring DLC
6:53 Gray Zone Warfare launch
7:43 Funko Fusion frenzy
8:27 Professor Layton dev’s dark desires


  1. Regarding FromSoftware, I will. I will like it. I will be taking no questions at this time. Thank you.

  2. well now batmanfans no how we felt when the new half life was released…

  3. Your audio person needs to tone down the clicky mouth and plosives. Pull the mic further away, drink water, add a screen, or something please. It's really distracting.

  4. as a Walmart employee and roblox developer I find this absolutely confusing

  5. hehehe low .. pupu news ..expet tah jigeo one lol

  6. I remember back when roblox had "Games" not just "an experience"

  7. Too bad walmart doesn't have Frasier Fantasy for the color gameboy. It's the only radio psychologist JRPG and it's amazing!😮

  8. Lol at the "isn't usual from From Software software" 😂

  9. Y'all het IDs at age 13….
    Not using like birth papers or something

  10. 9:00 thats a mind of a serial killer and a person who needs to go to therapy

  11. "Don't worry it's very safe, according to Walmart" gave me strong Welcome to Night Vale vibes for some reason

  12. HAHAHA JOKING HAZARD!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. I can't wait for Professor Layton Meets The Cenobytes!😍

  14. tbh, OW2 and CoD should mail you an IRL version of any weapon trinkets that cost over $15

  15. Why did Luke suddenly teleport into another facial expression at 8:22? Freaky…

  16. very unfunny sarcastic dialogue, worse than usual

  17. Infogrames lives again?! That's a wild update

  18. Are funko pops bobbleheads?

    I genuinely dont think I've ever seen one outside of it's box.

  19. I must admit I was a bit surprised at how good Luke was "as a presenter"… I've always been a "Riley fan" but Mr. Lafreniere (Yes I admit, I had to look up the spelling) did VERY well imo.
    Good job !!! 🙂

  20. 3 title and thumbnail changes in only 24hrs is wild lol

  21. 75k isnt enough salary for a game dev unless you are an intern, still the point is correct. CEO positions need to be put in check and no one's bonus should be more than their salary and no one should earn more the 5 million a year, no one.

  22. What is it with companies and, "Virtual shopping experiences," that simulate things you can already do?

  23. Funko Pops are the lamest collectibles I have ever seen, and I bet the people who own them probably make fun of anime fans who buy accurate figures of their favorite characters. Those things are dumb and if you bought them you wasted your money.

  24. Not relevant to the video, but I love how in the credits Jakob Rush is listed as the "writer" and "sidekick"

  25. From software even managed to sneak a poison swamp into LTT. They'll stop at nothing until poison swamps are everywhere!

  26. How do you get a BAFTA and then get shut down?! They should just go with crowd-funding and kickstarter instead…

  27. Hope Hasbro's investments pay off big time, about time toy companies invested in gaming which is the future for kids

  28. Hasbro really thinks we will forget that Invoke Studios used to be called Tuque Games and their last release was the D&D game "Dark Alliance" that was a big turd.
    They really think we are stupid.

  29. I wish Level 5 would reboot the Dark Cloud IP, it wasn't the most flashy game but it had a good story and design for its time. It was also one of the first games I played on PS2, so perhaps I'm a little biased, but I went back and played it last year on PSN and it still held up well for a 20+ year old game.

  30. I just love Luke doing vidoes here. They're just quite enjoyable.

  31. 9:16 I didn't know that you could hire a whole Poison Swamp to be an editor, thumbs up to LMG for being so inclusive!

  32. Can’t wait for the helldivers gamelinked 😁😁😁

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