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@RobotUnderground Lithium battery batteries review. DIY w/ BatteryHookup.com

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XS power is friends with Steavis Meade. Soooo, if you love trying to impress people that suck donkey dicks, Steave and XS Power are your new place to shop –

Next in line for those donkey dicks is JY Power – 80ah is their discontinued model –

I think they figured out that you can just parallel $1k to get the same performance with their 40ah device. –

If you prefer home made AND expensive, use Oscar –

For me, I’m getting one of these for now and the 300A BMS for future additions.

BlackJack Audio LLC is a “GO!” here in The 48th State! – A retail alternative to The Lord of Bass that provides better value than the competition.

Make sure to subscribe to the BlackJack Audio YouTube channel as well. shorturl.at/gHX68

Retail price for the 15″ / 385mm glass fiber laminate cone is $99 each for this cone, get it now until the end of the month from Robot Underground via Cash App $RobotUnderground for only $40 each shipped or $350 for 10pcs. 15″ cone with standard 3″ VC neck.

We can also perform, “Blind Drop Shipping”, where we give YOUR RETURN ADDRESS on the package and can send it directly to your client. That way we stay underground like Robot and act as your warehouse and distribution center. Of course, it’s best to stock cones and other parts yourself but we will offer this service online to established clients and of course, to our BlackJack Audio Dealers Network.

Typically the glass fiber laminate cones will only be a $5 premium over that of our competitors like The Lord of Bass which sells the same performance cone, (with different cosmetics), for $60 each… (Not sure if that includes UPS Ground shipping.) Here’s the link,

BlackJack Audio will pick up where Robot Underground leaves off. A retail provider of audio / builder solutions that are all NEW ITEMS! Nothing used or prepared. You are in control, you are the BlackJack.

Looking for BlackJack Audio dealers as well. $1000 min purchase to get in our, “Dealers Only” club pricing. (Which will be similar to those previously provided by Robot Underground.)

Robot Underground is still running their “Cock Block Inflation” sale for Aug 2022:

12″ glass fiber laminate mega roll cones are only $30 each shipped
15″ is $40 each shipped
18″ is $50 each shipped

GONZO Brazilian 5k is only $300 shipped vs Sundown:

3k is only $250 shipped vs Sundown:

600.4 is only $300 shipped vs Sundown:

1 left! Last GONZO 8k is still only $450 shipped vs Sundown:


  1. Very interesting , got my gears turning just thinking of assembly because with this process everything is in your own hands .Thank you md ❤

  2. I went with 80ah of those headway cells. Their charge and discharge rating is better than most lithium.

  3. So for 200 you get 4 lifepo4 75ah 3.2v pack , for a combined voltage of 12.8? That's impressive for the price .

  4. I'm running 8 lishen 7.5ah cells. They are 30c each . I have eight of them and that's the only battery in the whole car and I got an Ryan HCCA 3000.1 DSPLX on two sundown u-10s and my voltage. Don't drop below 13.5 full tilt

  5. Also, you don't really want to run a BMS because it is amperage limited. You want to run a balancer hey active balance or preferably.
    Also the blue ones suck for car audio not high enough c rate

  6. Thanks for this I don’t know crap about lithium. This helps a lot.

  7. Running 54ah of lishen 18ah cells with project db bars. 250alt charging at 15.5v. I drop to about 14.6 at lowest on Md12k 1ohm run at 1ohm. Wish they stayed in stock and didn't go extinct.

  8. Definitely do your research before you get any lithium at all. Understand how it works. Lifep04 is very stable and great for car audio. Lithium titanate is even better but more expensive. I have 200 ah of lifep04 myself and absolutely love it. 100 ah is prismatic cells and the rest is headway cells. Also have Ioxus super caps. Headway is some of the best for car audio bc of the discharge and charge rates. I will never go back to lead acid myself. I'm running lithium in all my cars now.

  9. Die Hard Platinum AGM 95ah for $200
    That's without core charge

  10. Sssshhhh… you mentioned Interstate 😉 Blemish Batteries are Great… have 4 80ah & Blem Ioxus Supercap on the Taramps 3k 👍 running 13.5ish at idle for 15 minutes… everything stays under 100' f

  11. 120ah of yinglong supporting a crescendo bc 17k with 1 excessive amperage 390 amp. Alternator. Voltage stays between 14 to 14.5.

  12. You don't want those BMS's for car audio since there only good for 100amps, a simple lifepo4 balance board for 20 bucks is all you need

  13. Are crazy battery upgrades even worth it to the average non competitive basshead?

    It seems like you can hit 140db on stock electrical
    And an alt upgrade with a large or second battery will take you really far into the db's if you work your space right…
    It seems like once you start trying to convert to lithium for close to 1000$(if you take the cheap route) it seems like this is the point where the diminishing returns and dollar to dB ratio start getting really out of hand

    Appreciate the content as always bro 🤙

  14. I've bought a lot of cells from them they always ship fast and never have any trouble with getn my stuff or quality of it. I would recommend them all day

  15. I go for the super beast 24 volt 48 amp hour of headway and rewire it to 12volt 96ah it's the best deal on battery hookup

  16. LiFePO4 is awesome i build a 100 Ah E-bike pack for 300 dollars with blu-tooth bms , great stuff

  17. Would love to hear your full opinion on limitless lithium batteries… they release next to no data on them and there is no BMS.. around 600 bucks for a 15AH.

  18. Dude with all due respect you need to do some research because you don't have a clue what you're talking about

  19. Batteryhookup has been my go-to for cheap used headways. I always pull a few randomly for a capacity test, my last order 2 weeks ago,,, 1st 3 cells were under 4 amp hr not 8. Had to test every one, added 2 days. Called them a couple days later about the 19 dead headways. They did send out 20 that did not fail. Just be sure to check your cells. I feel lifepo4 is cheaper than leadacid for the amount of power you get. LTO is the best chemistry for car audio but wow it's pricey. I monitor cell voltages instead of buying a bms. Even my 4 channel will cause a 75 amp bms overcurrent. Xs power sells VERY nice stuff, I have the 630 farad ultracap, It's a bad ass unit. But was also $700.

  20. I love the red headway cells. BEST emergency jump pack ever. People can't believe it will crank a dead V8 motor.

  21. the problem with LIFEpo4 like headways is the cells dont work in the cold. if you live in AZ thats no big deal but here in IN gets really cold in the winter. the only lithium i would recomend is LTO, Yinlong, XS power repackages them as well. In Russia they only use LTO and banging out records in SPL sceen, deaf bonce baby. Its awsome to see you getting into lithium, there is nothing like the first time feeling the power. agm cant compair and you would have to change like 5 agms every season, yinlong is used but good for idk 10 years for sure 6 cells would blow 5 agms 100 a/h out of the water, easy.

  22. and and no bms needed, it would stay at 14.8 which is set on the alternator. i would get the ballancer though, i recommend QNBBM, you can ballance the cells manually by connecting all 6 cells in parallel like once a month, it would have to depend how close the cells inernall resistance is. you can get a battery cells monitor from like BatteryGO and keep an eye on the voltage of each cell

  23. You are a smart enough guy , if you decide to upgrade your golf cart go lithium ion . Controllers are reasonable now ,do 10s and just balance yourself .I have to balance mine maybe once every 3 months

  24. One of the best small batteries folks do t know about is the 6ah shengquan..with 40c constant and 70c burst I have 18ah running my 2005 f350 and smart 3 bass @.5 and it doesn't see any drop.

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