Russian Scientists Develop Advanced Atomic Battery -

Russian Scientists Develop Advanced Atomic Battery

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Russian National University of Science and Technology MISiS scientists have presented an innovative autonomous power source, a compact atomic battery that can last up to 20 years. Due to the original 3D structure of the beta voltaic element, its dimensions have decreased by three times, the specific power has increased by 10 times, and the cost has decreased by 50%. The results have been published in the international scientific journal Applied Radiation and Isotopes.

The original patented microchannel 3D structure of a nickel beta-voltaic element is used in the device. Its peculiarity is that the radioactive element is applied on both sides of the so-called planar p-n junction, which simplifies the cell manufacturing technology, as well as the control of the reverse current that “steals” the battery power. The special microchannel structure provides an increase in the effective conversion area of the beta radiation by 14 times, which results in an overall increase of current.

The design allows to increase the efficiency of converting the energy released during the decay of a β-source into electricity by an order of magnitude, which in the future will reduce the cost of the source by about 50% due to the rational use of an expensive radioisotope

At the same time, the development will make it possible to increase the specific power by an order of magnitude, due to which the weight and dimensions of the batteries based on them will decrease three times while maintaining the required output power level.

The battery can be used in several functional modes: as an emergency power supply and temperature sensor in devices used at extreme temperatures and in hard-to-reach or completely inaccessible places: in space, under water, in high-altitude areas.

At the moment, the developers are completing the procedure for international patenting of the invention, and the device itself has already been recognized by foreign experts.


  1. this is the next trillion dollar venture. think of the economies of scale from nickel mine to battery pack through vertical integration.

  2. This is one of the reasons why I am against electric vehicles. Who the fuck needs EVs when nuclear batteries can power vehicles for centuries nonstop.Unfourtenetly Malthusians and the EV industry will not let this technology get commercialized. A better world is not what they want.

  3. NASA has been using nuclear batteries for over 40years

  4. Wow they put it in an oldscool power laser diode case. Ni63 isa good choice for one of these, pure beta about 50kVp to play with. Could use a scatter layer to make a shower of lower energy electrons to get higher current. Sr90 would also work; offers about 95kVp 🤓

  5. At this point, I wouldn’t believe any news out of Russia even if it were merely a study confirming the wetness of water.

  6. Never see any kind of tech like this or any come out of Africa. Why?

  7. It’s sounds too good to be true , but theres lots of potential in this, because with this you will have your own free energy source .

  8. That atomic-battery is developed by Russia!
    There is no "original patented americas microsoft", you capitalistic fashists Nazis childmurderers!

  9. Read through my Channel's "Discussion"-Tab, viewable via a browser lke Chrome, Firefox-Mozilla, etc. at best via PC.
    Click on "Sort by Newest first", scroll down to the bottom via "Page-Down"-keyboard button.

  10. Too good for russians. I think they are seeking an employment in western countries………

  11. Great achivement because battery time and charging time is huge problem,,,this kind of battery will be great which will never end,,👍😆

  12. Old news… Thorium batterys have been possible for decades but not allowed.

  13. The Batmobile has used Atomic Batteries for over fifty years.

  14. Space materials improve input in the very useful subject

  15. This will be controlled tho.. Wouldn't let those oil price get wrecked that easily

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